40k: It’s Time For a New Xenos Race


The last “new” Xenos Race is 15 years old. It’s time GW gave the Grimdark some non-imperial love – and I have just the one…

hal 9000

“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t open the pod bay door, but here – have some Tau miniatures”

Ah 2001. The year we were predicted to get a space odyssey. The year people in the 90s were afraid would never come until Y2K proved to be no big deal. The year GW released a new Xenos race onto the galaxy.

Yep, it’s been 15 years since the Tau first released for Warhammer 40,000. Since that time we’ve had four new editions to the game, a plethora of new codex books released introducing new armies such as Khorne Daemonkin and old revived 2nd-edition armies like Eldar Harlequins. We’ve even gotten the long-awaited Adeptus Mechanicus lists in the form of Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus. But…..where are all the xenos?

So the question must be asked….when are we going to get another new xenos race? 15 years is a helluva long time, and it’s been filled with pitfalls – struggling financials, a shoddy CEO or two, a mass-exodus of game designers, but still….building out a game’s universe is a difficult task to accomplish, and a new xenos race for 40k has to not only fit within the existing fiction, but also be large and diverse enough of a presence to justify being an army with multiple units, named characters, spacecraft or transportation technology(to justify how they get from planet-to-planet), vehicles, weapons and wargear, etc. So who could make the cut?


The Rak’Gol

It might seem like an odd choice, but hear me out. The Rak’Gol were introduced through Fantasy Flight Games’ Dark Heresy line of Role Playing Games, specifically the Rogue Trader ones. This already begs one big question- are they considered “canon” then? There has never been a clear indication that GW has a set canonicity for publications, so we can assume for now that the series IS canonical to 40k.


With that out of the way, let’s break it down. The Rak’Gol are a large, reptilian species of Xenos from the Koronus Expanse near the Calixis Sector, described as being encountered “little more than a century ago” -if that statement was meant to be made in 999.M41 (the “present day” of 40k for all intents and purposes), then the Rak’Gol are the newest current threat to the 40k universe- as the Tyranids arrived in 745.M41 and a century before 999.M41 would be 899.M41 or so.

The Rak’Gol are raiders and marauders, attacking colonies and Rogue Trader vessels all across their home region for reasons unknown, and make use of unique weaponry. Unlike Tau, Necrons, or Eldar, who use plasma, gauss, and other advanced technologies, the Rak’Gol prefer ballistic weapons and radiation-based attacks. In fact this is one of the most interesting aspects of the species- they seem to relish radioactivity, establishing “rad-zones” on conquered planets, in which they make their encampments. They use radiation-based weaponry similar to that used in Imperial Exterminatus bombardments, as well as radioactive beam weapons, radioisotope-laced melee implements, and others. This alone could make them an interesting evil counterpart to the Skitarii if used on the tabletop in 40k. Furthermore, the Rak’Gol make use of ballistic weapons such as heavy stubbers, razor guns, and howler rifles. Many of these involve rapid rates of fire, huge amounts of ammunition, and cruelly bladed or barbed shells and slugs.

These xenos also use bionics extensively, to an almost religious extent- every warrior who has seen combat will sport at least one bionic implement. These bionics are described as somewhat crude compared to even the Imperium’s augmetic and prosthetic devices, but also as “successfully merging the mechanical and biological.”

On the Tabletop

Luckily, Fantasy Flight Games seems intent on making these guys a potential 40k army as well, so they have outlined unit types and even psychic powers!




The largest Rak’Gol thus far encountered, and the rarest as well. Abominations appear to be the leaders of the species, and are heavily enhanced with bionics and cybernetics. They have been hypothesized to be both the tactical and spiritual leaders of the Rak’Gol. The image shown presents one such Abomination wielding a Rad-Axe as well as what appears to be an Assault Cannon and another, smaller sidearm.



The psykers of the Rak’Gol, seen leading smaller raiding and hunting parties. Techno-Shamans are capable of corrupting machine spirits, “healing” their soldiers by weaving mechanical implements to close their wounds, and even telekinetically turning machines against their operators. If there was ever a call for a “Malign Technomancy” or similar Psychic Discipline in 40k, the Rak’Gol have it (and not the new Space Marine Technomancy that heals vehicles and does Haywire stuff).



Troops are available in two versions- Blooded and Unblooded. Unblooded warriors are neophytes in Rak’Gol society, completely lacking in cybernetic or bionic enhancements, and thus would be a cheaper version- you could, potentially, be able to buy “blooded” status for a squad to give them FNP 6+ to represent bionics.

