AoS: Season of War Website LIVE


The Season of War summer campaign website is up and running – find your store and get involved!

Games Workshop is going full tilt with the Season of War summer campaign. Tomorrow marks the first ever Warhammer Age of Sigmar Campaign and with it comes to help shape the history of things to come. No matter what happens lots of games will be played and players will be talking about the outcome for years. Games Workshop has rolled out a new map to show what the war effort is looking like for all sides involved:

Season of War map1

They also had this to say about the website:

via Games Workshop (Age of Sigmar Facebook)

Season of War Website

“The Season of War website is now live! Take a look, find your nearest participating store, and get ready for the first ever Warhammer Age of Sigmar global campaign.”

Season of War Website

To find out which stores in your area are registered enter your city or postcode and participating stores will pop-up. Each week the stores will have a new mission for you to play and you can play as many games as you like. If you’re more of a hobbyists, you can still get points for your side by painting new units. Your local store will have more details about how that works.

Only stores can report results! This is a big change from previous global campaigns that have been run by GW in the past. The map will update as stores start reporting so you’ll be able to see the overall progress of the war effort. If you want your battles to count you’ve got to get involved with your local stores!

This is a pretty exciting time to jump into Age of Sigmar with both feet. With the Global Campaign getting started and the General’s Handbook coming out, it really does feel like fresh start.


Are you ready for this Season of War?

  • ZeeLobby

    Syked to see how well this does. The narrator in that video is pretty funny as well. Sounds like me if I had made the attempt. Kind of wish the map had more detail. It’s very high level. Any idea if they plan on expanding it?

  • Xodis

    Im excited for this and the sudden surge of interest AoS has received in my area. Should be a fun summer!

    • Ross Allan

      What I’m most interested to see is at what points level the game ‘normalises’ at. The current ‘yeah take whatevs’ makes that much harder to judge.

  • We went from 5 players last fall to 29 players right now.

  • Dongmaster

    Crap… That is some seriously cool stuff.

  • dave long island

    They traded The Old World for this???

    • vlad78


  • Richard Mitchell

    ” it really does feel like fresh start.” I really don’t get this site sometimes. Whether AoS is good or bad, you give it unbiased even evaluation . A better sentence would be “After a release that most people within the gaming have felt was incomplete, AoS is receiving structure and organization”.

    When you say “I really does feel like a fresh start” you make AoS sound less like a miniature game and more like the abusive husband who is really making a change. At that point you are no longer a consumer, you are drinking the Kool-Aid.

    That said, I really don’t get this site. I come to it for neutral news on gaming and every time its an ad space. Other games get hard reviews but with AoS, it got damage control articles, now it gets come on GW is sorry articles, and when releases come out and are expensive it is a what a deal article.

    I don’t mind you propoganda’ing me, but if you are going to do it treat me like I am special. Try harder and less desperate.

    • Douglas Burton

      Never come to Bols expecting a neutral stance on anything Games Workshop related. That’s the first thing you have to throw out the window when you read their articles.