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Forge World developers were talking this weekend about the Battle of Prospero book.  Here’s the latest:


via B&C’s Mango Polo 7-17-2016

Mike French has confirmed that the copper & green scheme is for the thousand sons’ forge world. Woop <3
Hm so I just got told by an attendee who spoke with Alan that “Arkhadine” is a misnomer and “Zhao-Arkkad” is the actual, proper name of the Thousand Sons-affiliated mechanicum. Alan also confirmed that it’s the same Zhao-Arkkad we know of, meaning they’re the owners of the Praetor STC and eventually rejoin the Imperium.

That’s… kind of weird and interesting. That would mean that somehow during the events of Inferno they not only don’t get obliterated, but they prevent the invaders from acquiring their technology (at least to the degree of the Praetor) and do so for long enough that at some point they are allowed back into the clique.



via The Imperial Truth (Facebook) 7-18-2016

Magnus definitely having 1 eye 1 no eye/scar. May be more integrated with the base than other Primarchs
Magnus is underway, Russ’ wolves are being worked on
FW may be looking to hire another writer at some point, get practicing
Myrmidon weapon packs are ‘one of the things to be looked at’. No guarantees on that one.

via B&C’s Balthamal 7-17-2016


Space Wolves/Inferno. They’re satisfied with the majority of the play testing, there’s a couple of tweaks in terms of points here and there but the overall feel of all the factions included is where they want it to be. The timeline that was hinted at was they’re looking to wrap up the writing and artwork in the next couple of months. The biggest factor in a delay will be getting sufficient stock ready because they’re more than aware of the hype and demand already around. As far as the time it’s taking to get it ready, they know people are pissed off with the delay, and they fully understand why, but when all is said and done, from a business point of view, to push it through and do it quicker needed more resources than they could throw at it and that would have basically halted everything else. Inferno is going to sell incredibly well but for every person out there who loves the wolves/TS there’s 2 who don’t give a :cuss so it’s economics at the end of the day. I didn’t push too far but the vibe I got was they’re fed up of the constant complaining they get hit with. It’s a lose lose situation. They could have rushed a crappy book out and no models and got hammered or done a proper release and got hammered. There was one fairly animated guy there who made the point that it would have been better to do a Retribution style release for them – that was promptly answered back with “yeah but then there’d be moaning at waiting another 28-28 months for the actual book” Also be warned it’s unlikely Bjorn will be given rules – when the book is set he’s a nobody, it’s only towards the end of the HH that he really rises in prominence.

Russ is fully completed. So are his wolves although they’re going to be sold separately – there was too much concern with the price point otherwise, but they’ll be there for people who want them. Sam has begun work on Magnus, more the posing right now but had a good chat about his vision for him: he’s going to be head and shoulders tall than Angron’s model to represent how big he is, and he’s undecided on what to do with the eye, whether to have an empty socket/patch/scar or go full cyclops mode. He’s also absolutely dying to do Sanguinius, as in literally aching to get on with him. The way he talked about posing and dynamism of the model, especially how the wings could be done shows how badly he is to do him. He also said he’s going to call dibs on the Emperor when the time comes too.


Heresy Models

Long talk with Darren Parrwood about the “mega knight” and they won’t go any bigger – if they did they’d be looking a price point of a Titan and they’d prefer to look at making alterations to that. They’re going to see about the Mechanicum variant and weapon options but nothing further. It’s going to form the lynchpin of a knight list in that it can stand back and shoot whilst faster moving units can belt it around the board. Sounds very interesting

Blake spoke about designing the Mastadon and why it took so long to get right – they might make turret variants but if they’re going to make something of a similar size again it’ll be a scratch project,


Iron Tyrants are still floating around – they’ll be an actual kit seeing as every Legion is getting at least one. The Fulmentarus however are likely to be an upgrade kit with the cyclones and reapers. Someone asked about Ventanus – it’s a case of if someone has the time he might get done but right now there is no time and there’s other Legions who are much further up the pecking order, As for Dorn/Alpharius, they might go back to Sam, it’ll depend how long it takes him to do Magnus and what Vol VIII will comprise – he could jump on Sanguinius/Lion/Khan if it’s their time.

