Gav Thorpe Talks Angels of Caliban Secrets

AngelsCaliban horz Night Lords Dark AngelsGav Thorpe is talking all about his latest Horus Heresy Book: Angels of Caliban. What will the Dark Angels finally reveal?


Angels of Caliban

Author: Gav Thorpe

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With the Dark Angels spread across a hundred systems, primarch Lion El’Jonson stands as Lord Protector of Ultramar – though his true motives are known to few indeed, and old rivalries on the home world threaten to tear the Legion in half. But when word comes of the Night Lords’ attack on Sotha, the Lion’s brutal actions bring Imperium Secundus once again to the brink of civil war. Not even the most fearsome warriors of the Dreadwing, nor any arcane secret of the Order, can guarantee victory if he sets himself against his loyal brothers.


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MP3 Full Audiobook running time 10 hours and 57 minutes. Narrated by John Banks


Gav Thorpe Speaks:

Here’s what Gav has said so far about the Dark Angels and events in the novel:

“The Dark Angels have the longest history of all the Space Marine Legions – predating even the Imperium, though not with their current name. Before the discovery of Caliban and the Lion were known, before the Emperor’s warriors left the Sol system, they were known as The First. And even earlier, during the Unification Wars, the Legions had not yet been created and the Emperor’s finest warriors existed as the Six Hosts of the Angels of Death. Known as the Hexagrammaton, the exact organisation of which has been lost, these hosts were renamed after ‘wings’ that existed in Calibanite culture – the Deathwing, Dreadwing, Firewing, Ironwing, Ravenwing and Stormwing. Each has its own strategies and access to unique devastating Terran technologies.”

“Farith Redloss is the Voted-Lieutenant of the Dreadwing. Bearing his hourglass-bladed axe, he is the elected leader of the most destructive, war-hungry warriors of the Legion. When the Dreadwing are summoned, they embody their battle-chant: ‘We have come. We are death.’ Their purpose is simple: utter eradication of all opposition. In his desire to hunt down Konrad Curze, the Lion unleashes the fury of the Dreadwing onto the Ultramarines homeworld of Macragge.”

“It’s no secret that Angels of Caliban sees a rematch between the Lion and the Night Haunter – it’s right there on the amazing Neil Roberts cover! As many will know, this will be the fourth time the two Primarchs have clashed and, depending on which corner of the internet you listen to, either the Lion or Curze are ahead on points or this is the decider. This time we will see just which of them really has the upper hand. I promise.”

“Much of the action takes place in Imperium Secundus – the bastion of the Five Hundred Worlds kept united by Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines. The arrival of the Lion and Sanguinius has created the perfect trio to lead this second Imperium after the perceived loss of the Emperor – the statesman, the angel and the general. Yet despite their common goals, the past and present combine to widen the divides between those that must be most united. That which cannot be destroyed from without might yet crumble from within, and with it see the end of the last hope to resist Horus. With the fate of the galaxy at stake we discover exactly why Imperium Secundus will become the Unremembered Empire.”

~I’m happy someone remembers Ironwing was a thing.  Mybe one day we will get rules for all the other formations besides Deathwing and Ravenwing.

  • PrimoFederalist

    I’m not particularly excited – Gav Thorpe in the past has pulled off the remarkably difficult feat of making a primarch both unlikable and uninteresting. He’s done a great disservice to the Dark Angels. I’m probably going to need a review with spoilers before deciding to buy (to read then give to my DA-playing brother).

    • Shiwan8

      Lion is pretty simply 2 dimensional fanatical knight. Not really much room for nyance anyway.

    • Void Jackal

      Honestly, I kind of LIKE that the Lion is unlikeable. It makes the Fallen a bit more interesting (IE: they weren’t entirely wrong. . . .). I’m a DA player and the idea of our Primarch having the social skills of a table is actually pretty awesome- the Primarchs weren’t perfect. In some cases they weren’t even good (ever, even Pre-Heresy). I do hope/wish they make Luther a sympathetic figure over the course of the series- one who makes a bad, bad mistake (or series of bad mistakes, heh) but who’s intentions were good (mostly) and relate-able. I mean, Caliban wasn’t exactly handled very well by the Imperials from the Calibanite’s point of view.

      I mean, lets be honest. The Emperor himself screwed up pretty royally on a lot of occasions. The Council of Nikea was a terrible idea (not his, I know- his hand was kind of forced but still) and the whole “Peace Out, I’mma go back to Terra for Reasons” bit was kinda. . . . well, Table-ish. Maybe that’s why the Lion is the way he is- his daddy isn’t exactly the most open person in the Galaxy.

