GW: New Releases 6-11-2016 “First Looks”


New Start Collecting! Boxes and Lost Patrol go up for Pre-Order this week. Plus, it’s the summer of tanks…

via Games Workshop

Start Collecting! Militarum Tempestus

99120105066_SCAstraMilitarumTempestus01 99120105066_SCAstraMilitarumTempestus02

Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines

99120102059_SCChaosSpaceMarines01 99120102059_SCChaosSpaceMarines02

Lost Patrol

60010699005_LostPatrolENG01 60010699005_LostPatrolENG06 60010699005_LostPatrolENG04

Ultimate Line Breaker Squadron



There are MORE tank bundles on the way – but seriously? 6 Vindicators!? Because 1 Line Breaker Squadron just wasn’t enough…apparently.


There you have it! Sorry Chaos Players. Just don’t forget you’ll get a Familiar, too…

  • Caleb Ridgway

    So why exactly would I want to buy six vindicators with one click? There isn’t even a new formation or discount (as usual…)

    • cheaper to buy 6 from stockists lol

      • Thatroubleshootah

        Just got three used from a guy rage quitting for fifteen bucks each. Thanks, gw, for keeping my hobby costs low!

        • zeno666

          I bet there will be even more cheap 40k stuff on eBay now with the new FAQ and all ­čśë
          Drop Pods for teh w1n! lol!!!

          Thank you GW for helping people get into other more superior games! ­čÖé

          • Shiwan8

            It really is funny how adamantly they insist on making the game worse.

          • That’s not really the case, these are draft FAQ’s so not written in stone its up to you what you use and don’t. Also Games Workshop openly admit its a permissive rule set not a restrictive one so its a case of using rational thinking and mutual agreement with opponents.

          • Shiwan8

            It’s not written in stone ever. It is a case of rational thinking, sure.

          • Exactly so they aren’t making the game worse, just throwing out ideas and seeing what happens. Feedback is key with these FAQ’s so they can see whats working and isn’t.
            The problem is people moan about them on sites such as this and forums instead of actually messaging GW and letting them know their opinions.

          • Shiwan8

            Eh? No. They are the rules explained to the people who have trouble reading the originals right. You can house rule against them but it is house ruling nonetheless.

            GW is not interested in their moans. It’s interested in getting it’s rules understood. There is huge difference.

          • Your majorly wrong there, Games Workshop at every event openly say they want top hear feedback. It was said at this and the year before lasts Warhammerfest when talking to game designers.
            Maybe you aren’t lucky enough to go to these events and get the insight some of us do that go there, but what I have said is factually correct and I hear it every Monday when I speak to Games Workshops HQ these are to gauge player response and do mass play testing.
            Technically the FAQ’s arent that at all. Some are genuine queries that come up and others are setting the rule straight. You are missing the point of the FAQ and why they are drafts not fully “official” yet

          • Shiwan8

            So, they lied to their fans on the official FAQ thereads. Well, it would not be the first time. Your claim needs proving. It is exactly the opposite of what GW has publicly said.

        • am1t

          Does he have any drop pods?

          (joke – LOL)

    • Because PotMS abuse.
      Or really big games?

      • Shawn

        Yes, PotMS. Roll out 12″,shoot out 1 apoc sized cannon blast at S10 AP2 Ignores Cover!

        • Deacon Ix

          An probably why the BA can’t have the Vindicator squadron – Fast Vindis are nasty

      • am1t

        WTF! President Obama has been abused/molested?!?

        Oh wait that’s POTUS … nevermind

  • Gunsheeplol

    The tagline for lost patrol should be “Rumble in the Jungle,” not “Death in the Jungle”

  • Shiwan8

    A while back there was this huge “news” about CSM minis returning to the display cases in WH World. If these things that have been released since then is why they were taken form display I do not think they spent their time with them well.