BREAKING: Blood Bowl Models Spotted!

blood bowl-horz

New shots of Blood Bowl are here – come take a look!

News has been trickling in over the last few months – now we get a fresh look at the new models.

Forgeworld’s Open Day is today and Garro is on the case for the community.

Take a look at the latest shots from the event floor 40K fans!

images via Garro (facebook)

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~Lots more from the show floor!Check back soon!

  • Mira Bella

    Really cool stuff. 🙂

  • Allerka

    How exactly does Blood Bowl qualify as 40K?

    • James Ellams

      It doesn’t….

      • Aurelian

        lol look at the url, it says 40k breaking

        • JimOnMars

          URLs are locators, not content titles. Not relevant.

  • paddington

    reikland reavers? skaven? this sounds like it could be set in the old world!

    • Randy Randalman

      That’s because Blood Bowl is set in the Old World.

      • paddington

        originally yeah, but I would have assumed they would have transferred it to some kind of aos setting. will be thrilled if it is the old world though, so much better.

        • gordon ashacker

          Mind you, Stormcast Eternals don’t exactly make for a Blood bowl team……

        • Karru

          Blood Bowl has always existed in its own world. Like a parallel universe type of deal, where instead of killing each other in the battlefield they do it on the pitch. In other words, it’s most likely going to be Old World, even if it wasn’t it doesn’t really matter as the areas outside the pitch were never the focus.

          • Dain Q. Gore

            Exactly! Nuffle rules over them all, even the Ruinous Powers themselves…

      • Speaking to the designers its not set in any world bar its own. Its not a fantasy game its a fantasy sports game.

  • the_wheel_turns

    It looks great and that is annoying because it means they can still produce great stuff. It’s annoying because they’ve then been going out of their way to produce crap recently and there’s no excuse for it.

    • Randy Randalman

      Except Silver Tower was the best boxed set and game they’ve released in decades.

      • zeno666

        That doesn’t say much

    • Badgerboy1977

      Absolute rubbish, they’ve been completely knocking it out of the park recently with their sculpts for both aos and 40k/30k.

      • LordRao

        Yup, agree. The quality of the sculpts is the one thing you can’t really fault GW for.

    • Phil Turner

      Pretty sure you don’t know what you are talking about…..

    • DeathBy SnuSnu

      Don’t worry, they’ll price the game and figures out of the range of all the competitors they now have (how many scifi and fantasy based football games are on the market now) and you can happily ignore the lovely sculpts.

      But seriously. These figures look great to me, because their sculptors have been forced to show some restraint. Restraint in the practical size of the figure (because it has to fit on a base, on a board, surrounded by other figures), and thematically because they represent players in a team, which means they have to have a similar look and amount of detail on them. Imho restraint is exactly what has been missing from GW’s AoS sculpts recently.

      • Ben_S

        Except they made the board bigger apparently to accommodate bigger figures and bases. Sounds like a right pain to me.

        My old board just fits on most tables and is just small enough to reach over. Making the new one bigger seems like a bad move. And these figures will be a right pain to place prone, especially that Skaven with the tail.

        • DeathBy SnuSnu

          Argh seriously? The original Blood Bowl board is not what you’d call a small board to start with!

          • Ben_S

            I’ve not been to the open day or anything, so I’m only reporting second hand. But I heard everything is on 32mm bases now and board squares are bigger (35mm I think?)

          • ZeeLobby

            Ugh. In the grim-dark future or, er, past, there is only gigantism!

          • That is correct

        • Horus84cmd

          I think the 32mm is a great move. The size increase is going to allow for much more dynamic models and help avoid paint chipp-age

          The old board was always a little snug for my liking. It hamper moving players around or placing prone etc.. and made using players on 40mm bases even more fiddley.

          • templarsmonochromata

            Unfortunately the specific reason they did that was so that you wouldn’t feel right using your old team. Better buy a new one in the modern scale, right?

            Wargames should not incorporate planned obsolescence. We shouldn’t be able to catch designers doing it.

          • Horus84cmd

            I highly doubt there will be rules saying you “can’t used old models on smaller bases” or “you must use the the new sized pitch and accessories”

            Can’t help but think that line of thinking is mildly pathetic on your part.

          • Ben_S

            I agree that large models/bases can be an issue, but simply scaling everything up doesn’t seem to solve that – a troll or treeman or whatever will still be large relative to the larger squares (especially if the BB treeman is anything like the new AoS one!)

          • Horus84cmd

            True enough the base size will continue to be a issue, but it should be less of one with a large position square size.

            There’s a video on FW FB page from the event and the lead designer (i forget his name) mentions they are really touching the rules as they are really solid. They have just added new Star Players and extra “optional” layer of rules for a little more fun. It is possible, perhaps, they will have Big Guys take 4 squares rather than 1?

            Haha yeah massive treeman! Move, stretch and touchdown! Can’t see that size happening but who knows….

    • Fungrim

      Great satire.

    • Marky

      Whoops, this was meant to be a reply about silver tower post below….

      I went in to buy it and thought it wasn’t that good… So I left without buying.

      I also got a lot of angry nerds telling me that I couldn’t have bought it b4 the release on the comments thread – which I found funny cos I had just been in Edinburgh GW and they had just offered to post it to my house if I bought it (I’m on holiday)..

      Missed this open day even though I was near Nottingham, didn’t know there would be anything good at it (thought it might be a 40k fest… Or worse)

  • Dog

    whens it out???

    • Ben_S

      In time for Christmas from what I’ve heard.

  • Old zogwort

    I just finished my meganobz. Sorry boyz you are too late

  • Commissar Molotov

    Like the Humans and Skaven, but I don’t like that Dwarf at all.

    • Niklas Persson

      Found the elgi.

    • Marky

      The think the humans hands are a bit spikey, but nothing a scalpel won’t fix.

      I will buy them anyway

      • Marky

        …..I will buy pretty much anything fantasyesque that is like the old gw stuff I enjoyed.

        Eg not 40k in the past

  • 3dken


  • Gunther Clone C

    Yay! Skaven! Now I have to actually start looking into this. 😛

  • Ben_S

    Are these 32mm slotta bases? Is so, we might soon see more things moved to 32mm bases – Genestealers for one?

    • It is 32mm slot bases, from what Andy Hoare told me on Sunday

  • Horus84cmd

    Whoop, really excited by the prospect of this renewal of Bloodbowl and by the looks of thing it will be out by the end of the year!

    All the pictures of the new pitch, accessories and models appear to be the top-notch quality I’d expect from FW (and by extension GW).

    It won’t bother me either way, but hopefully we will find out soon whether Bloodbowl will be direct-only through FW or also available in GW stores.