Carvers: Smaller than most Rak’Gol, the Carvers often spearhead the attack and specialize in melee, equipped with brutal close-combat implements.



The true “foot troops” of the Rak’Gol, Marauders are often survivors of past battles, more likely to be “blooded” and thus have bionic enhancements and cybernetic implants. Their leader/sergeant option is the Clutchmaster- cybernetically enhanced Rak’Gol who captain smaller vessels and often act as enforcers in combat. The Broodmaster, would be a second leadership option, often the captain of a single Rak’Gol ship. They typically sport more bionics than the troops they lead, and are directly below the Abomination and Techno-Shaman in rank. These might be more akin to Wolf Guard or Ork Nobz, bigger, more wounds, better wargear and able to lead squads or act on their own.


Elite (or possibly Heavy Support): 



The largest Rak’Gol, almost entirely augmented with cybernetics and always encountered where the fighting is thickest. These guys have stim-injectors, bionic limbs with attached weapons, subdermal armor, the works. They’re noted as being 30-45% more muscular than regular Rak’Gol, and completely forego ranged weaponry and handheld implements in favor of their bare hands, vicious teeth, and whatever has been built into their augmetics. In 40k game terms these guys would be smaller-size Monstrous Creatures (smaller size like a Carnifex or Kastellan robot, as opposed to larger sized MCs like Tyrannofexes or Riptides) with FNP (probably 4+ or 5+), a decent armor save, and probably a few USRs such as Rage, Rampage, Zealot, or It Will Not Die to represent these monsters’ violently-insane demeanor.

Boom! There you have it. Those units, plus maybe one vehicle (I’d recommend a super-quick flyer/transport to suit their raiding tactics), and you’ve got a new mini-codex in the same vein as Harlequins or AdMech. But this time it’s for a new xenos race that expands on the Warhammer 40,000 universe with a legitimate threat, a visually striking alien race with their own aesthetic and design, and new gameplay tactics to excite players.

If I were to write the codex (please hire me, GW…seriously, I’ll work for free just to get my name out there), I’d say the Rak’Gol fall somewhere between the Tyranids and Orks- ballistic weaponry and close combat brutality, staying power in the form of FNP and cybernetic enhancements, and a lot of customization through different bionics or weapon options. The basic Rak’Gol is an eight-limbed, 3-meter tall reptilian predator, so as an army they would almost work like Ogres* in Fantasy** (sorry *Ogors in **Age of Sigmar) – larger based models with multiple wounds, relatively smaller number of models on the field, and big- easy to paint and convert.

~What do you think – could the Rak’Gol make the cut?

  • All images sourced from Fantasy Flight Games Rogue Trader sourcebooks.
  • Pocketfulofgeek

    … I’d buy them

  • Pointed Stick

    seems like a good idea

  • mysterex

    I’d rather see GW fix existing armies (e.g. orcs, CSM) before they distracted themselves with a new race

    • Dexter Kingsford

      Sisters 🙁

      • SwervinNinja

        AANNNDD Clock Reset.

        • Spacefrisian

          GW renamed those so the clock is still ticking towards a very long time from now and hasnt been reset by that.

          Maybe we can speed stuff up by doing a kickstarter, wouldnt that be funny, starting one to get something done.

    • ColonelFazackerley

      Indeed. Existing races need new codices (Orcs), and models (those Eldar Aspect models are really showing their age).

      • Benderisgreat

        I’d disagree with the orks, since they just got a new one. The eldar models could use a refresh, though.

        • GulMek

          You obviously don’t play orks if you think waaaaagh ghazkhull did anything for the game

          • Benderisgreat

            I didn’t say that. I just said they recently got an update. Personally, I don’t give a crap about an unbalanced army who can throw out 20 shots to every 1 from other armies, and can field 15 units for every 1 others get. The “joke” army is no joke.

          • Alienerd the unbannable

            Power levels aside, the current Ork codex just isn’t orky. And then it needs some help on the power front too. Whoever wrote IA: 8 from forgeworld should be drafted in to write the next Ork codex. They knew how to throw a WAAAGH!

          • GrogDaTyrant

            The current codes is rubbish. It should be called Codex: Bullet Catchers. It’s not fun to play an army whose sole purpose in the game is now to see what high score your opponent can get on number of opponent’s models killed.

