Tabletop Spotlight: Armoured Containers


The Tabletop Spotlight is on the Munitorum Armoured Containers!

I was really excited when our Friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over the new Games Workshop Munitorum Armoured Containers. I had seen pics for them all week and was looking forward to actually getting to see them first hand. They did not disappoint:

Let’s hit the basics: You get 3 containers, 9 barrels, and 6 small & 6 large ammo crates at a $50 price point. Now if you’re like me you were hoping these would be $33, but unfortunately that rumor didn’t pan out. It happens and we all move on. However, I will say that the $50 price does seem in line with the rest of the GW terrain kits for what it’s worth. You get 3 identical sprues and they are packed with detail so I can’t complain about the quality of the product at all.

99120199038_MunitorumContainers06The kit does come with rules that you can use if you would like to purchase the items as part of your army. We’ve covered those too, so I won’t tread too deep into those waters. I will say that I probably won’t be using them for my games just because it’s one more thing to keep-up with and I’d rather just use them for other things. What “other things” you ask? Well Objective markers for one.

Those small ammo crates would make excellent objective markers! Slap them on a 40-50mm base, flock it and paint it up and boom, you’ve got a set of 6 (or twelve if you use both the large and small crates) objective markers. And if you don’t think matching themed objective markers adds some spice to your regular games then you really should give it a try. What about the barrels? Well I think they’d make wonderful additions to bases for my Monstrous Creatures – or Flyers, Knights, or really anything on a “Large/Oval” base.

The Containers themselves open-up a lot of modeling options. You could build and paint them as-is – that’s perfectly fine. But what if you cut off the back of a Taurox and plasticarded some wheels on one and combined the two? Well you’d have an awesome looking Big-Rig!

99120105054_Taurox01Conversion time…

You could turn them into train-cars pretty easily. They are shipping containers after all. You could also re-create the shipping container scene from “The A-Team” …I’m not sure how many you’d need, but you COULD do it. There was also talk of making them into a 3D Space Hulk board (which would be SICK). And while you could also carve them up to use as basing materials, GW has the new Large Base Detail Kit which would pretty much do the same thing. Most of us would probably just use them as good old fashioned LoS blocking terrain. That’s A-OK with me.

I really hope GW decides to create more terrain kits like this one. While they did write some rules to use them in game, I would much rather treat them as non-military terrain kits. I think that having plain old shipping containers adds a little bit more of a “groundedness” to the setting. Not everything in the Grim Dark has to be a blown-out building or an ancient gothic inspired super-weapon/fortification/monastery. Then again..these containers do have skulls on them, who am I kidding, right?


Munitorum Armoured Containers $50


The perfect purchase for anyone looking to put some variety on to their Warhammer 40,000 gaming table, the Munitorum Armoured Containers set is a versatile, easy to assemble collection of scenery pieces. Three Armoured Containers, nine Promethium Barrels and twelve Supply Crates are included, which can be freely stacked and arranged in any way you please – use them as cover, break lines of sight, add chokepoints and strategic interest to your games of Warhammer 40,000!

Special Rules are included in the box: take cover behind Promethium Barrels but beware their explosive tendencies, and search Armoured Containers (which can be equipped with storm bolters…) for potentially game-changing items.


What’s in the BOX?!?! Oh…it’s just fruits and veggies.

  • Necky

    $50? i thought for sure they would be $65.

    • Satyan Patel

      Well… Originally posted here with a grainy pic it was stated probably at 33 a piece. Now that would have been a steal. At 50 I bought two boxes to play out the Lethal Weapon scenes along the shipping docks. Pew. Pew.. ah…. pew… pew…

      • Shawn

        All worth it.

  • Sure

    They’re really pushing this product! It’s okay, a regular stream of new articles can’take be free.

  • Shawn

    Adam, I can readily agree with all your points. This terrain kit could be used for a multitude of conversions. However, I will have to say, that I like the rules. especially the +1S to assault and rapid fire weapons. Now my sternguard are running around with better weapons and if memory serves, melta is an assault weapon. That makes melta guns S9! Some tricks-y shenanigans there! This would definitely be fun.
    You could also predetermine the result of the role and just pick. If you’re facing Eldar for instance, the container holds an ancient psyker that was captured and brought back to whatever planet for questioning and the Eldar are there to rescue them. The possibilities are quite fantastic!

  • Moik

    “You could turn them into train-cars pretty easily…”

    I was just skimming the article, haven’t read it yet, but this idea’s worth a like.

    • Moik

      Also: if I get these I’m gonna make a press mould to make into terrain where I only need one face,

  • euansmith

    Shudders… just seeing that Taurox kit again. Whatever possessed them to give is tracks with mudguards. They make no sense, as the tracks are supposed to pivot horizontally to deal with rough terrain. A quick bit of research on Google could have told them that.

    • Admiral Raptor

      Let’s not forget every time you get in or out of the taurox you have have to walk in front of a loaded cannon. :/

      That picture is amazing and fills me with more than a little dread.

  • memitchell

    Remember sitting around the campfire wishing GW would make expensive static boxes with Storm Bolters?