40K RUMORS: Codex Deathwatch – Rules Details



The codex Deathwatch rumormill is rollin!.  Here’s today’s latest on the rules from the Codex.


Today’s batch builds on the first two sets of rumors from yesterday and the weekend:

Industry sources tell BoLS:

The Codex Layout and Rules:

  • This is a very different layout and organization than the traditional Codex: Space Marines.
  • The codex will contain a very small number of units and many characters.
  • Every Character from Deathwatch Overkill is included.
  • There will be a HQ choice.
  • There will be 1-2 Troops unit choices.
  • 3-5 Formations.
  • Drop Pods are the only vehicles described in the codex.
  • The big theme of the codex is customization. While the number of units is very small, there are lavish and exhaustive upgrade options for each and every model in the army. Things such as wargear, weapons, and even originating chapters all can be picked and have in-game effects.
  • It is quite possible to sink giant amount of points into a very small amount of models if you wish.


The Previous Rumors:

Industry sources tell BoLS:

New minis accompanying the codex:

A New Terminator HQ model, with full Deathwatch Iconography throughout his armor and is armed for assault.

A New Deathwatch accessory sprue – that will work with the existing Space Marine range.

  • This is in same vein as the previous Blood Angel, Space Wolves, etc… add-on frames
  • Deathwatch iconography pauldrons for both PA and Termys.
  • Deathwatch bolters, assault weapons and wargear.

Sample Blood Angels / Space Wolves Accessory Sprue (for comparison)

blood angels sprue wolves sprue


Industry sources tell BoLS:

WHAT: Codex Deathwatch is coming

WHEN: Look for the new codex in late Summer (August-September 2016 timeframe)

HOW: Look for the codex to NOT be a modified version of the Space Marine codex.  It will be a very different animal, representing the unique hard hitting but small forces of the Deathwatch.  There will be both existing minis and new unseen kits coming with the release.


~ Hmm, that has a distinct “Cult Mechanicus – small codex” feel to it.

  • Timotheus

    Awesome! Can’t wait…

  • Karru

    This has a lot of potential! I like the idea of highly characterful and unique units that are customizable.

  • Codex: Movie Marines. Can’t wait!

    • Shiwan8

      I’m expecting something like CSM Chosen, overly expensive with little or no hope of being useful in actual games.

      Then again they are marines so it’s more likely just one level of added brokenness more.

      • Alexander Slizewski

        If the CSM codex doesn’t comes out anytime soon, I was planning to use my expensive chosen models as proxy for deathwatch units

        • Shiwan8

          Good idea. I can not. My “immersion” dies if my codex and models do not match.

          • Alexander Slizewski

            It’s the sacrifices us CSM players must make in order to stay “relevant” in today’s meta

          • memitchell

            CSM players never have a nice day.

          • Alexander Slizewski

            It’s hard to have a nice day when your army is not worth anyone’s time anymore

          • nurglitch

            I play CSMs and I always have a nice day. Keep your negativity to yourself.

          • memitchell

            C’mon, Man! Cheer up! Or, do I need your permission to be positive, too? ;-}

          • Chris. K Cook

            And never miss an excuse to complain.

          • Shiwan8

            I’m using 30k WB. You can not go more CSM than that. It’s more CSM than the 40k CSM.

          • Alexander Slizewski

            I was thinking about it, but what’s really holding me back from it is the cost. Also, currently I’m collecting a Khorne Bloodbound army for the AoS campaign coming up; my wallet won’t survive the onslaught.

          • Shiwan8

            There is that. Then again, CSM models can be used as WB models just fine.

          • Alexander Slizewski

            True, CSM models are quite diverse. Although additionally, I fell in love with the Khorne blood warrior models; they have a distinct look to them that’s very attractive

          • Chris. K Cook

            Funny given the WBs are the easiest to represent in the current rules set…

          • Shiwan8

            The irony is that FW has yet to make armies that do not beat codices left, right and center. It’s like a cover song that is simply superior compared to the original.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Maybe the folks using the FW lists are less likely to be numpties?

          • Shiwan8

            That, or what I think is more likely, meaning that FW guys just are better at what they do than GW “designers”.

      • luke snell

        enter a revamped, official Killteam upgrade by GW…I wish!

