40k: Deep Thought – Xenos Terrain: Eldar Edition


Let’s explore two of the Eldar’s Terrain options in the Grim-Dark – Here comes the Xenos Terrain!

We’re back with another look at the Terrain issue Games Workshop has – The Xenos problem. Last time we talked about Ork Terrain now lets focus on the Eldar!

Games Workshop’s Terrain sets are really great terrain kits. They are sturdy and you can play game-after-game on them. But, they do have a major flaw – they only show off Imperial or Chaos pieces! This needs to change. It doesn’t make a ton of sense thematically that I can take an Aegis Defense Line with my Tyranids or a Void Shield Generator with my Necrons. Why would the Eldar be using an Imperial Bastion in a fight vs Chaos Daemons on a Craftworld? One of the strongest selling points of Warhammer 40,000 has always been the strong visual themes and the lack of Xenos kits is a disservice to the game.

But times are changing! The Tau recently got to get in on the themed terrain (aka fortification) game with the Tide-Wall. Sure, you can use it as the rules are written, but really it also makes a wonderful centerpiece on the tabletop for your games. It’s well done and lends a very cinematic vibe to the over-all experience. If Games Workshop really is all about Forging a Narrative then terrain kits (aka Fortifications) that are Xenos specific can really add that to the game.

In this series of articles, we here at BoLS have put together some basic concepts that we think would make killer terrain pieces. Feel free to make these yourself – kit bash’em or scratch build them – but it would be a lot nicer if GW put out some actual kits. We’ve also taken the liberty of mocking up some very high level rules to add some of that “narrative flavor” to the game. We also want to point out that all the kits ideas we’re presenting were ideas taken directly from the fluff.

Warp Gate / Waith Gate / Webway Gate


Remember this codex? Notice the big thing in the back? Yeah – that big Blue-ish Gate? Yeah – that thing! I want something like that for the Eldar. The Dark Eldar have a Webway portal already, I’m not sure why GW never made an official model for that, but if they did I would want an Eldar Gate that resembled something like this picture. What does it do? Well in game it could function like an extra table edge for reserves for the Eldar player – it could function very similar to the Webway portal, but it doesn’t have the same restrictions. And because it’s made of Wraithbone it would have a fair amount of wounds and would be Toughness 8. Sure, you could destroy it, but if you’re shooting at that then you’re not shooting the other Eldar units. Do the Eldar need more movement assistance – I’ll leave that up for you to debate, but you can’t tell me this isn’t super fluffy!

Force Field / Scattershield Generator


The Wraithknight actually has an option for one – not that anyone ever takes it…But the idea is simple. It offers a +5 Invulnerable save and when it passes a save all enemy units within 6″ must pass a Blind test. So what would a Scattershield Generator do? Let’s talk footprint really quick – if it’s the height of the Void Shield Generator then I think a +5 Invulnerable save in a radius 6″-12″ radius is a good start. If a friendly unit within that bubble is hit and makes at least 1 save then all enemy units within “6 of that unit should take a test to see if they are blind. Now, this model is probably going to also be a tower of some type and it should be made of Wraithbone. Therefore, it should have a Toughness of 8 and be wound based as well.

Naturally there would need to be refinements to these two ideas but hopefully we’ve painted a picture of what could be. These two pieces of terrain could be created from the same kit as well. Especially if they were some type of Wraith-Spire construct. At the end of the day, I’d really just like to see Eldar Terrain of any type come from Games Workshop. It’s been such a tease because Eldar buildings already exist in digital form within the Dawn of War series. I wouldn’t even care what the rules are – I’d just like new Eldar Terrain on my tables…


What type of Eldar Terrain would you want to see on YOUR table?

  • Shiwan8

    Well, terrain sets would actually be cool.

  • Dawid

    Maybe something like this? Check out stuff on our fanpage! https://www.facebook.com/WargamesTerrainFactory

    • Alpharius

      Nice stuff, but at 400+ euros, pretty steep.

