40K: Tyranid Annihilation Swarm Released!

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Black Library just rolled out a new Tyranid rules supplement.  Take a look while it’s hot!

Phodian Annihilation Swarm-cover

The Phodian Annihilation Swarm $11.99

iOS Edition $12.99

The vicious war in the Cryptus system included a battle between the Blood Angels under Captain Karlaen and the remnants of an initial swarm on the world of Phodia. Now you can download and use the rules for this Phodian Annihilation Swarm for your games of Warhammer 40,000.

This Dataslate contains a number of named units to use in your Tyranids army, along with a powerful formation that gives them additional abilities. Alternatively, you can use the Phodian Annihilation Swarm by itself as a force in its own right. The choice is yours.



When the Blood Angels descended upon Phodia, its defences had all but been overrun. The Hive Mind had turned from conquest to consumption, and the ruins thronged with swarms of digestion organisms. However, broods of Tyranids still remained, hunting down and devouring the remaining survivors. The Blood Angels classified these beasts as the Phodian Annihilation Swarm, and it was these bio-horrors that gathered to repel their invasion… This dataslate provides a formation datasheet for the Phodian Annihilation Swarm, plus datasheets for the units that comprise it, along with all the special rules, psychic powers and wargear you need to use this formation in your games of Warhammer 40,000.



  • 3 datasheets: The Children of Cryptus, Phodian Hive Warriors and The Beast of Phodia
  • Phodian Annihilation Swarm formation datasheet
  • Rules for the weapons and biomorphs used by the models in the formation
  • Tyranids special rules and psychic powers

This is an ePub 3 file. You will need an ePub3 reader on your device to use it. For more information about these, check out our Formats and Ranges page.


~ Now you can use your new Broodlord in style!

  • psuedonym McFakename

    These are just the formations from Deathstorm.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Honestly, was anyone expecting different given the model’s release?

      • Shiwan8

        Well, they could have been honest about this is the description.

    • Christopher Saldaña

      I was gonna say “Oh man good for GW, giving the Tyranids some love”

      Welp. So much for that.

      • zeno666

        Sorry, they’re not space marines.

      • Seito Mohn

        Yeh…there was exitement for a second.

        • Zack Seiders

          Followed by disappointment.

  • UvW Sausage

    If I bought this without knowing it was the deathstorm rules reprinted at a ridiculous cost, I’d be an unhappy camper for sure since I already have deathstorm.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      But Phodia was front and center in Deathstorm? Like, if you had it, surely you’d recognize the names.

      • Davor Mackovic

        People actually read the books? How many people just bought it for the rules? 😛

  • Byungwook Kim

    And the dataslate(digital) costs 17, and the broodlord 40… They have resources to make imperial containers and nids get THIS?

    It has passed two years since the rumored nids gargantuan. It should come out this year or nids players are going to dry out.

  • Shiwan8

    The same old formations that no-one used before for obvious reasons.

  • manouel35

    WTF !!!
    so GW decided to make me cry again !
    the new brood lord is the OLD one sold in the box game with blood angels, and they increased his price up to 10 euros !

    And now they give the new data slate which is THE OLD formations from death storm !!!!

    Sorry GW, you change your CEO ? but you don’t change your attitude,
    we don’t need new data slates,
    we don’t need a new brood lord (try to sell the one from GSC before)

  • Vepr

    I used to scoff when people said GW hates Tyranids but maybe they are right lol.

  • Eldanesh

    No thanks. I’ll use my Patriarch from Overkill. Go back to AoS Games Workshop, you’re drunk.