  • PiotrekEtoo

    Chapter tactics for individual models with all kinds of weaponry and upgrades maybe? They better be pricy or else will be op

    • am1t

      Assault Cannon with Suspensor Hellfire rounds … twin linked

      • PiotrekEtoo

        Apothecary librarian chaplain in terminator armour with stormshield ethernal and servo-harness

        • am1t

          … with a Lucky stick and Cyclone Missile Launcher …

          Can’t wait for this Codex release

          • On a bike.

          • georgelabour

            NERD FACT: In earlier editions of the game it was both possible, and legal, to have models on bikes wearing terminator armor.

            This even led to a white dwarf article about sportsmanship.

            Specifically they called out using a Callidus assassin in terminator armor on a bike (with optional vortex grenade) , and then swapping it out with a lowly eldar guardian in order to gank the eldar farseer.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Nort a Callidas as she didn’t exist then and has always been locked in her choices. It was the Generic assassin in early 2nd ed.

          • georgelabour

            Ah yes, thank you for the correction.

            IIRC it was the polymorphine wargear item which could be bought for more than just assassins back in those days.

          • Chris. K Cook

            I think it was restricted to them. But I may be wrong.

          • memitchell

            Food Processor and Vape Pen.

    • memitchell

      OK. IIRC, op is spelled “OP.” AFAIK.

  • Deacon Ix

    ah so more options – a good way to complicate things…

    • MightyOrang

      Hopefully they will leaven that customization with a good number of randomize charts and abilities that are also randomized … Randomly

      • Deacon Ix

        But only on even dated Wednesdays for 10 days after a full moon

    • Chris. K Cook

      Maybe chess is more your speed?

  • am1t

    Codex: Deathwatch … ‘Movie Marines’ hmmm

    My Kill Team is going to be a mix of Expendables meets The Dirty Dozen meets Team America meets High School Musical …

  • Crablezworth

    I was right. It’s another useless minidex.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Not all codexes have to be playable as a 2500 point army on it’s own.

  • CenturyChild533

    See, now this sounds like fun. It’s a converter’s dream. Between a new Deathwatch upgrade kit, plus the other ones like Blood Angels and Iron Hands, this could make for some very very cool armies.

    Drop Pods as the only vehicles is a bit of a headscratcher, but it’ll work. I just hope I can make a Deathwatch Dreadnought.

    • Damistar

      Given the mission of the Deathwatch, it’s not so strange. They’re deployed for a specific mission and then extracted quickly. If the mission required something that a Dreadnought couldn’t handle then they’d deploy the regular Astartes. I’d think teleporting in would be an option though.

      • CenturyChild533

        You’re right, and I do love the scalpel strike tactics of the Deathwatch. I’m just saying that there is a pair of Deathwatch Dreadnoughts in the lore (Goremann the Elder and Szobczak) that I’d like to be able to represent. Dreadnoughts can ride Drop Pods, so it’d make sense. But the rumor up top says that Drop Pods are the only vehicles, and since Dreads are technically vehicles…

        Ah well. I can hope. We’ll see.

      • Haighus

        Well, in this role, a drop ship, like the Storm Raven, would make even more sense than a Drop pod most of the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Powered armoured units did get teleporting though.

      • And flying in for vanguard/asm

    • EnTyme

      Sad Panda mentioned a new flying transport coming out with this. He’s usually pretty reliable, so I’m inclined to trust him.

  • JP

    Show up at a tournament with an army of 4 marines that cost 450 points each. Watch opponent weep as the marines win against 30 to 1 odds.

  • This Dave

    This pleases me to no end. I’ve been running a Deathwatch Marine army using Ultramarine Chapter Tactics for a few years now so it will be nice to have actual rules. And having Deathwatch pads to put on Terminators is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I do hope Dreadnoughts are included in the Codex as I’ve converted a couple up for the army. If not I suppose I can always take them as “allies” same as the Storm Raven and Land Raider.

  • Benderisgreat

    Dreadnoughts? I need a reason to convert up another plastic Contemptor.

  • Mach13

    Drop pods only? What the hell, where did they get that idea from? Storm Raven only would have been better.

    • ken

      Not fluffy enough.

