40K: Horus Heresy Plastic Boxes (At Last!)


At long last the rumorsphere says that a set of plastic Horus Heresy boxed sets are here this week!



via Warseer’s felwether 7-4-2016 


Plastic Heresy marines are up for pre order on July the 9th. These are the sprues from BaC repackaged in individual boxes as was rumoured some time ago.

Mark IV Space Marines £ 30.00 / € 39.00

Cataphractii Terminators £ 40.00 / € 52.00

Contemptor Dreadnought 35.00 / € 46.00

Space Marines Heroes £ 30.00 / € 39.00


There has been talk of these showing up since Betrayal at Calth shipped last November.  Early rumors from as far back as January placed these as appearing in May, but it looks like they missed the mark by 2 months.


There are no images of the bixes as of yet (give it time), but this looks like the launch of the plastic Horus Heresy line at long last for GW, and in hte opinion of BoLS, not a minute too soon.  For those who need a reminder, here’s the sprues in question from Betrayal at Calth.

Betrayal at Calth Heroes

calth-030-F calth-029-F

Betrayal at Calth Contemptor Dreadnought

calth-028-F calth-027-F

Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii Terminators

calth-026-F calth-025-F

Betrayal at Calth Mk.IV Maximus Marine Squad

calth-024-F calth-023-F

I can’t wait to see these the boxes, and to at last to see plastic Heresy products on the shelves!


Betrayal at Calth Miniatures, Review & News


~ So how fast do you think these will fly off the shelves?




  • Ross Allan

    Anyone else got a gut feeling it’ll be a more flexible Contemptor Kit, with this one remaining in the boxed game? I mean, just compare the sprue layout.
    It’s a nice model like, but a disappointing kit.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      would explain the delay if they reworked the kits a bit

    • euansmith

      Indeed, £35 for a monopose ‘bot seems a bit steep.

      • monopose, but you can switch the arms for FW pieces. might need a bit of work, but a lot better than the real monopose hellbrute from Dark Vengeance.

        • euansmith

          Also I guess it is possible to saw through the waist and the hips to give a bit of play; but the knees look like a pain to articulate.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I sawed through the legs at the hip joint and got a decent running pose quite easily.

        • Ross Allan

          That’s one of my suspicions about it really. Hellbrute ins DV is fine as is, because there’s a ‘proper kit’ version available. And given the Contemptor’s appeal, I just can’t see such a basic kit being released, spesh not for £35!

        • Krycis

          Only if you are willing to convert it.
          FW arms don’t come with shoulders so it requires a decent amount of work.

          • ah. I see the problem. I stand corrected, although considering the plastic dread comes with 2 right arms, there might be possibilities to give him something else than a multi melta or an assault canon.

    • Old zogwort

      Mono poses are there to give us the joy of making our own conversions.

      • Damistar

        All the Dreadnoughts used to be monopose, once upon a time.

    • JP

      $56ish for a dread with only two weapon options is pretty ballsy even for GW. Hopefully it’s an actual kit with options ala the Helbrute release. Otherwise I sense they’ll be gathering dust on the warehouse shelves for a long time.

  • ILikeToColourRed

    when Calth comes with 30 mk4 Marines, i cant see people buying these

    • Rainthezangoose

      Agreed the prices are waaaay off. Unlike GW eh?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        yep, the prices all seem about £10 too much, and the ‘heroes’ about twice what it should be. Crazy.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Calth was priced to sell a large volume.

      Calth is also out of production, so whatever is out there, is out there. Eventually it will dry up.

      • Loki Nahat

        since when is it out of production? It’s available in all stores and online to order, I’m not saying it’s not “oop” but, well, evidence would be good

        • It is out of production, and GW is down to its last hundreds for independents

          • Loki Nahat

            certainly doesnt look like it, a new GW store opened up last week in Hong Kong, with ample supply, again, I’m not saying it isn’t oop, but you’ve provided no evidence, and all viewable evidence points to it NOT being oop… so your turn…

          • I can tell you this is fact! I work for a independent stockists and that is the word from our Rep at GW when we ordered 5 in last month. It has always been stated as a limited run game.

    • Spacefrisian

      I dont care for 30 marines, i just want a Contemptor Dread.