          • GulMek

            except those hordes of orks run away at the drop of a hat now, and the shooting has never been good… yes they may throw out 20 shots, but only 6-8 actually hit and there’s no AP on anything that throws that many dice. the fact of the matter is it’s a melee army that has no effective way to survive long enough to get there in relevant numbers. our army-wide “special rule” is a huge problem and we already had the hindrance of lowest average AP and t-shirt armour saves on top of the fact they took away all our invuls except the nerfed KFF. i’d be ok with that last one if the docs(one of the only good things to come out of the last codex) had the same force org rule as the new meks instead of forcing me to take as many detachments as possible so that i can have any sort of save on my dudes so i’m not making Ld. checks turn 1. in an age where space marines get chapter tactics on top of whatever formation shenanigans they’re taking, i don’t see how you can say this isn’t hilariously under-powered. and then there’s eldar and tau. orks need an update just as bad if not more than CSM.

          • Benderisgreat

            That guy is still better off playing X-wing.

          • Kaptain Badrukk

            But I do. And I like my perma 2++ Ghazghul!

      • Spacefrisian

        I actually liked the Dark reaper models that came before the current egg head ones, GW should make plastics based on that imo.

    • Havik110

      Id rather GW treat the DE like its own codex and not a crappy craftword supplement that the craftworders dont really need

    • Jabberwokk

      Like Nids, Orks, and Chaos for starters.

    • Benderisgreat


      What? Someone had to say it.

    • manouel35

      tyranid !!!! ><

      • Max Constantine

        As a fellow Tyranid player… I agree.

        • Gareth Connolly

          same here, nids are long overdue an update, considering their current codex is an issue behind 90% of the other armies

    • Moik

      This. But I’d not complain about a new race.

  • Gideon Ernesto

    As much as I want this and Hurd and Demiurg (not Squats), Id also like to see new Sisters, Arbites, one codex scitarii, many new plastic IG regiments, plastic Aspect warriors and updated: Cadians, Catachans, CSMs, greater demons and Ork boys.
    There is just so much to do.

    • Desmond Burke

      I can get behind all this…but Ork Boys? They are still awesome looking, it’s Brian Nelson who sculpted them and he’s a sculpting god!

      • Gideon Ernesto

        They are awesome. But the parts to sprue ratio is bad. And they could be a little sharper, both has nothing to do with Nelson. I’m looking at the kind of overhaul Fire Warriors got.

        • Ghaniman


          Its pretty full to begin with, not sure why’d you’d waste money on retooling, unless you were sticking a whole lot of new stuff in.

          • Gideon Ernesto

            That is what I meant.
            And there is still a little room. Not as much as I remembered of the to of my head but some. So I might have gotten that wrong.

        • rtheom

          Seems like a decent ratio. Now if you’re referring to the fact that you get a ton of extra arms because the sprue has both equipment options on there, then we ‘Nid players have something to tell you. ;p

  • minowaman

    It 40k worth getting into? It doesn’t seem very good. Half the armies seem to just be different Colored space marines.

    • ConradToskan

      Right now it is a bit of an unbalanced mess… but if you like the 40k lore give the old skirmish games (Necromunda, Inquisitor, Inq28, Inquisimunda) a try. Rules are free and easily adapable… head to yaktribe.org – there you can download all rules and they also have a neat player finder

    • Thomson

      Hm… there are 4 codices of “different colored space marines” vs at least 10 codices of a very different kind.

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        That’s a bit deceptive considering the amount of different chapters within those books and the fact that the majority of the player base uses them.

        • WolfStar

          How is that deceptive? That’s like counting all the different Eldar Craftworlds as different armies. They’re not. Sure the marine’s book is the largest with arguably the most options, but that doesn’t make ‘half the armies’ marines.

          • Adam Richard Corrigan

            Because each chapter has it’s own style, rules and methodology and isn’t simply a case of painting a different colour, otherwise why would my best mate have both a Ravenguard and an Ultramarines army, each seperate. And half the amries refers to the number turning up for casual games not available options, yes there are more non marine books but most of them are old and crap and barely get used.

          • manouel35

            angels of death is a great book for you if you want that …

      • NagaBaboon

        That is sort of true but even ignoring the fact that one book represents many different types of space marine chapters, when you consider that chaos marines and grey knights are also basically space marines that’s 6 then consider mechanicum and Skitaari, Imp guard, Inquistion and knights, not to mention sisters are just more imperial factions it really does start to feel like a one trick pony.

      • Spacefrisian

        4 codices each with 85% the same content (might be even 95%, but lets give those blind fanboys there special thing)

    • Stealthbadger

      “GW is pants”

      “Playing any GW game and whining about balance is like jumping in a pool and then complaining about all the water.”

