Geekery: New Voltron Series Debuts on Netflix


The legendary Saturday morning cartoon has returned with an ALL NEW series. Put on your jammies and check it out!

The original cartoon was based on two Japanese series: “Beast King GoLion” and “Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.” It followed a team of space cadets on a mission – given to them by a pointy eared alien princess – to track down a group of lion shaped robots that form the ultimate robot warrior: Voltron. All with the goal of saving an alien race from annihilation. It looked a little something like this:

Dreamworks Animation has teamed up with Netflix to create a 13 episode run of the series. The animators also collaborated on Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Voice cast includes Steven Yeun, Tyler Labine, Bex Taylor-KlausRhys Darby, and Jeremy Shada (who voices Finn on Adventure Time).

The series hasn’t been drug into darker territory – it’s still as bright and cheesy as ever. There are still space mice. There are some changes for the better: the art style has a sense of dimension to it, and we get to see some characters show more personality due to a good deal of voice acting talent. The first episode plays off the first episode from 1984, which is a great re-introduction into the universe if you’ve been away for awhile.

If you’re looking to get on the nostalgia train – or introduce your kids to a part of your childhood – it’s available on Netflix now.


Who’s putting on their PJs, grabbing a bowl of Captain Crunch, and binge watching this one?

  • euansmith

    I do like Netflix. I’d completely missed “Chuck” and got to watch all five seasons back to back. Now I’m on to “iZombie”, having watched Dare Devil and Jessica Jones; top stuff.

  • CPENinja

    Just finished watching the whole series while painting some minis – it is well worth your time. There’s a good sense of ‘fun’ about each episode, and it isn’t formulaic in the ‘summon voltron, summon blazing sword, stabstabstab’ metric of the original series.

    • It’s fun, and a good update. I’ve been watching with my kids – the new style animation has allowed them to get into it more.

    • Damistar

      I often wondered why that wasn’t their first go to. Every episode they get their butt kicked by the giant monster of the week until someone yells “Form Blazing Sword” and they chop the creature in half and win.

    • Benderisgreat

      To be fair to the original, it was great when you were 10 or 12.

      • CPENinja

        Absolutely! We weren’t really worried about complex characters and storylines as kids. We wanted to see the big robot beat up monsters.

        Well, most of us – there was always that one kid who just wanted to watch the princess get a spanking in the first episode over and over.

  • SilentPony

    What do you mean debuted? I watched the entire season like 2 weeks ago!

    P.S. Its pretty terrible. Take Voltron and cross it with the ‘characterization’ of Evangelion, the nonsense self-importance of a Gundam series, and a whole heaping spoonful of a high school anime, and you have some idea of how terrible it is.

    • You realize that you tried to bash something by comparing it to the best anime in terms of character psychology and the longest animated SF franchise, with tons of great moments ?

      • CMAngelos

        But its not exactly what he remembers so its gotta be bad. The nostalgia monster claims another soul :c

      • SilentPony

        Actually no. Evangelion is both over-rated, and deliberately trolled by its own writers. Like DBZ they openly despise the series and wrote deliberately terribly to mess with the fans.

        And Gundman is better analogized to a feces factory that routinely turns out cowpats, but about once every 5 years it breaks down and for a few days doesn’t produce crap. Those days are in fact good days. Sad it only lasts for 1/2 of a limited release series.

        • I doubt you’re going to convince anyone here about any of that.

          • SilentPony

            That’s the beauty of facts. I don’t NEED to convince you.

          • Moose

            SilentPony: Im trying to work out what fallacy you are committing here.

            I first thought Straw Man Fallacy…now I cant pick Onus Probandi, maybe… Anecdotal Fallacy? perhaps even Argumentum ad ignorantium. Either way – Subjective argument is subjective.

            For instance – you could think that the Pollocks blue poles are an amazing piece of art work. But I could consider the majority of his work to be a piles of turds smeared on canvas.

            Subjectivly they are both equally valid asseritions. Objectively neither of these are true because both opinions are drawn from personal feelings.

          • Ha. I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately went to that thought.

            For the record, I eventually arrived at a Subjectivist Fallacy, but like most fallacies of presumption it’s difficult to exactly pin down.

          • GulMek

            If by facts you mean opinions, then you are correct… you can spew all the bull you want

          • Facts? Okay:

            Evangelion is a critically-acclaimed and much-beloved series that has remained popular and profitable for over 20 years, grossing in excess of $1 billion US in that time. It contributed to a revitalization in the otherwise-ailing animation industry of the mid-1990s and has spawned numerous sequels, expansions and reboots that have themselves been commercially successful.

            The Gundam Series, in its 37 year (and counting) run, encompasses 38 series and movies, 45 novels and manga series (some of which ran for nearly a decade), and over 200 video games. It defined the “real robots” genre and currently grosses over 50 billion yen per year for Bandai Namco in merchandising sales.

            You can not like them. That’s fine. I’m not a huge fan of either franchise, personally (Gundam, in particular, I think has slipped in recent years), but to call either of them anything less than industry- and genre-defining smash hits is both disingenuous and wrong.

            I do absolutely hope Studio Mir will one day be mentioned in the same breath as Sunrise and Gainax; they certainly have the talent, and they’re building the track record to one day stand alongside such juggernauts.

        • You’re trying way too hard. I’ve heard all those arguments from “edgy” people like you 15 years ago. they didn’t work back then, they don’t work now.

    • Benderisgreat

      Bite your tongue, matey. Gundam Unicorn and Gundam Thunderbolt are pretty good.

      One Year War FTW.

  • Xodis

    Good show. Has a good bit of 80’s quirkiness, but a solid storyline you expect from TV today, plus amazing graphics.

  • So, basically the entire production team behind The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, less Mike and Brian, buddies up with Dreamworks to produce a reboot of a beloved ’80s classic cartoon with the intent, to paraphrase Dos Santos, to recreate the show we REMEMBER watching, not the show we actually watched.

    There was really no way that was ever going to be anything short of amazing, and I can’t wait for season 2.

    It’s fun. It’s kid-friendly without sacrificing clever writing. It’s VERY pretty and drawn in a style very similar to seasons 3 and 4 of Legend of Korra. The voice acting is great, particularly from Pidge and Hunk.

    My ONLY complaint is the soundtrack. The score is… okay. For all of the other nods to the original series they threw in, I was a bit disappointed that the old main theme didn’t show up again.

    • CPENinja

      I’m happy to hear someone on this site can actually like something without succumbing to the standard BoLS “someone pissed in my cornflakes” attitude that fills the comment section.

      • BoLS has a certain vibe, a mood if you will, to how it operates. Vitriolic fun-vampire hyperbole is part of that, if only because the moderators do little to discourage it. I try not to fall into that myself, and at least mostly succeed.

        I’ve had some very good discussions come out of this place, which I suppose proves at least that Sturgeon’s Law is alive and kicking.

  • Jonathan B.

    My son and I watched the first episode last night. It was fun, although there seemed to be differences from the original (who got what lion, who was in charge, the characters’ temperaments, Shiro versus Sven). All in all, I enjoyed it.