‘Infurnace’ comes to WarZone Fenris


Chaos means to shatter a moon, fleet defences are overrun and Daemons are everywhere. Are the Space Wolves doomed?

via Black Library:

Infurnace $4.99

Though they fight fiercely, the Space Wolves seem doomed. New daemons are manifesting on the worlds of the Fenris system, and in space, Ragnar Blackmane and his uneasy allies seek to regain control of a vital starfort. If they fail, the end may well be nigh.

The stakes continue to be raised, and no one is safe. Can the Space Wolves come back from the brink, or is their future one of damnation? Only one way to find out…


Despite the best attempts of the Space Wolves to protect their home system from Chaos, the battle enters a new level of ferocity when a Khornate daemon manifests itself on the moon of Svellgard. Can Harald Deathwolf and his company contain the daemonic incursion before the moon is ripped apart? And in space, Ragnar Blackmane and Inquisitor de Mornay fight to regain control of a Ramilies-class starfort, for if they cannot reclaim it from the forces of darkness, it must be destroyed.

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~Now when are we getting part two of the 40K Campaign?

  • Moik

    Yo dawg I heard you like pipes, so I put pipes on your pipes so you can pipe while you pipe.

    • Mike Siegmund

      Do they have bags? I like bags with my pipes

    • euansmith

      I guess that, when you are a big, hairy wolf man, a normal underarm deodorant just won’t do the job.

  • euansmith

    Will the Space Wolves survives? Does GW need to sell minis?

    • ChubToad

      Just imagine the intewebz outrage when GW announces the wolves are dead and are now a CSM faction. Now that is the very definition of Chaos!

      • euansmith

        That would actually be really cool. Kind of like a “Red Wedding” moment in Game of Throne; completely blindsiding the fans.

        • Shawn

          I think there would be waaaayyyy to many upset fans. Besides, if CSM wanted to play a space wolf version, they just make up their own chapter and use the space wolf codex. All they need to do is put spikes on flying bawkeses, and spikes on thunderwolves and call it good.

          • euansmith

            Jugger-wolves, assemble!

        • Ian Dangerzone

          It would be awesome. They’re already halfway into Khorne’s grasp anyway.

          • euansmith

            Not Slaanesh? They do like their tummy rubs.

      • Solace

        One can only hope!

        • King Muddah Effin Brandon

          Silence, hipster.

  • JJ

    Aaannnd I’m still just waiting for this to finish so that I can purchase the omnibus.. this drip drip story line thing just annoys me..