      “GW is hot garbage. No amount of social media presence will change that”

      It’d be great if you give it a try but based on the above I’m not sure you’d enjoy it. I think people generally like kings of war though.

      • ZeeLobby

        While many of those statements are overreaction, just the fact that they’re so easy to list means that there’s some underlying truth to each one.

        • Stealthbadger

          Truth or not I was just pointing out that based on his or her previous comments I could probably save him or her some time. 🙂

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. True.

    • zeno666

      Nope 🙂
      There are far better games available with much more interesting armies/factions.

      • ZeeLobby

        For once I have to say this is true. I do miss the universe of 40K though. But when you’re around 20+ years longer then your competition, it should be expected.

    • NagaBaboon

      It’s hard to beat for background, otherwise it’s a pretty poor rule set and there are so many games out there which are better and often cheaper.

      • SZMatheson

        Indeed… I’ve been playing Infinity and X-Wing and having a blast (and being able to afford stuff).

        I miss the setting (and am still pissed about Warhammer End Times), but I’m just not into the current games.

    • Benderisgreat

      Nah. Get into X-wing instead. SImpler rules, faster gameplay, pretty models, no costly terrain…. you can’t go wrong.

      • manouel35

        yep ! i agree !
        the models are already painted and this game is just awesome…
        w40k is an old game, finally the models are just interesting that’s all

      • rtheom

        X-wing is fine enough, but it’s not really the same beast. If anything, X-wing is closer to original fantasy than 40K, but I still wouldn’t put them in the same category together.

        • Benderisgreat

          I didn’t put them in the same category, I just said it was a cheaper, more fun alternative.

          • rtheom

            Oh, well shoot, if we’re just suggesting cheaper alternatives with better rules structure, go even cheaper and pick up a game like Settlers of Catan or Agricola. They’re self contained, require one purchase, and you can get hours upon hours of gameplay out of them. If you’re looking for similar genre and play style, I highly recommend Eclipse.

          • Benderisgreat

            Now you’re on the right track.

    • trn

      My advice is if you get into it, get into it for the hobby – buy it for the models and the lore. Compared to other systems it is expensive, has a pretty toxic outer-layer of vocal anti-fans (who are not representative of the whole), and takes a long time to play even at skirmish level.

      Maybe start with some of the fiction? If the lore interests you then go for it!

    • GrogDaTyrant

      No. Unless you like loyalist space marines, and the occasional eldar army that slaughters them, don’t bother. 40k is probably one of the worst miniature games on the market right now.

    • Matt Mo

      As a brand spanking new player, I would find it extraordinarily difficult to get into 40k given the sheer amount of stuff you gotta buy for your army and to learn the rules. It is undoubtedly a huge turn off to new players to learn they must spend $250+ just to have all the rules, options, and formations for the army that strikes their fancy.

      Going beyond that, 40k has THE best lore around and it’s what keeps the aging, ailing game afloat, along with some fantastic miniatures. If you want complete and total immersion in a brilliant, gritty Sci-Fi universe, look no further.

      The game itself can be agonizingly technical and can sometimes run 3+ hours, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. It’s also one of the most beautifully represented wargame to play imo. Seeing 2 beautifully painted 40k armies opposite each other on equally impressive terrain is a sight to behold.

      For me, though, the sheer complexity of it is just what I want and I honestly couldn’t imagine enjoying a more streamlined/AoS version of it. I only ask that they put all the rules in one place for each army via an updated codex containing ALL the formations and units for each army that are now spread across 20 different publications. That and bring some of the weaker codices in line with the codices that play well together.

      TL;DR 40k is hard to start and can be annoying to play but is the best immersive Sci Fi tabletop universe with the best models around. Try a demo game to see if you like it before spending your $ and time

    • Countdiscount

      If you haven’t noticed, you’ll see the same names of most of the naysayers here for 40k, post in every 40k related topic on BoLS and follow it religiously…. but are telling you it sucks.

      They are by and large jaded, bitter and cynical about anything GW related for various reasons, but they hate on it so hard because at one time at least, they cared very much about this game.

      The passion people have pro 40k and against, is a testament to how popular, and rich the 40k game/lore is.

      Personally I think it’s a ton of fun and so deep I could go on talking about many aspects for hours… just don’t be expecting Warmahordes level of balance game play wise.

  • Trepid

    “40k: It’s Time For a New Xenos Race” – Not yet. Balance some of existing forces first.