Spent a fair bit of time with Rob Macfarlane talking about upgrades – both kits and weapons etc. Eventually every single unique weapon option will be covered so the DA blades/plasmas etc will get sorted out, the Space Wolves/Thousand Sons will have one on Inferno release or shortly afterwards. And it’s not restricted to unique weapons it’ll be applied to styles too like the Alpha Legion and Emperor’s Children and likely Blood Angels/White Scars – Legions that have or will have a distinctive aesthetic. All the terminator upgrades will be covered for Cataphractii and Tartaros too to cover the issues with converting the arms. Consuls will get done at some point – it’s mostly driven by what people are requesting – for the past 6 months everyone has asked about a Moritat so that’s what’s been done. A Primus Medicae is getting done in Terminator Armour and possibly PA too and a Vigilator is slated. As for the others it depends on various bits and pieces. For example Siege Breakers are pretty easy to convert whereas it’s a big problem doing Librarians because technically they were banned after Nikea so the Legions still using them are more likely traitors and that will affect the detail they can include. It’s on the table though.

Now for Big News #1 (well rumour so make of it what you will) There could potentially be a new box set this year: when talking about the consuls and if they did a Calth sequel would it make sense to follow the same approach and include a consul in plastic there wasn’t an outright denial and when I asked what he thought could make it up he replied “Mk III, Tartatros Terms” without so much as missing a beat. It’s thin on the ground but it’s significantly more promising than “nah we won’t bother”

Also speaking of Calth, they’re down to the last couple of hundred from the last print run so if you want it grab it very soon.

Rachel provided probably the highlight of the day when going through her art portfolio trying to work out what famous people they’re based on – when someone mentioned that Sam based Gulliman on The Rock she looked up and blurted “like $#@! he is” spent ages laughing at that. She was working on a SW piece who I called straight away as Jason Isaacs but she wasn’t really convinced. Got her to sign my Dynat print though so that was cool.

Heresy Rules

And finally to Imperator Bligh – the man I saw first but the man with the biggest bits and pieces.

Points readjustment – the biggest driver for the changes was the fact that LA:CAL was done for 5th and it’s now into 7th Ed. So everything has been retuned with that foremost in mind. Things that weren’t touched by the Cerberus or Destroyers weren’t ignored through them being as intended – more it was a case of there hadn’t been as much feedback regarding them and also they just didn’t have the time to do a thorough retune when other things needed it more urgently. The 3 that garnered the most feedback were (unsurprisingly) Dread pods, Typhons, Spartans. It’s very much the changes to vehicles in 7th that overtuned their ability – tanks being harder to kill etc. The points now reflect what they provide and in the case of the dread pod you’re not supposed to be paying for the 3HPs of shelter – it’s about precision striking a dread. For Legion specific units that have been “overtaken” by some like Veterans and Seekers, they’re going to be redone on the next pass, whether that takes the form of an FAQ hasn’t been decided but they’ll get some love.

space-wolves wallpaper

Space Wolves. The emphasis for them in Inferno has been to move as far away from 40k wolves as possible. It’s not that the wolfy mcwolf vibe is overkill but the Vlka Fenryka are significantly closer to the original VI Legion and the evolution hasn’t gone completely full tilt as it were. The savagery is almost a front that’s put on both by Russ and his warriors. They’re trying to convey that without falling into stereotypes that would undermine the aesthetics. He added that Russ is “a very, very complex character”

And Big News 2# for all fans of the I Legion. The DA campaign will not be Thramas. There is absolutely nothing written about their activity in the BL series as yet however it’s “unbelievably important in the context of the Heresy” As for the DA themselves, whether it’s in the first book or one that features them afterwards, all 6 wings of the Hexagramaton will have rules and options of being fielded – Alan wrote the original concept that Gav used in Angels of Caliban and he wants to highlight just how different they are from the Legions who came after. That’s likely to include the full scope of their forbidden arsenal and separate rules for fielding the original Terrans who formed the Legion before it was actually a Legion. So variant Glaives and anti grav land raiders are very much on the cards. One of the things they’ll try and show with the Lion too is that although he’s incredibly noble, that nobility is only the barest glossing over who he really is which is the animal from wild Caliban.

via B&C’ marvmoogy 7-17-2016


Biggest thing on Custodes I heard was “Don’t convert anything you have now.  Non of the weapons or armour types will be anything like it”


~Here’s to dreams of Custodes minis!

  • jcdent

    People are angry about delays, oh no? It’s not like with videogames, where delays can mean your game is going to look horrible on launch. If anything, GW/FW spending more time developing stuff is good, because they might chance on playtesting something.

    Though if it’s anything like BaC, it’s a game that will get thrown away as soon as the box is opened. Of course, that one Rock Paper Shotgun writer will still give it a horrible overblown write up that will make your eyes bleed.

    • memitchell

      BaC is the best game you never played.

