40K Battle Report – Astra Militarum VS Chaos Daemons


Dean from Blog for The Blood God here with my latest video Battle Report! Can the Astra Militarum stop the Ruinous Powers?

For tonight’s game we played 1350 points using the Community Comp document and the ATC mission format. It was a warm up game for this weekends Menza Masquerade Tournament which, if this game was anything to go by, will be very interesting indeed!


So make sure you give it a watch and let me know what you think!

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Thanks for tuning in, Stay Bloody everyone!

  • LordChaos

    Thanks for the Battle report. We are getting ready to do a community comp tournament, 1850pts, 20 credit limit this Saturday. we will see how it turns out. Also zooming flyers cannot Hold objectives until they enter hover mode.