Mynock Squadron XXIII: Fly WAY Casual – Other Ways to X-Wing

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X-Wing isn’t just a Tournament Game – The Mynock Squadron goes over some new ways to play!

Did you know that you can X-Wing in ways other than tense tournaments wherein crazed competitors engage in savage bloodletting over acrylic shinies? And that these other methods of X-Winging can actually be fun? Moisture Farmer takes command of this episode to remind me of that word…FUN. He leads a discussion of alternatives to the standard 100 point dogfight, and we spend the bulk of our enthusiasm on the terrific (and free!) Heroes of Aturi Cluster cooperative campaign.

[00:00:00] Intros to other ways to play
[00:04:30] FFGs reccomendations: Missions, Wave Restrictions, Furballs and more.
[00:18:55] Hunger Games Variant and Epic Play
[28:12:30] Hangar Bay Format and 2v2 games.
[35:13:00] Random Squad Tournaments
[45:00:00] Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
[01:15:00] Show end and final notes!

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Hunger Games
Star Gladiators
Fab’s Random Squadron Generator
Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
HotAC Video Example with Dallas and Ryan
HotAC Community Work Thread

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Dee Yun
Dallas Parker


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  • Shawn

    I didn’t think any game was just for tournaments. They are played just to have fun and socialize with friends, after all.