      • georgelabour

        Except that in the FFG RPG the Deathwatch were one of the few permitted to field test the Storm Raven before its deployment amongst the general Astartes population.

        The others of course being the Blood Angels and Grey Knights.

        So fluff wise it says it works for them. Especially as they operate in smaller units that’d make a thunderhawk somewhat unnecessary.

        Oh also that fluff is where we get the DW using dreadnoughts as well so it’s obvious GW is working from some of that material.

        • Stealthbadger

          There’s definitely one of the books where they use storm Ravens and a dreadnought. It’s one of the early ones where the team first gets out together and involves a gene stealer cult I think.

          • Mach13

            yeah, this exactly, I mentioned it precisely because of that. It’s 100% fluffy.

  • Kritarion

    Could be interesting to have another “elite” army, and one that is highly customizable.

  • EnTyme

    I’m really hoping this comes with updated Kill Team rules. I like the Heralds of Ruin rules, but I’d be interested to see GW’s official rules for a squad-level game.

    • Chris. K Cook

      You mean this?


      Why do people complain that GW doesn’t give them rules for something they never buy rules for when they are given them?

      • EnTyme

        You know, It would have been easy to just post the link and say “Here you go”, but no. You have to be a jerk about it. I don’t ever look at Black Library. I never knew this existed. Cool. I’ll have to look into it. Thank you for the link. Now go learn some manners.

        • Chris. K Cook

          Sorry I just get sick of certain folks on here screaming about how GW doesn’t support one format or another and refusing to buy the rules when they do.

          But yeah I was a bit harsh.

          I really wish they release this in some sorta hard copy format.

  • ken

    I’ll buy this because DW are awesome. But dint expect any of these to work on the table for something other than narrative games (which is fine with me) but small numbers don’t translate to good game play on the table.

    It’s going to be cool to see 5 man squads, dropping in across the board(then again, you already see that)

  • J Mad

    SO… the GSC getting a new dex too? B.c you know that be great.

    • memitchell

      Did that rise to the level of rumor? It would be great to go Old School and ally GSC with perverted PDF and/or infested Imperial Guard. GSC + Tyranids is not thematic, and all kinds of blah.

      • Haighus

        Well, my combined GSC and Tyranid army consists almost entirely of Vanguard organisms- basically, the GSC is making it’s final, desperate attack, as the Tyranid Hive fleet’s Genestealers are breaking out of the sewers all around them too. In my head, it works at least…

        (The army is built around the fact I’ve ended up with a silly number of Genestealers from various boxed sets- Space Hulk, Battle for Macragge, Shield of Baal and now GSC has resulted in about 40 of the 6-limbed terrors)

        • memitchell

          Well, that sounds like fun. There was a time before Necrons and Tau when my Tyranid army included Ork mind slaves, and my Genestealer Army included Leman Russ’s.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Lets hope.

  • Евгения Ремезова

    More. Space. Marines.
    Just what we need!
    Ugh… just screw it, I’m done with buying GW’s crap. Both figuratively and literally. Recasters are the way to go, if you want to vote with your wallet.

  • dinodoc

    Given the fact we’re covering the chamber militants of the Inquisition, can we get a Sisters codex anytime soon?

    • Haighus

      Seeing as one multi-part plastic kit could cover almost all the Infantry units in the Codex (bar Seraphim and Repentia), it really would not be difficult for GW to reinvigorate the army IMO. Make the plastic Sisters box, re-released the Immolator, have a Canoness clampack heroine and a Priest clampack (doubles up for Guard or Inquisition) and most of the Codex is covered in plastic in 4 kits, one which already exists. Seems pretty straightforward for a GW release to me. I don’t know why the Immolator has gone OOP though, seeing as it is the SoBs one all-plastic kit.

  • Just_Me77

    If half of this is true I am more excited than I have been for anything else they have done in a while! The Deathwatch are near and dear to my heart and a converter/narrative enthusiast’s dream. I know I got my hands on the Overkill marines and promptly converted them, but the idea of a full codex with rules to really personalize a Kill-Team is really exciting!

  • Jim Collins

    I hope blackshields have an insane amount of options. Lack of rules or something to offset costs. IE they don’t benefit from group bonuses a la current deathwatch units.