AoS: Season of War – The First WAAAGH!

Orruks Art horz

Gordrakk has called a WAAAGH! for the Season of War – Destruction is getting BUFF!

via Games Workshop (Age of Sigmar Facebook)


“Warlords of Destruction, your time is now:

Join the battle today and report your results at your local store: HERE!”

Wondering where to find the rules for the Destruction Battle Trait? You’re probably going to want to swing by your FLGS and take a look at the General’s Handbook if you don’t own a copy.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook $25


In the mean time – Destruction players get out there and start STOMPIN’ – You guys have a lot stacked against you so make your battles count!


Underdogs? – that just means there’s lots of fightin’ to be had!

  • ZeeLobby

    So is this because destruction is underpowered? Or just underrepresented? I’d be curious to see the actual results behind their circles.

    • kloosterboer

      There’s been faction rules all this week. I think it’s just a way to keep things interesting.

      The rules expire within a day or so of posting, so they must be intended for people already owning the factions, rather than encouraging new blood into them.

  • Alexander Slizewski

    They’re just doing it because they see Death and Destruction are underperforming compared to Order and Chaos. In truth, they are not underpowered; rather, simply more people play Order and Chaos and have much larger representation in the campaign as a result.

    I wouldn’t know from statistics or anything though; I’m just making a logical guess. At my local FLG the very large majority play chaos so ­čśŤ

    • Austin Becht

      At my shop, the majority players are Order or Death, so the two keep flip-flopping for first place. While the Destruction Players are good, and win all their games, they are just grossly outnumbered. As for chaos…well, the guy playing the majority of the Chaos games sucks, to put it simply…

      The other major problem is that you could play an Order V Order, or Death V Death game, or so on, and report it, meaning your side gains a point no matter what. So when they aren’t playing eachother, Death and Order are playing amongst themselves.

      • Alexander Slizewski

        I actually find that very interesting; it’s a rarity for me to see any death players, and it’s refreshing to hear that people are choosing to play them over the other factions. Hopefully one of your players has a zombie army; the shinanigans you can pull within all the buffs in under a thousand points is amazing to say the least.

        The one guy who plays death at my FLG is ironically a tomb king player who’s been reaping a number of wins; I guess as a veteran he’s out for revenge against his army getting squatted. But with the number of chaos players, we drastically outnumber him. Same with order; and destruction is also decent, but not enough players. And at our FLG, if an order army goes against another order, or so on, the winning result is considered a draw; as order loses part of the battle but subsequently wins, making it mute.

    • Randy Randalman

      Each Alliance has been getting these special buffs throughout the campaign. They are temporary and bear no reflection of overall performance.

      Ultimately, it’s a numbers thing. There are so many armies that now belong to Order, while a lot of new players jumped into the Stormcasts right away.