D&D: Rules Answers July 2016


The Dungeonmaster is back! – WotC answers a bunch of rules questions to keep your D&D adventures rolling along.

This month’s installment covers:

  • Class Features and Multiclassing
  • Equipment
  • Feats
  • Ability Checks
  • Spellcasting
  • Combat

Here’s just a handful of samples to get you going:

Can a barbarian/cleric use spiritual weapon to attack while raging, if it is cast before entering Rage?

A barbarian’s Rage makes concentration impossible but has no effect on spells, like spiritual weapon, that don’t require concentration.

Are attacks with a net always made with disadvantage?

Unless you have a special ability that says otherwise, any net attack has disadvantage because you’re either within 5 feet of your target (see PH, 149) or you’re attacking at long range, which is between 5 and 15 feet for a net.

Read the entire Q&A Here:

Sage Advice Compendium: July 2016

Happy adventuring!

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