Wyrd: Vintage Preview

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The Masters are back with new alternative sculpts – come see the latest from Wyrd!

via Wyrd Games

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Wyrd is excited to announce 7 new plastic models, one for each Faction, which we’re referring to as Malifaux Vintage.

These Malifaux Vintage models are alternative sculpts of Masters, each figure an updated version of the Master’s sculpt from years ago. Malifaux Vintage models will be available in Mystery Boxes (as part of our Henchman Program’s Event Kits) or through the use of Guilders* (which can be obtained by going to events).

We hope that everyone is as excited about these vintage Masters as we are. They will start showing up in mystery boxes in the coming months.

You can come discuss on our forum!


New “Masters” sculpts available from Mystery Boxes – which you can obtain by being part of the Henchman Program OR by going to events. That’ a really great way to promote attendance as well as a cool way to say “thanks” to the dedicated fans who help run things. And all seven factions have a new sculpt as well – not too shabby!


Is your Favorite Master re-sculpted? Do you want to get your hands on one? Go to events, get Guilders, and get one!

  • This is… and odd move from Wyrd (QED?), but I guess it’s really no more bizarre than Johana, so, sure, why not.

    • Koschei

      But isn’t this oddness why people love Wyrd so much? 🙂

      • I’d love to have a Johana to run with my Viks. Nuff said.

  • Ty Hayden

    First Rasputina was best Rasputina.