    • An_Enemy

      It’s been nearly half a decade since they said it’d be the fourth book. In that time, at least four Legions have been completely reworked and they’ve reprinted/resold the same two books three…or has it been four times now?

      There are delays and then there are delays. FW has done nothing, but showcase how skilled that are…and how tragically unprofessional they are.

      • Haighus

        Well, it is probably an indication of skillsets within the team- they can get almost anyone playtesting tweaks to the original Crusade army list, but creating new rules form scratch for very unique legions is a lot more difficult, so is probably taking the attention of a few key designers. The same way plenty of kits have been cranked out in the same time as the primarchs, without overly impinging on primarch creation due to only a select few designers working on the primarchs.

  • WindSplash

    Man Alan Blight its a hack aint he? How did he got to work on forgeworld anyways?

    • wibbling

      Your sentence makes no sense. What do you mean?

      • ZeeLobby

        “Man Alan Bligh is a hack ain’t he? How did he get to work on forgeworld anyway?”

        There has been much harder to read comments on this site.

        • benn grimm

          *’There HAVE been much harder to read comments on this site.’ Sorry couldn’t resist 😉

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. I should never be allowed to comment via mobile phone. My use of the English language suffers!

      • WindSplash

        It means:
        How did he got the gig to write? what is his background?
        Because he is a terribly writter.

    • Ian Bush

      Ummm no. He’s the best GW/FW writer in quite some time. You’re just dumb. Go read your Ward fluff and begone!

      • WindSplash

        Sure dude, Great argument.
        Literally you just threw insults and therefore prove to be nothing but a fanboy-child.

        Mary sues, silly rewrites and bad writting, that is what this hack is.
        He also writes the most unoriginal stuff and allienates it into utter bland stuff. Didnt he turn cato sicarius into an imbecil with his fall of damnos?

        And while it is true that there are nor many good writters left in GW, to say Alan Bligh is great means that the company has literally got rid of it’s talent.

        Wathever happened to Andy Chambers, Anthony Reynolds, Niguel Still man, heck EVEN Big Pete Haines!

        • Ian Bush

          Fall of Damnos was Nick Kyme… One of my least favorite authors. Get your facts straight. Also codex writing/FW writing is a completely different format than BL novels.

          Alan Blight did the Badab war books IA 9 & 10 (a story line that is pretty well liked), as well as all the FW Horus Heresy Books Book’s 1-6. These books rewrote and elaborated on a lot of Legion fluff, as well as created some spectacular narrative for these battles, Book 6: retribution was phenomenal. If you’re telling me you think all the bland codex’s with a timeline for fluff written in the past 3 years are better, you’re insane. This is the best fluff written for “GW/FW” not BL in quite some time, if not ever.

          Bligh basically took Index Astartes and turned it up to 11. If you don’t like that, then w/e you go back to reading trash like Fall of Damnos.

          • WindSplash

            Wow look an Alan Bligh apologist. Hilarious.
            Nick Kyme’s book was BASED on a battle that happened in a forgeworld book, Get it straight daught.

            Badab war was done before and he just rewrote it into the most cliche and predictable fanfiction ever. changing what he wanted for his own amusement. Still it was badly written regardless of you liking it or not.

            If you think all of his stuff is phenomal and not telling why exactly means you are just a fanboy.
            Also what part of “GW letting their talent leave” did you not get?
            The fact that you are comparing Alan Bligh to the residual talent of GW it’s pathetic and laughable.
            How can it be the best fluff written ever if it is just a re-interpretation of stuff that already happened while the one that is “originaru” is as mentioned above badly written.

            Blight Basically took index astartes and turned it into his own fanfiction and modification.

            Again “Great Argument” looks like you are a small time scrub that wasnt around last decade. This shows why you suck such a hacks dick.
            Also how am I going to read Fall of damnos if I stated that it was trash? Get a load of this guy.

  • Randy Randalman

    Once the fluff for each Primarch was fleshed out, it is Vulcan, not Magnus, who is “the biggest and strongest” of them. Being “larger in his power armor than Horus is in his terminator armor.”

    This isn’t something retconned or changed. We just didn’t have much fluff on Vulkan before a few years ago. Magnus may be a pinch (or a horn?) taller, but he shouldn’t be as massive or heavy as Vulkan.

    • euansmith

      Vulcan, “Hey, I’m just big boned, okay? It’s glandular.”

    • Talos2

      Yeah he should. He doesn’t actually have a size, he can be bigger or smaller according to his mood

      • Haighus

        Just like the Emperor come to think of it, must’ve inherited that trait from him.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Brilliant stuff as always, looking forwarded to seeing a “grav land raider” at some point if that happens and the Custodes et al.

