BoLS Battle Report: Dark Age – Forsaken Grudge Match

037 Dark Age Saint Mary Paint

GentleBen and AdamHarry throw down for a Dark Age Grudge Match –  It’s St. Mary vs the Arch-Angel Michael!

Here BoLS Readers! AdamHarry here and I’m back with another Dark Age Battle Report. GentleBen was hanging out in the studio and we decided to get a game on. Dark Age is a a pretty fun skirmish style game that is quick, bloody and brutal. If you haven’t check out this post-apocalyptic setting on an alien world then you’re missing out!

Dark Age is not what you’d call a friendly place. So faction infighting is not unheard of – which is why GentleBen and I wanted to take these two heroes out for a spin. And yes, we intentionally get them to fight each other – but the doesn’t mean we skip the objectives! So check it out and enjoy.

The Rules are FREE so give it a look over – you might just have found your new favorite skirmish game!


It’s a Dark Age – are you ready to survive in the wasteland?

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