40K: The ITC Poll Results Are In!


Reece and Frankie go over the ITC poll results, including votes on Death from the Skies, the GW FAQ, and more!

Don’t have time to listen to the podcast? Understandable, you can also find the poll results here in bar graph form.

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QOTD: Did you vote in the ITC Q2 poll? What do you think of the community maintaining the status quo?

~Personally I feel like a lot of people want to see a full FAQ before they use it in any larger events. Also remember guys there should be another ITC vote AFTER GW publishes a finalized FAQ, and I speculate that the ITC will most likely use all the rules clarifications from it.

  • Tiernoc

    The problem with accepting the Electrodisplacement change (while totally recognizing the issues with deathstars using the ability) is that for any non-invincible star, teleporting to 1″ away from enemy models without the ability to charge means they’re gonna get blasted for a full turn before being able to get into close combat.

    Unless I had a hugely survivable death star (full of 3++ saves or better) or was fighting against a particularly weak shooty army (Nids/Orcs) I can’t see myself using this power.

    • An_Enemy

      A lot of squishy deathstars in your meta?

      • Tiernoc

        Not incredibly so, but a Vindicator’s pie plate or two will wreak bloody havoc on one if it’s left open to some shootin’.

  • lol @ the drop pod question’s result.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      271 people voted wrong.

  • Davor Mackovic

    Oh a video. Not long enough here to see the advertising. Click X fast enough.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The one grenade rule is really controversial. Few people I know like the rule but most admit that vehicles (walkers especially) suffered due to the ability to throw 10+ grenades a turn.

    • Andrew Thomas

      Which was a stupid thing anyway, as that was always a rule and anyone who insisted otherwise was either a munchkin or functionally illiterate.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Throwing more than one grenade makes so much more sense. Why would 9 Space Marines do nothing while one guy there a grenade?

        • Andrew Thomas

          Safety, avoiding unnecessary subsystems and above all, game balance. If every model in a unit can get a Strength 6 attack essentially for free, or the entire squad can make Strength 8 Chain Fist attacks for 25-50 points extra, then what’s the point of equipping a Sergeant with a mere Power Weapon, let alone a clearly inferior Power Fist?

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Since you do not pull punches with assaulting attacks or in shooting, the argument that you are trying to preserve the vehicle falls flat for me.

            Game Balance also falls flat, since it could easily be fixed by getting rid of vehicle rules or returning to the age when models did not come equipped with grenades or an era where grenades could not be used against vehicles.

          • Andrew Thomas

            That’s the way that the rule has always been written, like it, lump it, house rule it away, I don’t care. And they aren’t, “doing nothing,” they’re taking cover, distracting whatever they’re trying to grenade, any of a dozen things that can’t be accurately portrayed through rolling dice. Do you honestly think throwing a grenade is easy, or without risk to the soldiers doing it? I’m not trying to preserve the vehicle, I’m trying to preserve the guys attempting to scrub it.