40K RUMORS: More Betrayal at Calth Sequel Info


More tidbits continue to come in for the Follow-up to last year’s Betrayal at Calth – come see the lastest rumors!

We already had rumors at the contents of the box. And then we had some more sources back-up those rumors. Well the rumorsphere isn’t letting this one go just yet. One of the more accurate Rumormongers out there had this to say earlier today:


via Sad Panda 7-29-2016

“Q: If there are Space Wolves in it, Sad Panda has not mentioned them yet.

A: Yes. There will be Space Wolves (and in heresy colors they absolutely own those MKIII).”



I think it might be time to order some of those MKIII shoulder pads from Forge World…

Space Wolves Mk III Shoulder Pads £10



Rumor Round-up so far:

seasalt4Apply as needed

Here is what we are hearing so far from multiple sources:

  • The new boxed game is coming later this year.
  • The game’s setting and theme is the Battle for Prospero.
  • Look for plastic contents on par with Betrayal at Calth
  • Combatants are described as Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves  and “others”

Here is the list of minis in the box from industry insiders:

  • Tartaros Terminators x5
  • Tartaros Terminator Officer
  • Mk3 Breacher Marines x10
  • Mk3 Breacher Officer
  • Mk3 Assault Marines x10
  • Mk3 Marines  x10


What do you think? Will this be a “Battle for Prospero” based game or do you think it could be something else entirely?

  • Firemind

    I REALLY hope this is something else, perhaps akin to the battle for phall some people mentioning. While im not expecting exclusive minis for the thousand sons or wolves, the idea of the box not having the SoS or the custodes takes a lot of the atractive off from this set.

    • Brian Griffith

      This rumor roundup seems to leave off Sad Panda very recently confirming Custodes and Sisters of Silence in it.

      As such, I imagine that’s BoLS’ flub, not Sad Panda’s.

    • Deez

      Maybe Custodes and SoS will end up being their own entities? Expansions for the game? It seems to be the route of board games these days. Release the core game to get people into it. Then release separate factions and scenarios to broaden the game and add replay value. It’s a crapshoot at this point. Rumors are just rumors until something solid is released.

      • Firemind

        Of course of course, it can all end up like the new tyranid codex some people were mentioning a while back, rumored for april this year…and well, here we are : )

  • Neal Laxman

    Assume it will be another board game? Wonder if it will be compatible with BaC with interlinking boards or something…

    If the case is it is a board game again, maybe mk3’s versus termies and maybe the assault?

    • georgelabour

      That makes a bit of sense if this is true.

      Have any of the novels shown the Vlka Fenryka wearing terminator armor?

      • MPSwift

        Prospero Burns and 1k Sons both do. Gunnar Gunnhilt (Lord Gunn) is described as wearing it I think.

    • Brian Griffith

      According to what we’ve heard, not compatible with Betrayal at Calth, and developed independently, but definitely another board game.

      It’s their way of stealthily building a whole plastic Heresy line.

      • euansmith

        That seems weird that games wouldn’t have some sort of crossover beyond being a source of 30k models.

        • Brian Griffith

          Mostly seems that Warhammer Quest is the only one so far they have long-term plans for. Blood Bowl will be the next, and Necromunda after that.

          But yeah, multiple reliable rumormongers, Sad Panda and Hastings among them, have said that both the Heresy games were created independently of each other, and indeed were developed at about the same time as each other.

          • memitchell

            Betrayal at Calth is the best of the contemporary boardgames. Don’t know why they wouldn’t expand on it. But, Calth treats Assault the same as ranged combat, with some different weapons. I can see how a game that emphasizes Assault troops could be significantly different.

      • Neal Laxman

        Hey if it works right?

        I doubt many will moan about this sneaky way to introduce more HH!

  • Thatroubleshootah

    Will this be a useful set if you don’t play space wolves or thousand Suns? I’m thinking of using my calth sets to do dark angels

    • euansmith

      It seems a bit short sighted for them to bring out Chapter Specific minis, rather than making generic ones and then being able to sell resin bits afterwards.

      • Brian Griffith

        Yeah, I fully expect that even the characters will lack legion markings, just like Betrayal at Calth.

        • euansmith

          I hope so.

          • Ian Bush

            Seeing how successful Calth was, this is definitely the case, however Calth did come w Ultramarine and Word Bearers decals for those that want to play it as those legions.

      • Talos2

        I can’t see why they couldn’t do the legion specific details as bits you add on, like dark elf shields. Other than lost after sales of course

  • Shiwan8

    Ok. Now. Who cares what the factions are. These are minis for horus heresy.

  • Shawn

    I really hope they introduce Breacher Marines to 40k, that way I can actually by the Iron Hands Breacher Squads and use them, since there are like no ships/walls etc to actually breach in 40k. Unless you want to count the fact that the solid walls of ruins are suddenly impassable, thanks to a stupid FAQ.

    • MPSwift

      I think the rules for using Boarding Shields is in one of the Badab books.