40K Editorial: I Wish a Wish Upon a Star!



Reccius here from Frontline Gaming with a fun exercise: if you had 3 40k wishes to change factions in the game, what would they be?

Here’s the rules: you get three wishes, each of which can be used to alter an existing faction in the game, or to wish a faction into existence from the fluff. Here are mine!



Wish #1

For my first wish, I would wish for Orks to get Invul saves!! Sheesh, even just a 5++ would be nice. I think a simple solution would be to make Cybork Bodies go back to a 5++ and/or to allow the KFF to work on Ork faction units in melee. That alone would make such a tremendous difference for them, allowing them some degree of durability in melee which they currently lack.


wayne.england.chaos.terminator horz

Wish #2

My second wish would be for Chaos Space Marines to get a morale boost. For hardened warriors that used to Know no Fear and now reside in a realm as close to hell as we can imagine, they sure are wimps! When not making suicidal challenges, they often run away to their deaths unless someone in the squad is holding a very expensive stick that keeps them from running away…until he dies! Give us Chaos Marines as they are in the fluff: the thing you run away from, not the the wimps that run away from you!



Wish #3

My final wish would be for Tyranids to get melee monsters that were actually good at melee! Haha, for an army meant to win close combat they are well and truly terrible at it. With the notable exception of the Dimachaeron (who is above average in melee) most Tyranid “melee” units are just terrible at it outside of highly favorable match-ups. When was the last time you even saw Genestealers on the table? Or a melee Carnifex or Hive Tyrant? Codex Flyrants needs some serious help in the punching department! Some easy fixes would be: give them an invul save in melee, or give them better than WS/I 2 or 3 on their big bugs, possible give them some means of a 12″ move on the assault bugs (including the big bugs) to allow them to actually make it into melee where speed makes up for their lack of durability or punch, perhaps more attacks, or give them access to book powers such as Biomancy again. Any or a combination of the above would dramatically increase the bug’s ability to actually win a fist fight which at present, they do not do very frequently.

That’s it for me! Sound of in the comments section and let us know what your three wishes would be!

And be sure to check out the official Warmachine and Hordes F.A.T. Mats!


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  • markdawg

    I agree with all three Recce. Why don’t you guys at the ITC start writing ITC formations that give these bonuses out in a measured way voted on by the community to add more fluffy units to our table that are fun and balanced to use?

    You sure as hell no GW never will. They love Eldar SM and hate Bugs and Chaos SM for some reason.

  • Charon

    Nids could be so much more.

    Units in synapse range can choose to pass or fail fall back, pinning,…
    Units outside of synapse must end their move towards next synapse and automaticly fail fall back, pinning,.. (except in CC)

    Any synapse unit and any unit of (X) hormagaunts, termagaunts, gargyles go generate swarm points. Choose a synapse unit. Count any unit with the “Swarm” rule in 12″ around the synapse. Consult table which benefits every unit (including the synapse) in 12″ around the synapse receives. Do this for every synapse but each swar unit only counts once.

    Harness the warp suffers a +1 the their difficulty for non-tyranids.

  • Deamon

    Except for CSM, dark eldars need more love than any of these.

    • LeroyJenkinss

      They have eldar allies. They’re fine!

      • euansmith

        Cruel, true and yet, so very funny.

        • ZeeLobby

          I’m sad thugh. It’s tough when your ally does EVERYTHING better 🙁 .

          • euansmith

            “Dark Eldar: The Little Perverts Who Tried”

      • Well not…really (when the new FAQ becomes law). The main reason you see DE on the table now is giving rides to their (supposedly) less dark cousins.

        • DarkSeren1ty

          DE character and portable webway portal + wraithguard with D-scythes. Good bye armored company/deathstar/LoW

      • J Mad

        Well witht hat Said CSM has KDK and Daemon Allies 🙂

  • LeroyJenkinss

    I wish they would nerf eldar. I am selling all eldar I own as they are no longer fun to play.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha. My friend who plays Eldar feels the same way. I got rid of mine when serpent spam became a thing.

    • Pyrrhus of Epirus

      i never understood this mentality, if your in the hobby and not leaving it, why sell the stuff for a fraction of what you paid for it. I find it easier to shelf the army for a few years, than when its updated and new models are in the range, break it out again. been playing for 20 years and the amount of stories guys in my club tell about regretting selling past armies is insane.

    • Gangrel767

      This seems so extreme. I’ve been playing Eldar for 20+ years, so I definitely understand the feeling, but keep the models. Also, try to play with a handicap… points down, or don’t use formations, maybe no WK. Adapt to your meta. IDK I love Eldar so perhaps I’m just coming from a different place.

  • NikosanPrime

    Ok, so I love Charon’s suggestions for Nids because I think they have been ham strung too much in the last few editions. But for my personal choices I may be a little biased here especially as all my wishes partially exist, to some degree.

    1) Mentor Legion as the force guiding the recent rediscovery of technology that has been occurring for the Marines recently. They keep mentioning all of these new techs being put out by unknown Forge Worlds and I want them to go and use the fluff piece they had that the Mentor Legion were seeking out and testing new techniques and technologies for the betterment of the Imperium. I loved that there was some progressive group in 40k who weren’t the Ultramarines.

