AoS Reborn, 40K’s Future, X-Wing & More!



Time to start your week off right with everything you missed this weekend! Let’s get started:

GW: New Releases July 2nd “Pricing & Links”

Pre-orders for GW are out – It’s Sylvaneth and a few Game-changers this week from Games Workshop!


AoS: General’s Handbook – First Looks

Come take a look inside the covers of this new game changer – It’s the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook!


Season of War Banner Facebook crop

AoS: Season of War Summer Campaign Info

The Summer Campaign for Age of Sigmar is heating-up – Come see the latest info for Season of War!


40K: Daemon Primarchs & New Edition

One of the industry’s best rumormongers is talking all about where 40K is headed.



X-Wing: New FAQ Winners & Losers

  The new X-Wing: The Miniatures Game FAQ has gone live, whats changed, whats good, what got hit so hard with the nerf bat that people are quitting.


Pathfinder: New Summer Releases

Check out what new adventures are afoot!


AoS: The Generals Handbook is a STEAL!

1 year on, GW reboots Age of Sigmar with a deal so cheap it’s hard to believe!

~Alright- on with the 4th of July!



  • JP

    A compilation of old articles?

    • Davor Mackovic

      Which is good, not everyone comes here every day, someone could have missed something. Like the X-wing FAQs, I missed that.

      • JP

        Except that articles get dumped on here with such absurd speed that this compilation will be off the front page is as little as 1 – 2 days. So it really doesn’t help that much.

      • ZeeLobby

        Which would TOTALLY make sense if you know, they put like review in the title or something..

    • Karru

      I don’t see a problem with this, it’s good to have and anyone who is old to this site knows when it’s a compilation.

      • ZeeLobby

        I still think their whole article naming convention is off. Why not label an article like this “Weekly Review” or something.

    • Damien Coté

      Actually it is a great help to me. It enabled me to enact my playground style hissy fits about all the garbage articles that are just podcasts but are not labelled so.

      Now when I click on an article that is a pod cast but is not labelled, I abstain from coming to this site for a whole week. Since you cannot complain to them as they just ignore you and delete it, this is the best way to protest. Now these compilation of old articles just make it that much more easier to boycott them for a week.

      I can’t wait till this comment is deleted because if all of us started doing this, they’d start losing a lot of ad revenue as a whole week of no clicking from a big chunk of people is quite the loss. Then we just go to these compilations to catch up on what we missed.

    • Damien Coté

      Also… see you next week… I got fooled again…