Horus Heresy: Legion Astartes Codex Updates


Black Blow Fly reporting the major new changes to Legion Astartes for the Horus Heresy – CONFIRMED!

Thanks to Garro for his putting this list together and sharing. 🙂

Get ready Primarchs and Praetors – the brand new updated and Legion Astartes “Codex” has tons of major changes.  The Horus Heresy won’t be the same. Let’s dive right in: NOTE: Editor’s notes in red



The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List is a 144 page hard back book containing the complete profiles, special rules and wargear, compiled and updated, for all Space Marine Legion armies in Horus Heresy games using the Battles in the Age of Darkness gaming expansion for Warhammer 40,000. This book contains the unit profiles 65 units, from Command units and Troops, such as Legion Tactical Squads, to vast fortifications and devastating super-heavy units like the Stormbird, each available all Space Marine Legion armies including new units such as the Legion Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron.


The New Edition Changes

Age of Darkness Rules Changes
– The ‘imperial armour units in age of darkness games’ rule has been replaced. Instead of ‘any unit’ it is now a fixed list of units.
– Clarification of having multiple characters with the ‘must be warlord’ rule. Simply put, you can’t. Only Primarchs override this.
– Tank squadrons have command tank upgrade which is +10pts over old price
tanks with pintile-mounted options have Multi-meltas added for same price as Havoc launcher.

HQ Choices
– Moritat chain fire rules updated to include the overheat rules from the jan 2016 FAQ. ~Look for plasma/vulkite pistols to be the new combo of choice.
legion command squad base cost is -25 pts
– Additional LCS members are -5 pts

Elites Choices
– Veteran tactical squads -25 pts to base cost ~Much needed, these were well overcosted previously
– Veteran Marines are -3 pts each
– VTS has additional weapons from FAQ added
– Techmarines are -10 pts each base
– Servo-automata has heavy bolter, multi-melta, and missile launcher added to their wargear options
apothecarion detachment has list of units removed, may join any unit will ‘legiones astartes’ rule that isn’t in terminator armour or have the daemon rule
– Apothecarion detachment can purhcase jump packs and SM bikes, allowing them to join like equipped units. ~This will help mobile elements quite a bit.
– Dreadnoughts all have +1 attack (to base 3) as per FAQ
– Volkite culverins in contemtpor dreads replaced with the twin-linked version
– Legion rapier squads thudd guns only have frag rounds to start with. May purchase additional rounds as in Book 6, including phosphex ~UGH thudd gun phospex is going to be UGLY…

Troops Choices
– Legion tacticals squads are -25 pts base
– Legion assault squads are -75 pts base ~Desperately needed, jump packs were seriously overcosted previously.
– Additional assault Marines are -2 pts each
– Breacher squad -25 pts base
– Additional Breacher marines are +5 pts each
– Tactical support squad can take additonal close combat weapon for 2 pts; rotor cannon and volkite charger upgrades are now free upgrades
– Reconnaissance squad is -25 pts base

Dedicated Transports
– Legion dreadnought drop pods are +35 pts

Fast Attack
– Legion Seekers are -20 pts base
_ A dditional marines are +5 pts
– Sunfury missiles on Lightning is +10 pts
– Kraken missiles are +10 pts
– Phosphex bomb cluster -10 pts
– Electromagnetic bomb charges are -10 pts
– Tarantulas are +5 pts each
– Tarantula squads lose forward deployment
– Dreadclaw drop pods +15 pts
– Dreadclaw listed as only carrying regular and contemptor dreads, not Leviathan or Dreadeo types
– Landspeeders are -10 pts each
– Hunter killer missiles are -5 pts each now
– Javelins are -20 pts each
– Javelins gain strafing run USR
– Units attacking a Javelin in close combat suffer a -2 to hit while it isn’t immobilsed

Heavy Support
– New jetbike unit
– Just regular jetbikers with multi-melta as basic, base squad is +30 pts over normal jetbike squad
– May only go to 5 men in total, additional jetbikes are +15 pts over normal jetbikes
– May upgrade to volkite or plasma for cost, all of the squad must be the same
– May take sergeant upgrade
– Deathstorm drop pod has automated weapons rule, basically old rule of automatically shooting all units within range (enemy or friend) when it arrives
– LR Phobos is -25 pts
– LR Proteus is -20 pts
– Land Raider Achilles can take thudd gun ammos same as rapiers, at same price
– Achilles-Alpha can take additonal ammo types
– Vindicators are now squadrons as in Book 6 with additional rules from FAQ
– Spartan is +10 pts
– Laser destroyers are free upgrades on Spartan
– Flare shield is +20 pts ~Let’s be honest, the flare shield was too good.
– Sicaran Venator may take second pintle-mounted weapon
– Sicaran is +30 pts and can take a pintle mounted weapon
– Kharybdis is -25 pts
– Deredeo dreadnought has third arm option, heavy lascannon option S10, AP2 heavy 2, Exoshock
– Exoshock – if a hit scores a penetrating hit, then on a 4+ a second automatic pen is caused ignoring cover
– Whirlwind Scorpius can take pintle-mounted weapons
– Malcador is now heavy support with -25 pts base cost ~Nice, that more than makes up for the Flare Shield increase!
– Battlespeed now allows it to fire its main weapon (top turret) at full BS skill before or after moving flat out
– Malcador is 1-3 in squadrons
– Malcador receives wider range of wargear selection covering basic stuff like pintle-mounted weapons

