KOW: Empire of Dust – Amazing Army Deal

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Want to command an army of the undead? This giant army bundle won’t break the bank!

It’s a great time to pick up a new army – and if you want a tough force that utilizes magic and a good deal of firepower you need to take a look at the newest addition to KOW: The Empire of Dust.

The Pharaoh Sautekh was once a powerful leader of the Ahmunites. He was cruel and quick to anger, often causing more harm to his allies than his enemies. Any subjects to pay even the smallest slight to him would be put to the sword, then raised up into his Undead legions. When the Ophidians left the crumbling Ahmunite Empire, Lord Sautekh’s Brother, the Pharaoh Amon, was among them. When he aided the Ophidians in their curse of the Ahmunites, Sautekh’s rage was incandescent. After this betrayal, he swore revenge on on every living being, especially his own kin. Now Sautekh’s host marches north to Ophidia, to end his brother’s line once and for all.

Lord Sautekh’s Glorious Host – £149.99

via Mantic:

If you are looking to start an Empire of Dust force, then the Starter Army and Mega Army are ideal places to go. However, if you’re after something bigger, then look no further than Lord Sautekh’s Glorious Host. This massive web deal contains everything in the new Empire of Dust range – and then some!

This set contains 142 plastic and metal miniatures, including:

  • 40 plastic and metal Skeleton Warriors
  • 40 plastic and metal Skeleton Archers
  • 20 plastic and metal Revenant Infantry
  • 20 premium plastic Mummies
  • 6 metal Enslaved Guardians
  • 3 metal Swarms
  • 3 plastic and metal Balefire Catapults
  • 2 metal Pharaohs/High Priests with alternate components.
  • 2 metal Revenant Champions/Army Standard Bearers with alternate components
  • Plastic bases
  • Mantic points



Using everything in the box, you can build a mighty host of 1,840 points – not bad for a 2,000 point tournament. You can fill out the extra 160 points with some magic items and spells, or even just grab an extra hero or swarm regiment. Not only this – it’s a balanced army. Slow but resilient, as only Undead can be.



Two Regiments of Skeleton Archers and three Balefire Catapults give a good amount of firepower. At least one catapult will hit per turn, which will do a significant amount of damage, while the archers will continually weaken enemies through attrition with their shooting. All of this will be backed up by the powers of the Cursed High Priest and the Enslaved Guardians‘ Windblast.


The core of the battleline will be a horde of Skeleton Spearmen with a Casket of the Damned. This one-use item is unique to the Ahmunites and allows you to add five extra dice to a Surge spell cast on this unit, once per game. With a horde, this can add a vital boost of speed to get them into position when you need them. The flanks of the horde will be protected by heavy hitters like the Enslaved Guardians and Revenants with two-handed weapons. Add two troops of super resilient Mummies and you have a slow moving, but strong line that can march endlessly forwards.


No army would be complete without its heroes and this set comes with enough to build one each of the new models – or two of any type! Its weakness, as already stated, is speed. The Ahmunite Pharaoh and Cursed High Priest will be there to counteract this – both have really strong Surge spells of eight and ten dice, respectively. The key will be planning and using these at the right moment to get into the right positions for charges or capturing objectives. You’ll have be more careful with movement than normal as it will be limited. The Revenant Champion and Army Standard Bearer will be used to bolster the main line with their Inspiring, or operate with units in small groups to range ahead of the main force. Give them some magic items to encourage their support role – such as a Healing Charm or the Boomstick.

Fancy starting an army for the Clash of KingsLord Sautekh’s Glorious Host is available to pre-order now!


At £149.99 this box is a heck of a deal. It provides an easy, no hassle way to get into KOW, and allows you to build a number of powerful lists.


Are you starting an Empire of Dust force?

  • SupPupPup

    wow that’s a lot of guys for your money. Well done Mantic!

    Question is, can they keep up distribution. They’ve had problems before.

  • Orangecoke

    I actually bought this deal and received it already (very fast shipping!). It’s a great deal and the miniatures are nice once assembled…but that’s the rub. They are half plastic/half metal, and you get a LOT of fiddly metal bits in the box. Assembly and cleaning is looking like a bit of a nightmare. That said, I don’t regret buying it and hope to get it built and painted eventually!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Side question: Are any of the mantic lines fully or mostly plastic? I want to jump in but I want to avoid metal (or at the very least metal/plastic kits).

    • euansmith

      There is hidden metal, resin and restic all over the place in Mantics line; my Forces of Nature had rather nice plastic Naiads and Salamanders, but then huge resin Elementals, metal Treemen and rather underwhelming metal Druids.

      Armies like the Chaos Dwarfs used to involve chopping up restic minis and adding on replacement metal bits; I don’t know if that is still the case.

      The Warpath/Dead Zone stuff has a lot more plastic in it, and it looks like Mantic is going more and more down that path in the future. Thanks to the wonder of Kickstarter.

      • Richard Mitchell

        All the stuff I bought for Dreadball is plastic so far. Maybe some exceptions out there.

        • euansmith

          My Dreadball Kickstarter stuff included mainly restic plus some metal (mainly the little chimp guys). Hopefully the Dreadball 2 will be plastic all the way.

  • Caleb Watson

    With multibasing you could easily get 2500 points out of this. Easily.

    • SupPupPup

      Seems about the same points worth in AoS

  • BodyMassage

    That is amazing pricing. I don’t even know this game and I am willing to buy this kit.

    Take note GW- good prices attract buyers..

    • Heinz Fiction

      The game is good as well 🙂

      • Richard Mitchell

        It is similar to WHFB but you won’t lose your entire afternoon playing a single game. It seems the style that Mantic is moving towards in general. Dreadball is VERY fast when compared to Bloodbowl and I hope Warpath ends up the same. As I get closer to the grave, games that move quickly but have tactical depth and allow me to spend time with family and friends become more attractive.

  • Atharius

    I just got my box of Mantic zombies for use in AoS and they’re incredible. So cheap and a million times better than the GW zombies. It’s weird because generally, KoW models look cheap and nasty.

    • Their skeletons are amazing too

      • SupPupPup

        I Thought their skellies were a bit flat when put together, and somewhat poorly sculpted.

        They look good ranked, but unlike the zombies, they don’t look as good on rounds (too me).

        • Really? I think they have nice, sharp details.

          • SupPupPup

            To clarify, due to the 2 part moulding they have a thin profile that looks nice from the front and back, but quite boring from the side.

            So to me, they look ‘flat’.


            Here, they have nice crisp details, but to me, they almost feel like cutouts. Very little depth.

          • Still not sure what you mean by flat, everything from the folds in the cloth to links in the chain mail and the teeth in their heads pop out. But each to their own.

          • SupPupPup
          • Ah, I see now. The ability to have range of different poses is always nice. Still, I think Mantic’s skeletons are great value and quality.

  • Shawn

    that’s are some pretty cool minis.