GW: New Releases 6-18-2016 “First Looks”


The Eldar of both sides are clashing for your wallet this weekend!

via Games Workshop

Start Collecting! Eldar

99120104041_SCEldar01 99120104041_SCEldar02 99120104041_SCEldar04 99120104041_SCEldar05

Start Collecting! Dark Eldar

99120112024_SCDarkEldar01 99120112024_SCDarkEldar02 99120112024_SCDarkEldar03 99120112024_SCDarkEldar06

What, no Mandrakes?! Missed opportunity GW…Okay, that was probably a little mean. Anyhow, these kits are going to run you $85 so you’re still getting quite a deal no matter how you slice it. From the looks of it, I think the Dark Eldar box is the better value of the two, but for Eldar it’s still a decent buy. Getting a Fire Prism and 3 Scatter bikes plus a Far Seer is a really good starting point for a new player or as a seed to start a new army. These are “Start Collecting” boxes after all…


What do you think? How do these two Start Collecting! boxes stack-up in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Djbz

    Definatly don’t like that the Eldar box is Windriders instead of any of their basic foot troops (Guardians/Dire Avengers) like every other start collecting box. (With the weird exception of Tyranids-would of expected some gaunts of some description there)

    • Charon

      Probabky because Eldar are the only ones that get jetbikes as Standard.
      Also they are the newest models in plastic from their Standard choices.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      It’s like “Hey, start collecting this army! Here are a bunch of insanely OP units! Have fun making your friends hate you!”

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s all meant to sell. Include bad units which you can’t/won’t spam to make them go buy better ones (CSM) or include new units that you’ll want to spam because they’re so good (Eldar).

  • Thomas Gardiner

    If I was a GW employee and some kid came in looking to buy the Dark Eldar box to start his first army, I’d honestly be compelled to tell him not to.

    I love the models and fluff, but they are so bad they’re unplayable. It would probably just put the kid off the hobby if his first army was so bad he got tabled every game.

    • Mr_Pickles

      He wouldn’t get tabled if he faced Orks

    • Spacefrisian

      WHAT!!! i cant hear you over the sound of that exploding Titan that i just dropped next to with my webway portal, you need to shout louder.

      • An_Enemy

        Maybe it’s the sound of all your overcosted open topped vehicles spontaneously combusting whenever someone looks at them that’s drowning out the noise?

        Or the joy of wounding T3 models on a 4?

    • Shawn

      Well, take into consideration that the starter set also includes a formation and the formations may make up for some of those perceived deficiencies in the army. Additionally, the starter sets may all be balanced against one another, so that a group of friends, who are just getting into the game, can play without worrying about any unfair advantages. I know, I know, not likely, but it’s still a possibility.

  • TheCrimsonFist

    Not overwhelmed with the Eldar starter selection but the DE box looks perfect for starting an army. would like to see what the detachment special rules are though I will probably buy this anyway…

  • Dan Wilson

    So guys, what formation rules could make this dark Eldar box playable? Vehicles ignore snapshots when jinking + poison 2/3+ within 12″ of archon?

    • Spacefrisian

      The 1 where you arrive t1 or 2 without rolling, where you start as flyer and anyone within 12″ is minus 3 ld and within 6″is minus 6 ld, eg do you want to see Tigurius being sucked up by the warp while he tries to be invisible? (another -1 by gear and any double is perils.)

    • TheCrimsonFist

      I am not sure what the formation rules will be but I don’t think this box was designed to be used by itself.

  • PiotrekEtoo

    Does anyone know any rumors about formation rules for those?

  • J Mad

    I just want to know the formation rules with them 🙁

  • Anti-Gravity