GoA: New Tsan Ra & Isorian Minis

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Isorian Reinforcements have reached the Gates of Antares. Take a look at the latest from Warlord Games:

Isorian Tsan Ra Phase Squad – $32.00

via Warlord:

After the Isor-Tsan Kiri War and the disaperance of the remanents of the enemy Tsan Kiri it was some time before the Isorians were to discover an abandoned hatchery of what wer to become known as the Tsan Ra.

Biologically a form of the silicate creature the Isorians called the Tsan Kiri. These newly discovered creatures were born into the shard of the Isorian Senatex. Because the Isorian IMTel had already absorbed data from Tsan Kiri bio-spores, the melded nanosphere was perfectly adapted to interface with the new hatchlings. The creatures effectively became part of the Isorian shard in the same way as the human populations of the Senatex. In a strange way the Tsan Kiri were reborn not as enemies but as part of the Isorian shard itself. To distinguish them from the Isorian’s former enemies the new human-influenced race became known as the Tsan Ra.

The physical prowess of the Tsan makes them effective troopers in countless combat situations. Their psychological make-up is in many ways more compatible with the business of waging war than is that of Isor’s human population.






Isorian 500 pt. Scouting Force $95.00

500 point Deal Contains:

  • x2 Isorian Senatex Phase Squad – box
  • x1 Isorian Tsan Ra Phase Squad – box
  • x2 Nhamak Light Support Drone – blisters
509916001 Isorian Senatex 500 Point Scout Force

The Tsan Ra are just one of the many alien species that co-exists as part of the larger Concord and Isorian societies. The Tsan Ra troopers are a unit option within the Isorian forces and you can find the unit entries in the sCampaign supplement ‘The Battle For Xilos‘ on pages 81/82

The Isorian Senatex 500 point Scouting force list

Senatex Phase Squad 1 125 points
Leader: plasma carbine, x-sling, Phase trooper x4, plasma carbine(3), Plasma lance, spotter drone
Senatex Phase Squad 2 125 points
Leader: plasma carbine, x-sling, Phase trooper x4, plasma carbine(3), Plasma lance, spotter drone
Tsan Ra Phase squad 119 points
Leader: plasma duocarb,x-sling, Tsan trooper x2, plasma duocarb, Plasma grenades, spotter drone
Nhamak SC Light Support Drone unit 128 points
x2 Nhamak drones with plasma light support, spotter drone

For full stats see page 180/181 Beyond the Gates of Antares rule book

Are you taking part in the Battle for Xilos campaign?

  • georgelabour

    If this had been in the starter set instead of the techno golbins I think my initial impression of the game would have been more positive.

    Now they just need a race of killer bunny people with chainsaw swords to hook me into buying in.

    • ZeeLobby

      I have yet to play it, but I hear the rules are pretty solid. Just don’t think the group will buy into yet another system…

      • Ryan

        the rules system is very solid, its fluid and keeps you engaged, rather than having the enemy take his turn and beat the piss out of your dudes with nothing you can do to react, and the pinning system makes target priority and leadership actually important

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I need to read up on it. I have yet to play any game yet that isn’t my turn, your turn. In the end that system makes little sense. I also wouldn’t mind seeing leadership done right. Heck PP just removed it from their whole system, lol. Not sure how I felt about that.

          • Richard Mitchell

            I feel you, I liked the whole morale check but I understand why they did it. With the game being focused on skirmish level combat, a unit losing a fear check, is a unit that literally sits there and dies. Entire games get lost on bad die roll, which isn’t fun or tactical. KoW does a pretty good job with morale checks but it is a much larger game. I hear the bolt action system is pretty good. Haven’t tried it yet, but the only complaint I have heard was just the way artillery works, but that is a problem with the 28mm scale rather than the rules themselves.

          • ZeeLobby

            True. I understand as well. After years of gaming with morale it just feels weird to be absent though, haha. I’ve also been interested in the bolt action rules, but have never played, honestly just because historical games never interested me all that much. I might have to give Antares a look though. I’d play in a heartbeat, but getting my friends into it after they spent a decade playing 40K, and have left their models on the shelf jaded because of it’s current state, getting them into another futuristic wargame might be too difficult. I’d probably have a better chance with something more skirmish based, like deadzone or infinity.

          • Frank

            Bolt Action is supposed to be getting a new edition this year that cleans up the rules a bit, so it might be best to wait a while. Warlord is also making Konflict 47, which is basically Bolt Action with weird war stuff like mechs and tesla tanks while reusing a lot of the Bolt Action infantry models. That might be a bit more your thing.

    • euansmith

      I’m rather a fan of the Daleks Gharr; though I am planning on replacing my Outcast’s heads with spare battle suit heads and painting them up as though they are in body suits.

      The actual Battle Suit models are tip top and go together a treat (with the exception of the rear thigh joint not fitting in to his hip socket).

      I rather like the Isorian troops, but the rest of their range looks a bit goofy to me. Partially I think that this is due to the designers going down quite a pulpy route rather than actually doing hard sci-fi.

  • jcdent

    If not for the ugly drones, this would be the prettiest starter and the coolest looking faction. I also like Algoryn and Techno goblin rebels,

    • Seb

      Agree on the drones, they bring too much monster to the “living’ armor aesthetic. Favourite faction so far.

      • The isorian targeter drones look better. But overall, I think I dislike most of the isorian drones. The plasma support drone is strange too.

        • Seb

          Same wavelength, the theme has not translated to the drones; I mean.. how does one apply a living theme to a inanimate object? (aka machines). The teeth/horns I think need to go.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Because the drones are partially biological

          • Seb

            Oh I get that, but I feel it could have been done without the teeth and horns and still have an organic form. 🙂

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    My boromites look forward to slaughtering them all… After they failed to pay us for services rendered, obviously 😉