      • J Mad

        1) Buy Foam
        2) Cut Foam to shape
        3) Buy sheet wood
        4) Cut wood into shape
        5) Glue foam to wood
        6) Cover in glue (Or non aerosol spare)
        7) Paint

        I did this a few times, took me about 2hrs, I did it for Nids and DE. these look better but only b.c they are better painted haha

        • Dawid

          then nothing will be in your way to spam whole world with it:D good job!:D

      • Dawid

        Its high quality stuff. hand sculpted and painted. also there are not much alternatives for this kind of terrain. this way or another, wargaming GW style isnt cheap at all^^

  • Shawn Pero

    “What type of Eldar terrain would you like to see on YOUR table”

    None, because Eldar hardly need more of an advantage 😛

    • Chris. K Cook

      It’s not about advantage its about cool fluffy stuff.

      Not every one 40K as a wang measuring contest.

      • Shawn Pero

        What an odd thing for you to say.

        • Chris. K Cook

          Yeah funny that I might be suggesting that 40K is meant to be a game that is supposed to be fun?

          Considering I’m pretty well a fluff player who has the most wooden spoons in my area it’s not an odd thing for me to say.

  • Michael Katkus

    Here is my Eldar Void Shield Generator I just finished that could easily be a “Scatter field” as you mentioned. I used GW terrain as the center tree and then scratch built the rest really.

  • ctFallen

    As cool as it would be and some things I could see like scatter terrain or a portal for Eldar alot of the fotifications IMO don’t really fit Eldar type of warfare. They are a rapid maneuverable army that hits and runs. Eldar lives are two few in number to get into wars of attrition that Fortifications would be usefull for. I just don’t see Eldar using static defenses except maybe if a craftworld was invaded but even then I see them retreating and drawing their enemy into a place were they can strike at them from the flanks and attempt to envelope them, but I don’t see them digging trenches and making bunkers.
    IDK just my opinion.

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Having killzones to withdraw into, aesthetically pleasing defensive structures throughout the craftworld makes sense, walls that are as much artwork as defence line, towers allowing a view of gardens as well as sniper-nests. Craftworlds have been attacked before, most notably by Hive Fleet Kraken.

      Then there’s eldar worlds, they aren’t all on the craftworlds and there’s also the ruins of their previous civilisation too. Plenty of scope for fortifications.

    • Chris. K Cook

      They Do fight on Exodite Maiden Worlds too you know.

  • Me

    This. So much this. I would like to see fluffy terrain for all Xenos. However, even if you give most of it the same rules as what the Imps already have, if you just make it look Xenosy it would be awesome.

  • Trasvi

    CNC Workshop makes a great set of MDF Eldar terrain: https://www.miniaturescenery.com/ProductPage.asp?CODE=ELVTWR1

  • GiftoftheMagi

    I agree that in many cases, Eldar are an army on the move. They rare set up static defenses unless there is a shrine or object on a world they wish to preserve. Even then, a lot of what they do involves misdirection.

    That said, how about Mini-Warp Gates. Small gates that can teleport ONE squad from one gate to another if they start their move within 3″ of the gate. Each gate can have a (high) cost, so the player will have to decide how much of his point allocation to give to it, especially since it cannot move vehicles or bikes. Plus the gates will be stationary. Benefit will be they cannot be used by your opponent, but they might be killable.

    Another idea could be a Holo-Generator. A structure that can create 1-4 holographic images to block line of sight and confuse the enemy. How this would work is that at the start of the player’s turn, he can lay down a series of blast templates anywhere within 24″ of the structure. These will represent instant cover saves for anyone in or behind them….say 5+.

    • Haighus

      Being able to take several small webway portals which can only transport Infantry, and deploying them using the Infiltrate rules around the table, would be great for improving the playability of Guardians and the non-jetbike units. Make it so that units can assault through them, and Banshees become usable too. I would definitely make them have a toughness, and be relatively easy to destroy however, because they would add a lot of mobility.

      Something like any (Eldar or Dark Eldar or Harlequins) squad, without the Bulky (or any variant of Bulky) USR, within 4″ of a portal can appear at any other of the portals in their movement phase, using the disembarkation rules from the portal they move too. If assault is allowed from it, then Storm Guardians and Banshees could have a counter assault role. Make them relatively expensive, 2-5 in a single Fortification slot and with the same toughness as an Artillery piece each (T7, W2, Sv 3+). Webway network. The trick would be adequately costing such a versatile ‘Fortification’, although limiting the portals to models without Bulky makes them somewhat less abusable, as the more powerful Eldar units are generally Bulky (Jump Infantry, Jet pack Infantry, Jetbikes).