      • Krycis


  • jcdent

    MK IV helmet (or the Scorp helmet as I like to call it) is the most futuristic one. I’d love to see some plastic MK II or MK III kits, tho. Those are wonderful.

    • Alpharius

      I don’t think plastic can handle those marks to satisfaction, too much detail in the bends. Just look at the knees.

  • Old zogwort

    And only ~30% more expensive then ebay resellers of the calth box. This is a steal ;_)

    • el_tigre

      More than that I’d say. Maybe I was lucky but I picked up the termies for £20(ish) and the dreadnaught with both characters for less than that.

      • Thatroubleshootah

        I bought the calth set on ebay for 95 bucks

  • Emprah

    30 for two leader models? Come on GW, that’s bad and you know it!

    • MPSwift

      It’s £30 for the 2 praetors on FW and most of the plastic monopose characters are £15-20 each… not justifying the cost, still expensive but it’s predictable. As with all of these it comes down to volume sold; injection mould tools are incredibly expensive so for products that people are only going to be buy 1-2 of the cost needs to be higher to recoup investment, hence why they’re the same cost as the tactical marines who people will likely buy 4-6 of, if not more.

      • Emprah

        I know, but they could simply make one huge mold with all heroes in it and just cut it up and sell it in pieces to circumvent that problem.

        • MPSwift

          It’s not necessarily that easy. The large the mould, the large the block of aluminium required, that alone adds a ton of cost, then you’re machining a more complicated pattern into it to get the right flow lines and cooling channels to ensure the mould fills and cools properly. And the mould has to be heated, the more material, the more expensive it is to heat and subsequently cool. Plus a large heavy mould is more expensive and difficult to remove/install from the machine which adds additional cost to the production run.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            how do Renedra manage to do good casts of small runs for many other companies at a fraction of the price?

          • MPSwift

            If they’re small casting runs then they are likely using a different material for their mould tools, something less hard wearing than an aluminium or a steel; such as a polyjet 3D printed mould. Perfectly capable of doing runs up to a few hundred as long as the material isn’t too abrasive and a fraction of the cost of an aluminium mould tool.

            EDIT: Also, if they’re supplying them to other companies then their sole overheads are going to be based around manufacturing. GW also have to cover the cost of the design, development, manufacturing engineering, mould tool development, packaging, shipping, retail, staff etc.

    • Shatterclaw

      The characters models from the last Space wolves release are 30 each for a small mono pose kit.. getting two hero’s all be it also mono pose for 30 dose make it a better deal.. and puts it in the price range of the plastic dark elder figs.

      • Thatroubleshootah

        Two inch tall models for thirty bucks is a discount, not a deal.

  • Deacon Ix

    I need another 20 marines and 5 termis, £100 for them seperatly which is the prive of another calth box…

    • Dan Wilson

      Another ten marines, a contempor and two characters for the same price, looks like the obvious answer is another Calth.

      • Deacon Ix

        I have come to the same conclusion 😀

  • Charon

    As the Calth Box is still available, I cant see a reason to buy 3 units of Space Marines, when the box gives me the same number + the heroes + the contemptor + the cataphractii for the same price…

  • Zack Seiders

    Now lets hope the csm can actually use these models. “fluff for contemptor dread nought is that unlike the chaos dead nought and the hell brute… the follower of chaos ACTUALLY wants to be stuffed into one of these things.

  • pokemastercube .

    well FWneed to get on and re-do how they sell their contemptor parts like they did with the weapon and body parts.

    otherwise i just need MKIV assault marines and i’ll be happy

  • Shiwan8

    So, buy the box, sell leftovers 50% off and get what ever you wanted almost for free.

  • nurglitch

    It’s a pity those Terminators don’t have a Reaper Autocannon.

  • Lord_Summerisle

    At those prices? How about “nope”?

  • Dan Wilson

    Given the quality of the marines, 30 for ten is just about reasonable, in line with the new tau fire warrior/ breacher combo box. But 40 for five terms is just too much. 5 for 35 would bring them in line with the stormcast heavy infantry at least.

  • Tommy Walker

    Seeing that I still have some Dark Vengeance minis on sprues, I’d say that my 40K excitement has waned a bit. Years ago, these Horus Heresey minis would have been in my collection. Today, not so much…