      Well, here’s hoping it’s good. I haven’t caught up on Heresy books in ages and a new DA one is a good kick in the pants to get me to re-read ’em all, plus the ones that have released since.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        The Emperor wanted to create a webway portal so that humanity could unburden itself from warp-based travel. That is way more important than him leading the crusade in person.

        The Emperor’s mistake was not going home but not keeping his kiddos in the loop.

        • ZeeLobby

          Exactly. Which seemed kind of stupid to me. I mean I know he was trying to protect his children from the true evil that lived in the warp, but leaving with no explanation is part of the reason Horus threw his hissy fit.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I can understand not telling them about the gods of chaos. The emperor could have just told his kids, “I want to create a new form of travel that is faster and safer than what we have now. It will take me a long time but with it, we will be able to bring humanity together in ways we can’t even imagine right now. So, continue the crusade. I love you all. Please forward all messages to my staff until I complete my research.”

            Now everyone understands what is going on and why he is doing what he’s doing. No heresy, no problem.

          • ChubToad

            And no game either… LoL. Only 30k which really sounds interesting at the least…

          • nurglitch

            He told Mortarion.

      • PrimoFederalist

        If you haven’t caught up how are you OK with how they’ve portrayed the Lion? I don’t care that he’s “unlikable” in-universe, I’m fine with that, I care that he has no redeeming qualities which make him interesting. You never see him as a martial/tactical/strategic force of nature – you just see him brooding and barely holding his own against Konrad Cruze. It’s lazy and a betrayer of the source material.

        • Jooster

          You sure about that? More than a few times, it was stated that he’s a strategic genius on par with Horus himself.

          It just has to be something that’s delivered bluntly like that, it can’t really be demonstrated without pages upon pages dedicated to explaining whatever conflict he’s got at hand and how he handles it.

          • nurglitch

            Yes, we’re told that he’s a strategic genius, but we’re never shown it.

          • Jooster

            To repeat myself: It can’t really be demonstrated without pages upon pages dedicated to explaining whatever conflict he’s got at hand and how he handles it.

            The closest we come is the defence he builds towards the end of Fallen Angels, and even then it’s quite a shorthanded way of showing that he can picture the best strategies..

    • Randy Randalman

      The Lion was never exciting or interesting anyway. That isn’t Gav’s fault; it’s just the nature of the Dark Angels.

  • Ironhalo

    I am digging the book so far, and reading about the Dreadwing is pretty inspiring in that it gives the DAs a lot more depth regarding their outlook on prosecuting war, while reinforcing that there are organisations within the legion that would mystify outsiders.

    The Lion is exceptionally dickish in the first few chapters; we get the feeling that despite how tactically astute he is, he has all the social tact of a brick with Aspergers.

    • mathhammer

      his lack of social tact, and being unable to read people is an ongoing theme from the first two books about him.

      • Ironhalo

        Yeah, he seems to have truly believed that he should have been Warmaster instead of Horus. He’s probably right in retrospect, but no one likes the quiet brooding genius at the Primarch family Christmas get-together? 🙂

  • Krizzab

    the lion is so boring that bored himself into a deep 10.000 years long nap.

  • euansmith

    THE Gav Thrope!

  • OolonColluphid

    Ironwing has rules in 30K. Along with the Dreadwing & Firewing, it no longer exists in 40k.

  • Davor Mackovic

    “Lord Protector of Ultramar”
    What? Can someone please explain this.

    • PrimoFederalist

      Guilliman set up Imperial Secundus. It’s cut off from the rest of the Imperium by the Ruinstorm created by Logar. They don’t know if the rest of the Imperium is still around because all they’ve heard of is the Dropsite Massacre and the Word Bearer/World Eater attack, so they set up a new Imperium. The Blood Angels and Dark Angels show up to Ultramar because there’s a beacon and join Guilliman. Sanguinius is made Emperor, Lion “Lord Protector”, etc.

      • Davor Mackovic

        Thank you very much for the explanation.

  • DJ860

    When listening to a podcast interview with Gav a few days ago I noticed he said there was some secrets that would never be revealed about the Dark Angels. Probably because sometimes it’s the myth and the speculating that makes it interesting.

    My only frustration is that you basically know you’re never going to get answers when you read these kinds of things. I’ll be surprised if we find out more than we already know from the existing codex etc. The most interesting thing about the DA is the are they/aren’t they and the fallen.

    Maybe it’s unjustified but it’s kind of limiting for me, reading a book you know won’t answer the questions everyone’s asking and wants to know.

    • nurglitch

      Learning to accept uncertainty is part of growing up.

      • DJ860

        Congratulations on your stupid comment of the week award. Well deserved. Perhaps you read books, stop in the middle, put them down and pat yourself on the back for yourself having dealt with uncertainty.