    • JN7

      So, no new races ever, then?

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. Basically

      • Spacefrisian

        They threw in Skiitari, Mechanicum and Harlequins when the game wasnt balanced, another new race might actually bring some sort of balance…Wait nvm, GW might make them OP from the get go.

  • So they would occupy similar design space to Orks and Nids, neither of which are well implemented. I don’t think this is going to work.

    • Mr_Pickles

      or they could work and replace two failing factions with one.

  • jazeroth

    no fix the current races first!

  • José Monteagudo Ibarreta

    The idea is great, but until they start doing actual game design, I would put that on ice. Many armies are already failing spectacularly at what they are supposed to be. Of course if you only want to buy cool minis GW will happily make them.

  • Shiwan8

    Before the rest of the game is fixed, no.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Or GW could flesh out the existing xenos. I mean we have like 125 codices dealing with imperial forces, only 2,5 covering the Eldar (Harleys count as 0,5) and just a single one for the most common sentient (or sort of) species in the 41st millennium: da Orkz!

  • Muninwing

    i read this as “these are backgroundless merging between ork and tyranid, so use this!”

    they are potentially interesting. but they aren’t incredibly inspiring.

    i’d rather see focus on balancing the game first, then fixing the existing problems, then bringing in more. and i’d even rather see Arbites, Sisters, and properly-functioning Inquisition before a new race.

    the galaxy is 80% the Imperium. introducing new Xenos is not necessarily going to be feasible, in terms of realistic scenarios. the tau have a small corner carved out, and no real way of crossing vast distances unscathed… so if the Rak-Gol live somewhere up in the distance galactic north, when will they ever encounter Tau in the southeast?

    they are interesting, but they are also isolated. and on the table, they seem like they’d just play like a rebirth of Nidzilla. so unconnected AND not adding anything new play-wise…

    what we really need are scenarios that can be played between two people that involve additional adversaries. you deploy 1000 points to try to kill this small horde of NPC monsters that i control, then we switch and i use my 1000 points to kill the same, and we compare VPs to see who wins. that’s the only real circumstance where Rak’Gol make sense.

  • So what about some Fast Attack and would they be able to use artillery?

    • Sam Nolton

      Good ideas all, but I was purely concentrating on what’s been established in the fluff so far- I’m sure IF they did eventually get a codex and models, they’d surely get more units and an expanded background 🙂

  • Kritarion

    Maybe bring all existing armies into plastic first, before opening up new factions.
    Yes I am again begging for plastic Sisters and a new Codex, why do you ask?

  • Benoit Tremblay

    Oh my they look bad. Real bad. I’d rather have a horde army of Space Skavens with looted flashlights or something.

    Or have the Squats back. Very mechanized and all. A ton of power suits. Small numbers with a ton of resilience and armor and huge ornate vehicles.

    • Benderisgreat

      Small numbers will get flattened by horde armies, though. For once, let the dwarves be fecund and breed like rabbits.

  • Crablezworth

    With our luck we’d get another unplayable minidex of crap instead of an actual faction.

  • Kinda look like a Zoat to me.

    • amaximus167

      Exactly what I was thinking! Skinny zoats with extra arms.

  • euansmith

    Just what the tabletop needs, another army with access to “ignores cover” weapons (in this case radiation).

  • Deez

    I love the idea of new races and armies to see and play. There are plenty of races that GW could toy with in the 40k Universe. However, GW can’t keep their existing army lists up to date. Why would they add an additional army to a long list of something they clearly aren’t capable (or just don’t want to) of managing?

  • nurglitch


  • Graeme Donaldson

    I actually think those guys look a bit naff on their own. I’d say it’d be hard to make an entire new army just with those guys. Perhaps it would be better to make like a new bounty hunter race, similar to Dark Eldar in that they’re all raiding parties but with a huge range of different lesser species from throughout the Rogue Trader fluff, zoats, rak’gol, slann, squats, ambulls etc that play like Scum and Villainy in X-Wing. They could have Allies of Convenience with every other race (perhaps even Tyranids as in the fluff the zoats were once the translators and communicators for the Tyranid race when they first entered the galaxy)

  • Thomas Gardiner

    As much as I totally agree with this, I’d like to see all the current armies get brought up-to-date first. The Chaos models are starting to become a little embarrassing.

  • They sound awesome, if love for them to get rules and models

  • Mike Salamandrin

    I’m still pulling for xenos species to be introduced as upgrade enemies for deathwatch, then release main game allies/formation rules for them. If not, then a catch-all codex of xenos themed around space pirates

  • Malevengion

    If these creatures were servants of the Old Ones (like the Lizardmen of WFB) that would be kind of cool. That way they could have their savage aspects with a plausible source for really cool equipment.

