Wyrd: Sandeep Desai Preview

Sandeep Desai

Wyrd Games is back with another teaser from the upcoming Ripples of Fate – It’s Arcanist Master Sandeep Desai!

Sandeep Desai 2

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at Sandeep Desai, a new Arcanist Master! Sandeep is from the upcoming book Ripples of Fate.

Sandeep is a support Master that lends his own actions to his crew. Through his own prowess and the skill of his crew, this Academic Master will be leading your Arcanists to victory with the help of his Gamin friends!

Come on over to our forum to vote on which Master is revealed next week!


Not only does this new Arcanist Master toss out his actions like candy to his crew, he can make them (and himself) pretty tough to takedown. He may not be the most deadly but skilled players will certainly be able to cause all kinds of problems for your crew.


What’s your take on the Arcanist’s New Master?

  • zeno666

    I really hope the plastic smoke is optional

    • kaptinscuzgob

      its plastic, you can make it optional with a very sharp knife

      • ZeeLobby

        it’d be nicer if it was still optional. Especially if it’s attached at a fragile point.

    • It’s Wyrd, so probably not.

      • zeno666

        And the smoke is probably made up by three seperate pieces 😉

        • Or four or five…

          <–is still having Steam Trunk flashbacks

          • zeno666

            Oh man. Yeah, I saw a friend of mine assemble that one. The horror.

          • I gave up on getting the tracks right. The drive wheels straight-up do not fit correctly. It’s close enough, and if anyone complains about it I hit them in the face with a Juggernaut in a tube sock until they stop.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    that cowboy is gonna have a huuuuuuge cape

  • Frank

    I need to try pimping Malifaux to the locals again. Used to be a Henchman, but our group just kinda fell apart after the second 1st Edition book.

    Sucks being in a pretty small town with a tiny gaming scene.

    • Well, failing all else, there’s always Vassal.

    • amaximus167

      It is a pretty low buy-in, comparatively, right? I am surprised more people do not play this game. The setting seems cool, the models look so much better now. I never got into it during the original run, when I had a gaming group, because I thought the old metal models looked awful for the most part. Their new plastics though appeal to me a lot.

  • Chris. K Cook

    Nice to see some racial diversity in a miniatures game.

  • Satyan Patel

    Wow… I actually knew a Sundeep Desai in college. Mechanical Engineer though no wizard.