AoS: New Warscroll Battalions Spotted


The Sylvaneth, Stormcast and Bloodbound Start Collecting sets have new Warscroll Battalions – Come see what they are!

We know that each Start Collecting set is coming with a new Warscroll Battalion (aka Formation) for their faction. Now we’ve gotten a sneak peak at 3 out of 5:

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Sylvaneth Warscroll Battalion – Heartwood Host

Sylvaneth Heartwood Host

This Battalion is super regen for all the units. The Branchwych and Treelord both get a lost wound back for free and the Dryads get an entire model back that was slain earlier – that’s not too shabby!

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Khorne Bloodhbound Warscroll Battalion – Murderband


Re-rolling to wound can be very, very helpful. He can also still use his other Bloodfuelled Prayers (Blood Boil & Blood Bind). Basically the Bloodpriest can buff your units and either cause mortal wounds to an enemy or make them run towards you (so you can then charge them). Making the enemy get within charge range and then letting your units re-roll to wound seems pretty good to me!

Stormcast Eternals Warscroll Battalion – Blessed Host


Guess who just got their armor “powered-up” – The Stormcasts have gotten one step closer to becoming Space Marines with a 3+ save now. I’m actually okay with this however – it helps define them as different from the Chaos Warriors (who are more “killy”) by being more defensive. Not that Stormcasts aren’t also killy…they just don’t have quite as many re-rolls to hit and/or wound as some of the Chaos units.

Start Collecting! Sylvaneth $85


Start Collecting! Stormcast Eternals $85


Start Collecting! Khorne Bloodbound $85



What’s your take? Which Battalion do you like the best?

  • Michael Van Eeckhoute

    The Slaughterpriest is such a fun unit to use ^^ Opponent camping in some terrain? Dont think so, make em walk right toward your battleline :p

  • Frank Krifka

    That Sylvaneth Battalion is brutal. Dryads already being great tarpits now replace lost models? ouch.

    • ChubToad

      Woohoo. I mean… ok I’m sold. I’m starting sylvaneth.

      • ZeeLobby

        The new Space Marines of AoS!

        • ChubToad

          More like Branch Marines…

          • ZeeLobby

            I like Birch Marines!

          • Beefcake the mighty

            They are already just a pauldron manufacturer that dabbles in putting figures under them.

        • Frank Krifka

          wait, why is that?

          • ZeeLobby

            I’m just assuming that each new release will slowly unbalance the game, as is traditional GW style. I’ll be happy to be surprised though. I wonder if these came with points.

          • Frank Krifka

            Ah I see what your saying.

            Still, have you read any of the stuff from the Sylvaneth battletome? The battalion rules are pretty much in line with everything else power-wise; most of the Sylvaneth items, command abilities and tactics are already pretty healing-focused.

            And it doesn’t look any more powerful than any of the other battalion stuff. Slaughter priests are already brutal and rerolling wounds on skullcrushers will hurt like hell. The Stormcast bonus seems meh at first, but it’s essentially a free mystic shield on 4 units. which actually is a decent bonus to an army that doesn’t have in faction access to wizards.

          • EnTyme

            Well, until the battalions get points, they aren’t technically “legal” in Match Play, so no need to panic yet.

          • ZeeLobby

            Very True. My concern is that it seems like EVERY box released has another set of rules in it. I mean how long until they need to build a super compute to try to keep things level. It just strikes me as odd that they seem unable to release a miniature or combo box set that doesn’t come with a rule in it.

          • rtheom

            Once you go beyond the “self contained” state for games, true balance is really pretty impossible. When you allow freedom to build your “team” how you want, it becomes nearly impossible to account for all of the possible combinations.

        • Beefcake the mighty

          More Space Marines in AoS? It’s already just 40k with a gentlemans agreement not to use bolters.

  • Christie Bryden

    no word on the ironjawz?

    • Ross Allan

      Deyz Ded ‘Ard, an’ Ironjawz Neva Looz.

      As long as any model from this Battlalion remains on the board, your opponent can claim no more than a draw.

      Yes. I made this up. Yes. I would love for it to be real. No, I have no shame!

  • Matt Razincka

    I assume these will have point values somewhere, somehow. I wonder how they will handle that?

  • Sebastien Bazinet

    That Sylvaneth french translation lol!

  • Borwol

    ive got question. Do battions combine? Im thinking about one treelord beeing part of few battalions and taking bonuses from all of them.

    • rtheom

      No, the rules specifically say that a model can only ever be part of one Warscroll Battalion, unless of course it is a Battalion that is made up of Battalions, in which case, each model will only get the overarching battalion bonus and its own battalion bonus.