    • Sam Nolton

      I didn’t dive into it in the article, but a lot of their background indicates they have a connection with the Yu’vath, a warp-worshipping xenos empire that used to dominate part of the galaxy

      • Malevengion

        Since the Old Ones were responsible for making the warp so reactive with the mortal realms there could still be a tie in. Fantasy Flight’s RPGs have really done a good job filling in the blanks on the Imperium and the threats arrayed against His Divine Majesty.

  • NagaBaboon

    A. I’d be happy if they just showed the Xenos a little more love, utterly sick to death of all the Imperial love.
    B. Yes! Yes! Please give us something new (that is not just another Imperial faction, we’ve had loads of them in the last 15 years).

  • Lord Solar Mac

    Or GW could move in a completely different direction, by actually forwarding the time line and introduce a new race with having to worry about the “fluff” police punching holes in how it doesn’t work. I dunno, a race from a different galaxy, perhaps one from where the Tyranids came from. Like the survivors or something. I mean if the Eldar have survived this long then so can someone else right?

  • captkaruthors

    The last thing 40k needs right now is another faction…

  • ZeeLobby

    Just what we need. Another faction to further imbalance the game (D weapons for fingers!). And then for GW to degrade and ignore in favor of Space Marines!

  • kaptinscuzgob

    they seem to be a hodgepodge of dark eldar, tyranids, and orks to me

  • Tyranids v2.0

  • Spheal With It

    Awesome idea, hope they go for something similar! Luckily, I don’t give a flying weasel about game balance. Give me sweet models and great fluff and I’ll deal with the rest!

  • The recent fan survey results were pretty clear on this one. The fans want GW to fix their sh** before introducing anything else.

  • Benderisgreat

    Because rules-heavy game needs more rules? No thanks.

    There are enough armies, and GW is bad enough at managing the ones they have.

  • manouel35

    What !
    before beginning a new xenos army, they must finish to update the current ones…
    so give us a tyranid codex and after we will see !

    Moreover, It’s an army that look a lot to tyranid…
    I don’t understand the value of this faction …

  • Vincenzo Riggio

    I’ve been wanting them for some time now :O

  • John Traupman

    seem close in look to Tyranid, at least the illustrations and the faces. The fluff and story of them as written sounds very cool. A new Xenos definitely would be cool since there are so many imperium armies.

  • rtheom

    If GW is going to do a new army, I’d like to see them do what Mercenaries and Minions do in Warmahordes. Make and “army” that can work on its own and allow the various parts to ally with other armies. It would give people a reason to buy some of the new stuff, but not feel pressured into buying ALL of it. At the same time, making it it’s own functional army as well would then give some people a reason to start a new army of just that stuff.

  • benn grimm

    Lol, thanks for the introduction to the Rak-ghouls, sorry, I mean the Rak’ Gol…they sound just about derivative enough to make it in 40k…

  • grim_dork

    Or better yet, license out the IP and let someone else develop develop the models, lore, and rules. The race came from FFG after all. Or give it to Forgeworld.

  • memitchell

    Try to imagine what it’s like to get started in 40K. There are many basic armies to choose from (and that’s not bad). With many variations on a theme (and that’s kinda confusing. And, mini-dexes and supplements. And, you need basic rules, basic codex, supplement and maybe a White Dwarf or two to field an army. And, most of those ain’t cheap. With an entire alternative setting, 30K. With its plethora of armies and factions. Forge World books and supplements. And, frankly, that’s confusing and intimidating. And, separate rules/phases/games for fliers and superheavies. And, an entire separate game for monstrous Apocalypse games. And, formations. And, unbound. And, ITC…

    I’m not sure these are the ideal times to introduce an new factions.

    • TheNickelEye

      They need to come with a small scale Skirmish “AOS” style game that can be played with a few models to a few units in addition to 40k, not to replace it. Have free and simple rules and make it an entry level/non-competetive/narrative game. Then focus on making 40k a tight balanced system that hardcore players can choose to “invest in” if they choose but using the same models.

      You please the narrative folks, you lower the bar on cost of entry, open up the beer and pretzel market and can please the “core” competitive players by giving them the balance they crave.

  • herrnilzzon

    Why not go back to basics? Back to the ‘old school’ W40K?
    Bring in a Codex: Alien, featuring encounters and mercenaries.

