GW: Shattered Dominion Rules Spotted

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The new Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle Board has it’s own special rules – check this out!

White Dwarf #130 is going to have a few other surprises in store as well. Two warscrolls for the Realm of Battle Board are making the rounds:

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Arcanabulum 1 BFKPrUr Fell Chasm 1 34o0Vge

Bonkers. The Arcanabulum has some pretty wacky results – I like the concept and how they effect all players armies equally. I don’t know if I’ll remember to use them if I play on a table with it as part of the terrain, but it’s cool that Games Workshop wrote-up some rules for it.

The Fell Chasm has some cool thing you could do with it. I like the “I’ll Hold Them Back” rule, it seems very thematic! If that Hero is looking to buy your army some time it’s a cool option (most units will be able to go around in a turn with a standard move + run). Wizards can also throw Direskulls at foes as well. You can attempt to move across it directly but your models do have a chance of falling in.


What’s your take? Do you like these rules or would you just treat the Shattered Dominion Board like any other gaming board? Would you use house rules instead?

  • Zingbaby

    We tend to ignore or forget a lot of terrain rules during games, but these actually look pretty cool.

  • Dan Wilson

    I imagine Sylvaneth players will CONSTANTLY be reminding you about terrain =P And yeah, the Arcanabulum looks awesome.

  • Bran D

    Arcanabulum…well i gues its better than the usual names skullsomething bloodsomething etc…

  • Bran D

    We roll a 12…i roll a 4-6 for my Dreadquake Mortar…i can now shoot that thing 4 times…holy crap.

  • Ben_S

    I can already see more FAQs needed…

    For instance, what does it mean to say the effects apply to that Arcanabulum? Presumably it doesn’t mean that the casting modifiers apply only to casting rolls made by the Arcanabulum. Do these modifiers affect everyone on the whole board or only those on the Arcanabulum board section?

    And what if monsters are attracted (or repelled) by two different Arcanabulums (-bula?) at once? Can they choose which to move towards? Or do they remain stationary? Or something else?

    • Dan_A

      Here’s my 99% confidence take on it:
      When it mean the effects apply to that Arcanabulum, it means the one you are rolling for, not for all Arcanabulum on the table.

      The casting modifier say ALL, therefore I’d assume it applies to the whole board.

      The repel/attract does seem tricky however. It seems to apply to the whole board (which is going to be annoying). A FAQ on what happens when there are 2 attracting would be useful.

    • ZeeLobby

      Welcome to the world of GW rule writing, where absolutely nothing is tested before it leaves the gates!

      • Davor Mackovic

        You think that would have changed. I guess the poor folks who have to do the FAQs on Facebook don’t have enough on their plate, so GW decided to add more for them to do.

        I guess their free right foot was doing nothing.


        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, it’s just going to continue being a lot of work for them if they don’t start playtesting the new rules they’re now releasing every single week.

      • dave long island

        Play testing shmlay testing…

    • Morgrim

      On the last, I suspect they think only one will be on the table at a time, given the price of the battleboards and how few people will buy two sets.

  • Xodis

    Totally want this….might just buy it if Games and Gears don’t finish their now 3 year old KS.

  • zeno666

    Ah, tables with random effects, what a suprise…

    • OldHat

      Optional random effects.

      • zeno666

        I don’t see an optional-rule anywhere.
        It states that this scenario piece use the following (silly) rules.

        • OldHat

          They are not is a table first and foremost, the rules give you options to enjoy said table. This is a given.

          • Dongmaster

            You really only waste time explaing to the quintet of GW hate…

          • OldHat

            Naw man, not a waste. I am at work. 😀

  • Master Avoghai

    Wohoooo another random table…

    I imagine playing deamons warp table + those rules + random objectives…