Wyrd Preview: Reva


Reva 1

Wyrd Games is back with another Preview of a Master from their upcoming Ripples of Fate Book!

via Wryd Games

Reva 2

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at Reva, a new Resurrectionist Master! Reva is from the upcoming book Ripples of Fate.

Reva has a melee-focused Master that uses corpses in a new way. With Unimpeded, Reva has good mobility, and a hefty 13 Wounds ensures she is capable of staying in the fight. She’ll be riding your way soon.

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Reva is one mean, mounted Melee Master! I like the way she’s able to use the dead to her advantage. On top of that the model looks really cool! Plus, she’s riding side-saddle which is appropriate for the setting and her Nun-like attire! Plus that horse will look plenty scary if you paint it like the pic.


Those reins are made of bone…and I don’t think it’s animal bones.

  • Hey look, another company that actually sort of knows what a horse looks like.

    Your move, Privateer.

  • Kai Qian

    Hey look, another company that actually sort of knows what a sister looks like.

    Your move, GW.

    • See, but GW is CAPABLE of sculpting female anatomy very well–Lelith is one of the best models they’ve ever done. That they usually don’t bother is simple laziness (or sexism, take your pick).

      Privateer, by contrast, has never gotten a horse right, despite many attempts. It’s not like they have the excuse of not having any good references, either. There is literally a riding school less than 8 miles from their HQ.