    Mercenaries are a good starting points to test the market for new aliens. Make them allies for non-imperium only. There are quite a few to choose from:
    – Squats are of course on the wishlist, but GW hates them and have said them to be extinct.
    – Demiurg are the ‘Squats v.2.0’. They would be valid as a choice and they have had ships for Battle Fleet Gothic.
    – Loxatl. Mercenary aliens established in the Gaunts Ghost series from Black Library. Nasty fellows that GW actually have had rules for a long time ago from some tournament/event based on the Sabbat World Crusades.
    – Hrud – The space skaven. Would be a nice option that sadly would rock vs all the non 3+ save armies with their ‘nurgly’ pestilence weapons. Still there are indications that GW tries to get the Hrud to be non-skaven instead.
    – Jokaero could be made as a tech/medic choice.
    – Human scum should actually also be included, and one could consider adding both Orks Freebooterz/Blood Axes and some Eldar pirates.

    Alien Encounters.
    Simple rules. Tied to a piece of terrain before play. That is the aliens lair (or similar). One player can buy it as a part of its army and unleash it upon the enemy when it comes within a certain distance from the terrain. There are lots of aliens described. Just gonna take a few of them as examples.
    – Enslavers – Warp entities that take control of enemy squads.
    – Grox (probably in herds) – Basically nasty reptilian livestock that can stampede and be vicious to anyone.
    – Catachan Devils – Giant Death World scorpions that will tear you a new one.
    – Nocturnean Drakes – Big lizards/dragons native to the Salamanders homeworld, but could of course be found on other worlds as well.
    – Death World flora – there’s a lot of really nasty stuff on death worlds such as Brainleaf, Spikers, Venus Mantrap and so forth.

    These examples would actually be a good selection for GW. The stuff is in there already and new models would of course be appreciated, but I think some of these would be nice for the community to convert themselves (or use existing models from the Fantasy range – Cold One’s are great grox and Drakes could be taken from the Lizardmens selection of reptiles… and while on topic, the Araknarok Spider sure could loose the gobbos and be made a monster to climb out of a ruin and literally tie up enemy infantry with webs and chew tanks with adamantium-like mandibels).

    • Sam Nolton

      I actually really like this idea- it would allow for a lot more variety and would change some of the game’s current dynamic. The Loxatl are my favorite 40k race- honestly I’d consider writing a full codex for them as well (but that would require a LOT more expansion on their background).

      This is a fantastic idea overall though, maybe even present it as a unification of minor xenos races to stand up to the Imperium? Like a grimdark, non-religious version of the Covenant from Halo.

  • Spacefrisian

    A reptillian like brand new race…wel its nice but not brand new.

    Behold, alien reptile like race

  • JP

    How about we get the ones we have right, before we start f*cking up new races? Y’know NERF the Eldar and Tau, make the Orks, Dark Eldar, and ESPECIALLY Tyranids actually worth the points and money?

  • Golden Yak

    Demiurg! Demiurg!

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    lets just bring back the Space Slann.

    Lightly armoured troops protected by energy fields with devastating but short ranged guns that rely on incapacitating, moving or putting enemies into stasis as much as destroying them. Flying transports (hovering bits of temple masonry) and warp gates. Weird and occasionally suicidal victory conditions due to their inscrutable nature and ritual based culture.

    Psychic powers based on control of time (stasis for enemies or to protect friendlies, extra turns for blessed units) and space (creating difficult terrain, moving units) and causality (moving, creating or swapping objectives).

  • Countdiscount

    Very nice write up. I’d love to see a new Xenos race introduced, but some people’s heads would explode if they were introduced before Sisters, Chaos, Tyranids, etc got an update.

  • Ve Ly Pè

    It`s maybe not a bad idea, but honestly… Their whole concept has written “Grimdark” all over it to the point that there is actually 0 originality in theses guys. The big thing about Tau was their different appeal, shown in design, ideology and play-style.,, which was also divisive. But those who stuck to them, ultimately loved them and they got quite a big fanbase. You got none of the traits above with this guys.
    Okay maybe the big guys thing, but you should rather be able to make this with Tyranids I think.

    Just give us Hrud, they got a history which is embedded in the wider fluff. They worshipped the Old Ones, if I got this right and in that way are really “warhammers own”, without a played-out evil- beast- thing attitude. They are neither good nor bad (or rather could be both) and you could write a really cool backstory for them without eventing something totally new.

    I would totally play Hrud!

