Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth: AVATAR



The Creator’s Killing Machine is back with a whole brand new badass re-scuplt and rules in V3

Guest Article by JohnheV

MK3 or new prime Warmachine could show the resurgence in the Avatar of menoth.

The Avatar’s Abilities


Avatar: Stayed the same the still generates his own focus and doesn’t have a cortex.

Menoth’s Gaze: This didn’t change either, you still have to move towards the avatar if he is staring you down.

Sacred Ward: Bad guys ain’t gonna touch him with no spells.

Flame Burst (Burning Wrath): When a model is obliterated by his “big” sword it sets everything on fire in a small radius of the dispatched model.

New Model Sculpt:

He does look a lot less like his taking a number two and much more dynamic with the recent change.  The avatar’s sword is now much bigger and not the toothpick of recent past.  It is a much more imposing model that commands the respect it deserves.


Tactics with Avatar:

The Avatar of Menoth is pretty much unchanged in the new edition (MK3). Most importantly, his point cost is reduced if we assume a 2x increase in point costs and gained a ½ inch threat on his shield. He only had to give up fearless for that to boot.

With premeasuring and the possible changes with MK3 the Avatar will maintain his dominance and may even see a full return to the MK2 glory. Piece trading and having models that can initiate piece trade will be very valuable in the new game. Avatar’s ability to take a few punches, survive, and then pummel it’s unfortunate foe will be even easier with auto repair and the continued +2 damage by the choir.
The other support in the faction will really allow this model to shine adding defenders ward will still make the Avatar a fearsome piece to deal with and allow him to take more punishment before dishing it back out.
I for one cannot wait to get this bad boy back out on the table to cleanse the unbelievers and burn them back to Menoth’s graces.
Hey BOLS what do you think of the Avatar please put your comments below.

  • Kevin Ryan

    Not benefiting from power-up and the increase in jack points really hurt the avatar. Taking an additional 20 points of warjack that doesn’t benefit from battlegroup abilities or spells massively limits the casters you’re taking avatar with. The risk of getting stuck with 2 focus when you really need 3 or 4 also really sucks, especially when in general your caster has more focus to hand out.

    Compared to deathjack or behemoth, taking points into consideration, the ‘new’ avatar is pretty sad.

    • zeno666

      The Vassal can give it focus as well.
      But yes, please Menoth players, stay away from this jack. Don’t use him. At least not against me 😉

      And its about time he got a new sculpt!

  • euansmith

    Model-wise, I think that is just hilarious in a really good way.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha. I’m still torn about jack design, but it is very unique in many cases.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I really like the jack’s look, while power up looks like a detriment, there is still a limit to how many jacks a war caster can handle. Do I see the Avatar making an appearance in small games? No, but in standard size games, sure. Still a power house on demand, still lethal to infantry.

    • zeno666

      Still a lot of control with the Gaze of Menoth.

  • OldHat

    Good to see they didn’t update that butterknife.

    • zeno666

      He can still use it as a paddle 🙂

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    Menoth were pissed off with people confusing angels with angles, so they created this to cover all bases.