Lords of War
– Typhon is +45 pts base
– Falchion is +25 pts
– Falchion can take a neutron wave capacitor which adds the ‘feedback’ and ‘shock pulse’ special rules to its Volcano Cannon

Rites of War
– Orbital Assault – dreadnought and contemptor talons can take dreadclaws or dreadnought drop pods even in talons of 2 or 3
– Rapier batteries can take drop pods

~ I would like to note the new “codex” is £32, and will get you into Horus Heresy gaming right away.  That’s basically the cost of a normal codex. 


  • Corey Kershaw

    Lots of good changes that make more things playable, most notably assault squads.

    • Daniil Osudin

      i also love the command squad and veteran squad points decrease

      I wanted to use them anyway, but now its even better.
      Also MSU seeker squads are much better

  • Shiwan8

    If this makes the armies internally more balanced I’m all for it. What I do not get is the dreadclaw cust bump. It’s just a regular drop pod with slight advantage on positioning. Other than that it’s not going to survive long enough to make use of it’s other abilities so maybe 60p would be the appropriate cost.

    • I think it’s a dreadnought tax?

      • Shiwan8

        Dreadclaw…only….? Why not normal DP?

        • It’s a flyer with hover mode? That’s actually huge. that’s one unit of three dreads arriving anywhere. and it’s an assault vehicle as well. There is no escape.

          • Shiwan8

            It comes down like a DP. It is shot to pieces that turn almost without exceptions. It being capable of flying means nothing more than that you can bring the hurt where you wanted it at least 2 turns too late.

            Regular drop pod does the exact same thing in practice without the option to needlessly delay the disembarkation.

          • I do’t think that’s really the case.

          • Shiwan8

            You do not have to. I have plenty of experience against multitude of opponents and none of it deviates from what I said above. Frankly I have always killed it too on the turn it arrives unless it makes itself moot.

          • I can’t even see that happening with the amount of terrain we use on the table.
            we had 12 or 15 building last game.
            I have to ask though, you killed them with what? And how many points is your standard game?

          • Shiwan8

            We play 2k(ish) games and last time I broke it with cultists in melee. Usually it’s stomped or shot. That OR it’s dropped somewhere save and will make a difference after 2 turns or so…which is way too late.

            Basically it’s dropped on turn 1. If it survives (ie. it dropped too far to make a difference now) it flies to position, the opponent has another turn to prepare for it. It unloads it’s contents if it’s not shot down before that and what ever was inside it is either out of position thanks to opponents smart play or gets one turn to act after which it is killed. Optionally you can just drop it on the face of the opponent and do what you can with what ever is inside.

          • Our games are completely different.
            3000 points is the smallest game we play. 5 to 6K being optimal game size for our group.
            My opponent never bring his on turn one and always delivers his TDA command squad, he waits to deliver his unit until he absolutely ready to commit them. I have never seen it shot down or destroyed.

          • Shiwan8

            You do not have to disembark from a dreadclaw.

            Your experience differing from mine is likely a result of different size games. In smaller games individual losses hurt more. In those that dreadclaw is not really worth the points…though now that it’s getting the IGS one might actually use it’s landing abilities.

          • Mike Siegmund

            But dreadclaws are flying high the turn they drop so you need 6 to hit them or skyfire unless 30k is different

          • Shiwan8

            I do not remember how it is in 40k but in 30k it lands in hover mode. This is not up to the player using it.

          • Chosen of Khorne

            The version of the drop pod assault rule listed in the new iTunes version of the book, no longer states that the dreadclaw has to land in hover mode. I don’t know if this is an error/omission, or if it is intended. However, this might account for the price increase, since it would be harder to kill if it couldn’t be charged and could only be hit on snap shots.

          • Shiwan8

            Possible. I would not know. I have access to only the 30k campaign book version and IA13. Those both say that it lands hovering.

          • Chosen of Khorne

            It also seems the dreadnaught drop pod rules have also changed to allow the dreadnaught to be shot on the turn it arrives, even if it doesn’t disembark. So probably the change to dreadclaws was intenrional. A lot of old books are now outdated it seems.

          • Shiwan8

            Entirely possible.

  • Pinklabel

    One additional change to the moritat is that his pistol shots combined cannot exceed 12 hits for both pistols combined – about what you’d expect on average.