    2) Full, playable, army list for the Death Watch. I am talking full units, characters, vehicles and everything an elite fighting force would have access to. I have always loved the idea of Elite squads that cost points but get the job done. The standard stat-line and slight enhancement through USR’s doesn’t really do it for me as I am expecting something more out of Marines that were selected because they were the best of their chapter. Even the guys trying to atone for some past issue would be driven to excellence in an effort to earn their redemption.

    3) Adepta Sororitas as a playable force with associated Eclesiarchy attachments, vehicles, faith abilities and the like. By religious fanatical abilities I believe that they should be able to impact the warp and be able to alter reality the more believes there are on the battle field. They should still have general religious fanatical last stand or similar type abilities but also a communal faith ability to change the way reality works. I still can’t believe that GW let this line die, considering how many people yammer about it on the internets I can’t see this force not getting traction. Hell I would buy their vehicles just because they look more interesting than Marine vehicles.

    • euansmith

      Back, when AoBR came out, I was tempted to paint up the Marines as Mentors and have them undertaking some dodgy research in to using domesticated Orkz as disposable shock troops; a replacement for expensive and scarce Assault Marines.

      Like you, I think that the Mentors could do with getting some more use (and they have a great, minty fresh, colour scheme). It would be so much better to have the Mentors release newly recovered and extensively tested archo-tech instead of saying, “What, Grav Cannons? No, mate, we’ve always had them.”

  • My first wish would be to modernize and revitalize Adeptus Soritas. New model range, new rules that don’t suck or aren’t generic and maybe even a formation or two. I know they’ve always been a fringe army but man I’d like to see Sisters get their groove back.

    Second wish: remove D from non-Apoc games. Say it with me: “I will not D. D is the fun killer.”

    Third wish: Updated, good CSMs. I don’t even own CSM anymore but man I feel their pain. They used to be feared…but now they’re more of a speed bump. They really should be more than Codex: Heldrake or Codex: Daemon Sidekicks.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Wish 1 – More wishes. Probably 50 will do it

    Wish 2 – use those wishes to nerf the D in 40k, fix CSM, Nids and Dark Eldar whilst balancing Eldar, Tau and Friend Marines

    Wish 3 – err mm, dunno, new dice mate? I’m not greedy

    • LeroyJenkinss

      If you play with good people you don’t need any wishes because no one is a power gamer.

  • nurglitch

    I wish horde armies like Orks, Tyranids, and Astra militarum recycled units back onto the board, that terrain was bought as part of army building, and that Destroyer was simply a type that ignored invulnerable saves. I also wish the game worked like Epic Armageddon, that stomps were paid for out of Attacks, that vehicles, monstrous creatures, and super-heavies rolled on the same damage chart,.

    • Talos2

      The scenery idea would pretty much kil my interest in 40k stone dead. Possibly my least favourite idea ever on bols. Congrats. The d weapon idea could work though, I’d prefer it was just removed ant made S10

      • nurglitch

        So what you’re saying is that I’m onto something…

  • Shiwan8

    You wish for a morale boost for CSM but not them being balanced. Great. Ehy would anyone care?

    • Hunlow

      Because it would be a good start.

      • Shiwan8

        Eh…? How? Better morale equals to higher cost.

        • Brettila

          Give CSM Stubborn. Not Fearless anymore, but still tough to run off as they are Astartes.

          • Shiwan8

            That’s entirely up to a particular definition of “tough”. Tough compared to what. Astartes can not be sweeped, ever. Why would Stubborn be equal to that?

  • Talos2

    Orks can stay with the cover save style over invulnerable save, just gw need to stop making so much ignore core weapons. There’s barely any point in scenery in half the games I see these days

    • SYSTem050

      There is still plenty of point for terrain! Ignore dies not equal ignores terrain. A good game requires a decent amount of proper LOS blocking terrain

      • Talos2


  • J Mad

    My 2 wishes

    1) Nids: All MC 25% cheaper, all upgrades 50-75% cheaper, Synapse was a buff (no IB tests) Units that gives Synapse have 5+ Invul or IW.

    2) DE: All vehicles 10-20% cheaper all Weapon options 5pts cheaper (depending what they are). DE Melee units cheaper, Wyches with Rending.

    There 2 codex fixed

  • Joe Dom GA

    As a lapsed player and slow collector. And
    #1 SOB #2 Deathwatch #3 Make close combat viable for close combat themed armies. (Nids, Orks, etc.)

  • Jeremy Larson

    Wish 1: Special Characters can’t be taken outside of your primary faction.
    Wish 2: Grav weapons become AP-, Rending.
    Wish 3: All Tau monstrous creatures become AV12 Walkers.

  • Brettila

    1. Make CSM’s worthy of being the Bad Guy again.
    2. Put D and superheavies back into Apocalypse exclusively.
    3. Completely rework grav weapons; possibly to be something like guass or to have shred, not the super-duper-overkill-death-monkey guns that they are.
    (My true #1 would be to end formations. However, I didn’t put it as they are there exclusively to sell models and are thus a sacred cow.)

    • Gangrel767

      I don’t think we need to abolish formations, but why not add a points tax. When formations were a thing in Apoc, didn’t most of them have a cost for the extra special rules. A quick FAQ assigning a pts cost to each formation would be cool. Unrealistic to ever happen, but cool.

  • jazeroth

    1. balance game throughout each codex. 2. clear rules. a price reduction. done