  • Krd Da Levitator

    I would like to see that! I might actually start that army, it would be different enough from the Eldar & Dark Eldar -armies i currently got…

  • Lord Trebor

    A new army would be great for 40k but current issues with codices need sorting im a blood angels player i can fight almost any army except for 2 tau and eldar tau i fair better over eldar as i can get in range sometimes as for eldar that damned 6 roll on a dice giving them ap2 weapons ruins my army by turn 3 its over for me i lose far to much on the tt to even be effective my BA army is assualt orientated an they should be for who they are but shooty armies in 7th edition rule most tt games and itsbecome less fun to play these games anymore i reciently played an 1850pt game by turn 2 i lost all my rhinos aswell as my vindicator leaving all my troops to suffer running up the table being shot to hell loosing a minimum of 3 models a squad due to 6’s being rolled i use my DC company to full effect and 1 guy i play always remarks my 10 or 15 man dc company is far to expensive in away he is right as all i can use them for against eldar is a bullet sponge not being able to charge from drop pods or deepstrike has ruined my game completely and do not enjoy playing the current campaign i play every tuesday with my tt friends BA are now under strength my sanguinary gaurd are weak may have a 2+ armour save but vs eldar their no different than useing std assualt marine at a 3+ armour save an i have collected them since i was 11 im now 34 an find myself drifting more to x-wing due to these issues i actually think eldar need overhauling again as they are dominating tournemants an home based games not making the game enjoyable for the majority of players…

  • Chris Cook

    Currently introducing a new army to 40k would be a terrible idea. GW are struggling to support the existing armies let alone rolling out new ones. What’s happening with CSM, Sisters and others? Playing 40k is an investment and a lot of people plow money into it to play. GW really need to bring these up to date before introducing others and in doing so show some loyalty to people who buy their product.

  • georgelabour

    Just as a counter argument I’d not want GW to do this and don’t see it as a ‘lore friendly’ thing either.

    For one the Rak’gol are a threat of limited size being pretty much limited to the koronus expanse which itself is a realtive backwater frontier region outside the imperium proper. They’re a subsector wide threat at best, a nuisance to be swept aside by a real crusade at the worst.

    The only thing that might make them as big a deal as the Tau were if some of the sub plot threads involving the ‘dead’ Yu’vath xenos species from the DH and RT lines to be tacked onto them. Then they become the servitor race of a group of once extinct xenos with near god like warp manipulation technology.

    However we already have a xenos species that does that but with robot zombies. They’re called Necrons.

    Now I think a better candiate would be the barghesi. We don’t have as much information on them as the rak’gol so they’d be a bit harder to design. BUT they have been in the canon a long time and we know a bit about them.

    The primary thing we know is that they’re so dangerous multiple space marine chapters were founded solely to quarantine the area of space they live in. Note that I said quarantine, not exterminate.

    That means there’s an entire xenos species out there that’s so dangerous and deadly that the imperium requires thousands of astartes just to hold a defensive perimeter.

    They’re also so dangerous that the imperium has sacrificed entire marine chapters just to keep them away from the tyrannids. Entire. Chapters.

    There’s not many other xenos who can claim to be that dangerous.

    • Scorpiachance

      That’s the problem though, they can be quarantined. As for the Tyranid thing it could just be standard operating procedure not to let them assimilate organisms with high close combat potential after the disastrous plan to have leviathan and the orks duke it out that one time. Finally they are confined to the ghoul stars right? which I’m pretty sure is smaller than the Koronus Expanse. Im not saying its a bad idea, it just has a lot of the same problems as the Rak’Gol

  • Gunther Clone C

    They still look like Tyranids (Hive Guard in particular, especially the “Techo-Shaman”) to me…but that’s just my opinion.

  • Scorpiachance

    only problem is that while other armies have a more “galactic” presence, the Rak’Gol are pretty much confined to that one region of space.

  • Tore Bolhøj

    I think too many codexes would make the game a chaotic mess. However, minor Xenos races would be fun. I would suggest making a single codex containing a handful of minor Xenos races, who could be used as Allies (possibly as small formations).

    That way, GW can introduce new types of nasty Xenos filth, without having to invest the resources it takes to make a whole new battleworthy army with a dozen different unit types, backed up by vehicles.

  • Jacob

    These things look like a re-imagining of the Zoats 😉

  • Lee Williams

    How about we fix the recipe before adding more ingredients?

  • Admiral Raptor

    Cast ’em up! They look awesome; 40k needs some alien races that feel like aliens (Tyranids not withstanding).