Fritz’s Tabletop: Battletech ‘Mech Round Table Discussion

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Today we return to one of my favorite future-dark wargames: Battletech. With free rules on the Catalyst website, it’s a perfect time to get into the game.

This weeks tabletop post has us returning to one of my favorite future-dark wargames: Battletech. With the rules for free on the Catalyst website and an awesome starter set full of manuals and mechs it’s never been a better time to get into the game.

Let’s look at commanding two different mechs, the difference in weapon systems, and understanding the role of specific light mechs in the game.

The Battlemaster- one of the most iconic mechs in the game, right there with the Warhammer and Marauder, but is it the most feared mech in the game?

Enter the Stalker, a massive assault mech with both heavy armor, and long/short range weapon support. On paper the two look the same, but is one better over the other?

“Damage” is KEY in any war game, but is the ten points of damage from the PPC really better than the eight points of damage from a large laser?

Mech classifications- light, medium, heavy, assault are important, but don’t let such definitions cause you to miss a potential opportunity- with the Firestarter as the perfect example.


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  • Nuno Castilho

    To be honest, I love the game, but the miniatures that are out there, except for the “premium” ones in the introductory set, are so hit and miss in quality…

    I’d love for them to do something akin to what DP9 did with their Heavy Gear property and just go ahead and do a kickstarter for some plastic minis. That would be awesome!!!

    • euansmith

      The basic designs always seemed to be a bit hit and miss to me, depending on if the designs were taken from Macross or were designed for the game.

      • JPMcMillen

        I think the problem early on was that the artists didn’t realize that at some point someone was going to have to make a 3d version of their drawing (i.e. a mini). They also never considered that someone would would try to animate that drawing in a 3d environment

        But I’m all for them rendering every last one of them on a computer to start making them in plastic. The biggest advantage for this is that they could finally reign in the problem of the miniatures not being the right size compared to one another. They really need some consistency with the various sizes of mechs.

    • What they need to do is start basing new sculpts off Alex Iglesias’ absolutely amazing design work.

      Alex, if you don’t know him, is the guy behind all the ‘mech designs in MWO (and the new kickstarted thing, which is using MWO’s assets) among other things, as well as a gentleman, a scholar, and a pretty darn good Assault pilot.