    Oh also veteran tactics are now different – marksmen gave them both outflank and sniper! Another gives them +1 armour pen. Other options are +1 WS, stubborn (not fearless) and the last is rerolling wounds against monstrous and gargantuan creatures.

  • Inian

    This is how you balance codices over a period of time. Small tweaks to fix issues with the previous version.

    Is a unit too popular? Increase the points cost or nerf it a little. Is a unit never used? Decrease points cost or give it a buff.

    Do this over and over for a few iterations and in the end you will have a balanced system. Now if we could only get this to happen for regular 40k…

    • euansmith

      I guess it is a bit harder with one bazillion different units, like in 40k.

      • Shiwan8

        There’s the errata for tweaking individual codices at any time.

      • Inian

        But not impossible. =)

  • Loki Nahat

    Come on Battlescribe gurus, get this into a commit for the weekend!

    • Austin Clerkin

      I wish! Little chance that Millicant will get to this for a while.

  • Azhrarn

    One very significant change that’s not included here is that the Dreadclaw pods now have Inertial Guidance just like the normal pods do (ie. reduce scatter to prevent mishaps), as a result they’re much more reliable than they used to be.
    That’s probably why they became 15 points more expensive as well.

  • Paul Bradley

    This “article” is a cut and paste job from the Horus Heresy forums and the original aohor is not even mentioned!

    • euansmith

      And real editors use blue pencil for annotations, not red!

    • Wuz aohor ??

    • Jason

      Agreed. Garro (the one that wrote this) isn’t even mentioned).

      • But like Garro won’t even exist for like another 30k years… Hurrrrr

    • memitchell

      And, if had not been posted here, I would not have even read it. I don’t get why folks complain bout BoLS posting information about 40K/30K. I like one-stop shopping. Who cares who posted this first elsewhere? Ever. BoLS always credits the rumor makers, anyway

      • Geronimo32509

        No one is complaining about BOLS reposting info here, they are complaining about BOLS reposting info with no credit to the original author.

        “BoLS always credits the rumor makers, anyway”

        Obviously not.

        • memitchell

          I didn’t notice “Black Blow Fly reporting” referred to the author of THIS article. Uh, duh. At least they give themselves credit for their own plagiarized articles.

    • The article has been updated to give credit now.

  • Alan C

    So, when will this be availabe?

    • It’s available already for pre order . 😀

    • Jason

      It’s already available. Was released today. Preorders went up last week.

    • Shiwan8

      Did you bother to look at the FW site?

      • Alan C

        Actually, I was looking at the book on the forge world website yesterday and didn’t see anything about it being new or old, so I asked an honest question as someone new to the game. Thanks anyway.

        • Shiwan8

          Well, the cover seems to be new. Then again unless one knows that there really is no way to tell from their page.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Assault Marines! So happy!

  • raymon117034twyla

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  • Austin Clerkin

    You just copy-pasted this straight from Heresy30k’s Garro without any sort of attribution. What the hell?

    • Shiwan8

      Why exactly is this a surprise to you?

    • How do you know if I’m not him er her ??

      • Austin Clerkin

        Let’s start with that you’re not even in the same country? You’re probably the goon who snuck “character builder” dice into Beakycon.

      • Austin Clerkin

        I guess the handle “FloridaMan” was already taken.

    • Article has been updated to give credit now.

  • Mr_Pickles

    I’m interested in the Malcadors, can you take the Battle-cannon and the Demo-cannon on the same chassis?

    • Eric Lindgren

      Oddly enough you swap the hullmounted heavy bolter for the demolisher cannon. You can have both.

  • AnomanderRake

    Typhon probably needed more than +45pts but it’s a good start. And price change to Troops and Tactical vets will make small Heresy games easier.

  • Eric Lindgren

    Scorpius rounds are now S5 ap2 shred heavy 1, which is insane and veterans have different veteran tactics.

    • Shiwan8

      It actually makes them worse and not really worth it. I used those to have reasonable chance against 40k armies but that is gone now.

      • Eric Lindgren

        Not sure how you could say changing rending to +1 S and ap2 could possibly be worse

        • Shiwan8

          Unless I’m not mistaken the scorpius had s8 ap3 1+d3 small blast….or am I mixing this with something else?

          • Eric Lindgren

            scorpius rounds for seekers not the whirlwind scorpius

          • Shiwan8

            Yeah, right, ok, got to hit the books again.

  • Admiral Raptor

    “– Legion assault squads are -75 pts base” My Blood Angels just became worthwhile!

  • Eric Lindgren

    Oh another big change is chainaxes are +1 S ap4 now. World eaters/blackshields rejoice

  • Marc Raley

    This article was stolen verbatim from Garro and not credited to him.

  • Shiwan8

    Read it. Seems very nice. Some things are hard to agree with but it’s mostly sound.