Fritz’s Tabletop – Core Warhammer 40K Tactics

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This week’s tabletop tactics is going to focus on grabbing you more glory on the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000!

You have the rules, your army is ready to go, and your core army tactics are set…so what’s next? Let’s take a look at two game focus tactica points to keep in mind for your next game, and then see how they apply to one of my favorite Chaos Space Marine units in the game.

At the start of the game you are at the height of your power- all your units are deployed and ready to go. BUT, with each game turn your forces become weaker and weaker as you lose points from shooting, the assault, and other tactical decisions on the table. To get the most out of each turn you have to make every unit count, every turn.


How much is too much in 40K? Overcommitment of units can cost you the game over a number of turns- as a tabletop commander how can we avoid this…and lead our opponent into the overcommitment trap?

Bring out your dead! Often a unit in 40K has more then one optimal way to use it in your list.


~See you on the table.



  • Shiwan8

    @Fritz, those zombies in the lowest video. Are they yours?

    • They belong to my chaos playing buddy Rob- check out his work

      • Shiwan8

        I know. Awesome work. I was going to ask a tip from him for those sigmarines and was not sure if you are him. I’ll try to find a way to ask him personally. Thanks anyway.

        And good job with the tube. You have actually some ideas I did not think of or have not found anywhere else. It’s not exactly common that that happens nowadays.