Wyrd: Titania Preview

Wyrd Preview Titania 1

Wyrd is back with another Preview of the Masters from Ripples of Fate!

via Wyrd Games

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at the first of the new Masters from the upcoming book Ripples of Fate.

Wyrd Preview Titania 2

Titania is a powerful Fae that was awakened as a consequence of the Nythera worldwide event. With a hefty 12 Wounds and Impossible to Wound, she stands out as the most durable Master for the Neverborn Faction.

Each week, Wyrd will reveal another Master from Ripples of Fate. Head on over to our forum to cast your vote for which Faction should be next!

Wow! She’s one BEEFY bird lady. The digital render is pretty cool looking as the wings are oozing with detail. Her nose and chin also make her look a bit avian along with her angular haircut. She’s like a demented Audrey Hepburn! Killer model with some killer rules – Ripples of Fate is going to shake-up the meta for sure.


6 More Masters to go…who do you want to see next?!

  • Simon Chatterley

    I might be miles out but Malifaux meta is pretty shaken already isn’t it? I haven’t found there to be a single crew that cannot be beaten.

    Sure some masters are tougher than others but even then schemes and meta can work against you and having a big pool of models becomes increasingly important so you can work with what you have in front of you.

    • Gentle_Ben

      I think it’s just because she’s so much harder to kill than other Neverborn. Since you pick your force after you know schemes and opponents, you can’t plan a list for neverborn around killing their master the same way since she’ll make it a lot harder.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Well there’s things that get around some of those defensives and 12 wounds will go quick unless she takes a healer of some sort.

        One thing I love about Malifaux is killing the opposing Master can often just be a distraction. Sure assassination can score points but in my group people rarely take it that if it comes up as it’s pretty easy to defend against even with weaker masters.

        • Sparowl

          She has built in healing.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Again depending on the crew you can get around that by out activating her and hammering her last if you want.

            Without even looking into it hard I can see Hamelin as a foil. Nicodem will be a pain as well once he starts to get “bodies” on the board.

            That’s why this game is so cool. Lots of masters have in built things that can be very strong but with clever play can be gotten around.

  • Gabor Fazekas

    and this is how i help myself to a pair of wings for my Saint Blanc(Celestine) :3 oh and a girl on a penitent engine 😛
    btw epic model, and im just a novice in Malifaux but compared to my Victorias this is one surviving harpy