Wyrd Preview: Asami Tanaka

Wyrd Preview Asami Tanaka 1

Wyrd has another preview from Ripples of Fate – It’s Asami Takanak, the new Ten Thunders Master!

via Wyrd Games

Wyrd Preview Asami Tanaka 2

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at Asami Tanaka, a new Ten Thunders Master! Asami is from the upcoming book Ripples of Fate.

Asami is a support Master that doesn’t lack her own bite. A high defense and Hard to Kill gives her some survivability, while Abilities like Wrath of the Oni help her synergize with the oni she calls forth from the Beyond…

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I’m getting a “Grudge” Vibe from this sculpt. The long hair, the strange face, the flowing clothes – yes, this one is ripped right out of Japanese folk lore. And it fits with her abilities and an Oni. Anyone else notice the hooks on the end of her sleeves? This is one creepy master I don’t want to tangle with…


The Ten Thunders get some extra help on the creepy side!

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