Cryx Deneghra2 Resculpt & V3 Review

Denny2 is back and she’s rocking an all new wardrobe. Here’s how she works in PRIME.

Denny2 just got a rescuplt in time for the release of MKIII. She has changed quite a bit in this new edition and today we are going to look at what makes her tick.
Denny2 has a considerably high defense at 16. This makes her relatively safe from MAT/RAT 7 unboosted attacks. She is pretty poor in melee and will have trouble assassinating anyone with her melee attacks.

Denny2 Special Rules:

  • Undead
  • Parry
  • Wraith Walker
  • Dark Banishment

Unlike her first version though she is not stealth. She does have Parry, meaning she can walk away from even the meanest warriors unscathed.
Wraith Walker is similar to the previous edition where she can become incorporeal for a round. She loses it if she makes attacks so, casting spells is ok but, don’t swing at anybody. She also cannot use it 2 rounds in a row.
Dark Banishment is on her weapon and can be a good way to get rid of annoying models crowding your zone. It teleports the model a distance away depending on Denny2’s focus.


Curse of Shadow: A rather useful debuff spell. Cast this on your enemies to lower their armor, prevent them from making freestrikes, and allow your own models to move through them.

Hellmouth: An expensive offensive spell that sucks all models towards the targeted model from 3″ and does a POW12. If you are really crafty you can use this to move your heavies close to the enemy.

Influence: Influence is a little different then the last edition. Cast it at an enemy living model and they can make a basic attack. Influencing powerful solos like a gun mage captain or Alten Ashley can cause headaches.

Marked for Death: Another debuff on your enemies. The enemy loses 2 defense and cannot be or become incorporeal or stealth. Remember that Denny2 doesn’t ignore stealth so run that arc node within 5″ if you plan to target a stealth model.

Venom: Is a Spray 8″ offensive spell that is POW10 and causes corrosion continuous effect. Even if you can’t kill ARM20 infantry with the low power the continuous effect has a shot at killing them.

Blades of Shadow: This is quite different from the previous incarnation of this feat. Now instead of automatically shadowbinding everything in her control it gives shadowbind to friendly faction weapons. This really makes a combined armed approach appropriate for Denny2.
Shadowbind is -3 defense and model cannot advance if you didn’t know. It can be shaken so, it is a little less effective on jacks. Templates are your friends and bloat thralls and krakens can really apply shadow bind to multiple models easily.

Denny2 Synergies:

Arc nodes! Denny2 is really a back line spell slinger. She can lower defense or armor pretty reliably but, she doesn’t want to be in the front line doing that. Investing in some 6 point Deathrippers is going to be pretty standard for Denny2.

Combined arms. Her feat is great for lowering defense of models. Combined with marked for death it can lower a models defense by 5. Even MAT5 mechinthralls can hit a DEF9 circle beast.

Satyxis Raiders are a great unit for Denny2, not only they are fast, but combined with Curse of Shadow they have feedback threat or charging juicer targets by ignoring jamming units.


Sample List for Denny2:

Wraith Witch Deneghra +28
Wintershadow Combine 9 Gives her a some accuracy with puppet master. Spell slave can cast influence or venom.
Kraken 36 Killshot can do work and gives you a possible POW 24 if you can get corpses and Curse of Shadow.
Deathripper 6 Cheap arc node
Defiler 8 Spray is good to apply feat or kill jamming infantry.
Orin Midwinter 5 Denny2 is susceptible to spells and Orin can stop them.
Bloat Thrall 4 Good feat applier and infantry killer
Bloat Thrall 4
Necrotech 2 Mechanic to keep the kraken going for longer.
Max Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch 19 High defense vs ranged and combined with debuffs can kill most units.
Max Carrion Thralls 10 Cheap throwaway unit that can do damage to models if they have damage on them.

~What do you think of the new edition Wraith Witch Deneghra? Please share BoLS in the comments below!

  • oldgrue

    Just a few questions:
    1) Do you /have/ carrion thralls? Aug24 release date makes this sort of thing tough. Proxy models don’t always fly (pardon the pun). What would your alternative be?
    2) Orrin Midwinter is chained to within 3″ of your caster. The logical response is to keep him next to the Kraken with the necrotech, and the Withershadow Combine will also need to stay close. You’ve chained 20% of your army to the Kraken.
    Did you consider other heavy jacks instead – especially in light of the Kraken’s inability to take advantage of Pursuit?
    3) What drove your decision against Mobius? The two point difference would make your other bloat thrall 25% more accurate before his battle plan. Large AOE and 12″ range make the bloat thrall’s inherent continuous corrosion a threat to the Satyxis Raiders (assuming the UA’s Whipping Wind) as they will still suffer continuous effects.

    • ZeeLobby

      I could see 2 working due to the Kraken’s large base. i’d feel more comfortable throwing in an inflictor as well though, for the SG. They’re not all that bad in MK3.

      • oldgrue

        Two heavies seems to me a better choice but we’re a month and only a few (two for me) steamrollers in.
        The Ogrun Bokur seems a better decision if you just want shield guard. I’m just curious about the OP’s decision making.

  • zeno666

    I love the new sculpt, but not her new feat :

  • Alpharius

    Worst caster in Cryx.

    • Noridaii

      Rubbish. Goreshade1 and Sturgis2 are both easily worse. Enough with the drama-queen already!

      • Alpharius

        She is worse than Sturgis, he can do more work personally, has a decent spell list and actually has a feat to get our infantry across the board. Goreshade1 is drinking in the Boneyard with Sturgis, while Deneghra2 is working the pole.