Can a Space Marine Gladius Rein in the Eldar?



It’s Space Marines time to shine in an objective mission against the speedy Eldar.

Which army do YOU think will come out on top in this war of attrition!


The hat and glasses I’m playing against today is Brian Delgado and he’s bringing Space Elf Bikers against my White Scar Purple Scar Gladius Strike Force. Space Marines Hoooooooooo.



If you’re ready to dive into this battle report, want to army list break down, or looking for some jokes, we got them in the video. Also, as always there’s a plethora of insight into the decisions being made on a unit-by-unit turn-by-turn basis that would literally take days to bring to you in the written form.

So, hit the link and enjoy the show.

Can the Space Marine Gladius Rein in the Eldar?

Also, a quick note on the terrain, it’s made by Game and it’s amazing and durable; oh, and it now includes fillers so that you can make LOS blocking terrain. It’s a 9 piece set for about $150 USD. They’re definitely worth a look.

The quick and dirty, we’re playing Dawn of War, 5 objectives, 3 points each at the end of the game. The Eldar are able to pop plenty of Rhino’s but there’s not really enough of them to combat the overwhelming numbers of objective secured untis the Gladius is able to bring to the field.


The Eldar bring the fight and take some Rhino’s.



The fight quickly begins to spread out all over the battle field.



The Eldar of course are able to keep up.



The Air Force arrives and proves to be a menace to the Elder while they drink orange juice in the hood.

Who are you rooting for?

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  • OldHat

    I enjoyed this one. Good work, guys. Good mix of text and video and the video itself was solid.

  • Joe

    My flamer/melta spam Salamander Flameblade Strikeforce has been really killy against Eldar. Gets +1 to flamer weapon strength and can re-roll failed to wound rolls with flamers. S6 Heavy flamer instant death templates for anything T3 is really fun.

    • euansmith

      Do your opponents enjoy it? 😉

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        If they play high end Eldar do you care? I enjoy both filthy and fluffy games, my point is that if both players bring the same level that’s fine. I had the joy of playing against a “Fun” Tau/Eldar list with all the fixins with a mid tier IG list. Needless to say it was a fun game for no one as my army melted by turn 2, cleanup on 3. Good guy and great opponent but we both thought the game we were getting into was a dif level and driving an hour meant no easy way to change up lists.

      • Joe

        The group I play with is just in it for the fun and the fluff so we enjoy games win or lose. Things were getting a little tough before the AOD supplement but now the Emperor is back with my Salamanders.

  • Randy Randalman

    Space Marines have been smushing Eldar since the space elves got their new codex. Grav makes short work of all things Wraith, the transports make Space Marines the best at nabbing objectives, and prior to the recent round of FAQ’s, the deathstars were untouchable for an Eldar army.

    • Yoong John Yen

      Actually with the new space marine codex (and the new angels of death), it makes Eldar that much easier to beat by Space Marines. The Wraith Knight have really nowhere to run due to drop podding Centurions/Sternguard with Grav, ignore cover (using White Scars Eye relic on an attached character) Centurion Grav and missile launchers, 300 pts worth of free boxes with an army that is almost entirely objective secured, it is actually extremely hard for Eldar to beat.

      And don’t get me started on the new psychic powers and their deathstar builds. Beyond stomp, Eldar has no way of taking them down (which will die in 1st turn due to grav). The Eldar Seer Council can hardly compare as their witchblades are AP – whereas the super friend(s) have AP2 and AP3 in abundance.

      Honestly the Space Marines had been at the top since their new codex for a long time. The Angels of Death just make it all the more harder for Eldar to deal with them. (Eldar can only dream of 2+/3++ rerollable saves)

      • Shiwan8

        Yeah yeah, 2 lists of cheese. One is whinng because it does not automatically win and the other is whining because it does but does not automatically table the opponent.

        • ZeeLobby

          40K baby, it’s all about whining!

  • euansmith

    There look to be some huge fire lanes on that table.

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol, yup. It still shocks me when people play with absolutely no line of sight blocking terrain…

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        Esp in this edition!

        • ZeeLobby

          I mean this edition is bulloxed in general. Not because the rules are bad, but some armies are just broken. No LoS is shocking because it makes some lists, like CC daemons, viable. On the other hand, it gives Eldar terrain to easily jump out, kill, and then hide behind… Nothing is more frustrating than getting blasted by scatter lasers and warp spiders each turn, but never getting to fire back.

          There’s no good solution right now, but I’d still never play without it.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            I just dislike the fact that some tables add to the massive firepower of certain high tier armies and leave the CC armies to slog across and desert to hope they will maybe get into combat. My Deathwing aren’t the most mobile of armies after the deep strike in. Playing most Eldar lists means if I make any mistakes in deployment it’s essentially game over. Terrain helps so much, also looks great.