Infinity: New Releases – Xeodron Batroids & More


Corvus Belli is showing off some brand new units headed for the tabletop.

images via Corvus Belli and Warcors

First up, we have the full new releases image for May:



Next up we have shots from Corvus Belli of the new Xeodron Batroids:

“Xeodrons has been created to fight against the Universe’s finest troopers. The Ur Hegemony does not have a limit when it comes to create techno-organic creatures, heroes for the Combined Army, monsters for humanity.

They are the Summit of the Batroid series, with great combat capabilities, and high and mobility and tactical skills. To sum up, they have been built for combat and designed for destruction; the perfect weapon to eradicate any resistance of the Human Sphere.”



To complete the releases, WarCors has two closeups of the last unseen mini for May, the Kosul Assault Pioneers:

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Infinity Store

~Looking good Corvus Belli, looking good!


  • Moik

    Might want some preparation H for those Batroids

  • That Onyx box is amazing, $100 for a totally viable 300 point army of nothing but amazing looking minis… It’s a great time to start Infinity.

    • Shiwan8

      Is this “high end tournament build” viable or “lets get really drunk and throw some dice to see what would happen” viable?

      • WellSpokenMan

        It’s on the low end of for orders, but workable. It’s also a little light on specialists and could probably use a little more synergy. It’s could probably use a little tweaking. On the flip side, if you put the time into learning those units and they’re abilities, you could be very successful with it.

        Infinity doesn’t really have “high end tournament build” It’s a fairly balanced game that rewards experience and skill during the game over list building. They only hard rules for list building is to make sure you have enough orders, and make sure the units you take fit your play style. Pretty much anything can be made to work if you are committed to learning the unit and playing to its strengths. I’ve seen nearly identical lists end up both first and last at a tournament.

        • Shiwan8

          So, in short, they look cool but if you want to have a chance of winning this is not it.

          • No, not at all the case. It has 12 orders, which is fine for Onyx. In short he said, this is about as much of a “high end tournament build” as anything else.

          • Shiwan8

            I’ve familiar enough with the game to know that there is no such thing as perfect balance in it.

          • WellSpokenMan

            They aren’t selling a win button, no. If your opponent plays better than you, you will lose. If you play better than they do, you will win. These are good units, but if you just show up with them, having never played, and try to win a tournament, you will be disappointed.

          • Shiwan8

            The point was that you end up handicapped with these vs. something efficient in which case you do not win simply by being a better player but rather being so much better that their advantage from army list amounts to nothing.

            It’s not an equal footing.

          • WellSpokenMan

            That’s a 40k mindset that doesn’t apply to Infinity.
            You can netlist. You can make spreadsheets. You can try to shove the most “efficient units” from the most “efficient” faction into one list. None of that will get you a tournament win. Maybe a game here and there (I doubt this, but maybe), but not enough to get you a tournament win over 3 or 4 rounds. You win this game on the tabletop, not in the store and not in Excel. If someone is having a hard time, then they need to take a hard look at how they are using their units. In other words, as Infinity players like to say, “it’s not your list it’s you.”

          • Shiwan8

            Roger that. Forums dedicated to that game disagree with you, but not much. There seems to be a consensus that there are bad builds but one would not win with a good one without reasonable skill.

          • WellSpokenMan

            I quit going to the forums for the most part. People tend to whine a lot about how “I can’t win with/without X” The truth is that they don’t want to, or don’t know how to, play the way you need to play to win with/without X. It’s a growing game full of new players, and a lot of them tend to think that the last thing that stomped them (order spam, smoke/MSV2, TAG, remote spam, etc.) completely invalidates their list. I finished dead last in the last tournament I was in, only a month or so after coming within a single dice roll of winning the tournament I was in before that. I might have concluded that my list was bad, but the guy who won the tournament had an almost identical list. It wasn’t my list it was me. I just played badly that day.

            Podcasts like Remote Presence and Mayacast are a better place to get advice. Adam’s blog is pretty good as well. The forums turn into what a friend of mine calls an “echo chamber” where people just parrot advice they’ve heard from others without really evaluating it. There’s some good advice to be had, but it’s hard to separate the two.

          • Shiwan8

            It seems that skill is the major part there, true. It’s not like 40k where marines and eldar rule the tables and the rest are there for reasons I can not fathom. I’m still pretty skeptical on the “it’s all about skill” part. It’s not all about skill even in chess.

          • WellSpokenMan

            There are match ups that are more favorable than others, and you can always get diced, but most of that stuff will even out in the end. Because it’s such a unforgiving game the majority of games come down to who makes the fewest mistakes. That covers up the unit inbalances imo.

          • Shiwan8

            I’ll take your word for it. It’s not like I had any experience.

    • euansmith

      Are there other 300pt boxes available, or is this the first?

      • Heinz Fiction

        To my knowledge this is the first. There are other starter boxes with less content though.

      • Damistar

        Maybe the USAriandna army box?

      • WellSpokenMan

        Not yet, but if this is successful, their will be. Most factions have a starter that lands you at just under half of the standard points level.