  • wibbling

    What is ‘LA:CAL’, please?

    • 40DollarOnion

      Legion Astartes: Crusade Army List Commonly referred to as the Red Book the generic non legion specific horus heresy space marine units are taken from.

    • Fluffy the destroyer

      Legion Astartes: Complete Army List
      I think

    • MPSwift

      Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List (The 1 edition red book). The new red book is under the Age of Darkness tag to prevent confusion with the old red book.

    • euansmith

      It is the Space Marines’ favourite West Coast themed low sugar soda drink.

      • Statham

        “The Emperor’s blessed taste – NO HERESY!”

  • euansmith

    It was bound to kick off as soon as the Wolves started to snigger at the 1kSons’ Magical Princess Tiaras.

    Space Wolf, “Dude, vot iz dat on your helmet? A Magical Princess Tiara?”

    1kSon, “Grrrrrr… It’s on!”

    • Jim Collins

      The helmets on SW kinda bother me. In all the fluff, it’s consistent that they do not wear helmets. Masked made of skin? Yes. Helmets, no. Does it make any sense for for space warriors, no, but it is consistent in the fluff. I can think of at least a few mentions of “thank god the dumbasses don’t wear helmets” and my memory is shot.

      • ZeeLobby

        It was not that they NEVER wore helmets though, just that many times they’d rip them off or discard them in the heat of battle. They also wore skin masks, and also skin masks over helmets.

      • plasticvicar

        “It’s not that the wolfy mcwolf vibe is overkill but the Vlka Fenryka are significantly closer to the original VI Legion and the evolution hasn’t gone completely full tilt as it were.”

        The Space Wolves in 30k are still a legitimate legion barely 200 years old with many marines still being Terrans, they havent gone fully native yet nor is Russ as much of a barbarian as people think, its just a convenient front to put his brothers on edge.

        • Jim Collins

          It’s explicitly stated all sw are from fenris, the Canis helix either being a fenrisian trait or they are only compatible with it.

          It does not make sense at all being on a death world and having that many recruits, but I feel pretty positive there have not been any Terran space wolves ever, at least that survived the process.

          • plasticvicar

            Nope, the Canis Helix is derived from Leman Russ’ own genetic material and has always been present in all Space Wolves including Terran born marines, the VI Legion already had a fearsome reputation of being the Emperor’s right hand and it was only with Russ and Fenrisian recruits did the SW start adopting totems, wards and their style.

            So yes, Forge World’s halfway stance on 30k Space Wolves makes perfect sense.

          • Jim Collins

            I’m sorry to be combative but I disagree. Cite a single terran Space Wolf. Cite one mention of one.

            There are no wolves on Fenris, and there are no terran space wolves.

          • Bobolequiff

            Ulvurul Heoroth. Rune Priest in Prospero Burns. All the legions were entirely made up of Terrans until the crusade found their Primarch.

          • Jim Collins

            I stand corrected. There were Terran Space Wolves. My apologies.

      • euansmith

        Good point. How are Space Wolves supposed to get their beards inside their respirators?

  • MPSwift

    Also, Magnus will not be getting the Horn-Nipples of Battle +1 on his armour. Wolves will still have access to all the legion gear but in limited amounts for some things (field artillery was given as an example – they have it but it’s generally kept in reserve). Where the main changes to the Wolves list will be is in the HQ section; expect them to not have access to certain consol types but the proto-versions of the wolf/rune priests are in there apparently.

    • euansmith

      How is Magus supposed to do anything with that “Blonde Ambition Tour” breast plate getting in the way? Do his nipple horns retract in battle?

      • MPSwift

        I would assume that’s why he’s not having them on the model haha. I put it down to it being the ceremonial armour instead.

      • Statham

        Clearly all he has to do is shout “Strike a pose! Vogue! Vogue!” and his enemies collapse before him. Meanwhile, a few systems away, Noise Marines offer up a salute.

  • Dalcor

    Please please no cyclop…

    • Haighus

      I reckon the description in ‘Thousand Sons’ should be what they base it off- completely smooth flesh on one side of his face, like there was never an eye there at all. Is the most creepy, and surreal option.

  • euansmith

    “Biggest thing on Custodes I heard was “Don’t convert anything you have
    now. Non of the weapons or armour types will be anything like it””

    Can I see a reboxing of Stormcast Eternals coming along?

  • Adam Poultney

    I was going to play thousand sons, except they have no legion specific rules yet, so I decided to get 2000pts of world eaters instead