Mork/Gorkanaut: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly


A hulking, clanking, lumbering, dakka spewing, face krumping killing machine – what’s the verdict?

Imagine it: a hulking, clanking, lumbering, dakka Spewing, face krumping killing machine.  Built by Meks in the vision of their god, towering over most everything else in the battlefield.  But, like most Orky contraptions, their bark is worse than their bite.


What if I told you that a Morkanaut with a Kustom Force Field only cost 15 points less than a Wraithknight?

Or what if I told you it had 7 weapons attached to it? [more than a Stormsurge if you don’t count individual missiles]

What if i told you that’s not even close to why this is one of the worst units in the Ork codex?

its a gorkanaught

Well, I’m going to go into excruciating detail of everything right and wrong with this misfire of a big release. All in just 3 easy steps: Good, Bad, and Ugly.

First, a brief history lesson:

The year, is 2014. Games Workshop has been adding large, focal point models to armies. At one point in time, this could have been considered the DredKnight. But, like most arms races, other armies had to have bigger and badder models. So we saw models like the Riptide, the Imperial Knight, and the Wraithknight debut. A big, durable, powerful model that you invested a huge chunk of points into.  Then the spring of 2014 came around and, at long last, Orks were getting their 4th edition book updated, along with several new models. And Keeping with the arms race tradition set before, they’d be getting a big bad, the Gorkanuat and it’s brother the Morkanuat.

All seemed well till the rules were revealed, leaving many to scratch their heads. So, getting to it;



It is kind of easy to dismiss or even overlook this fact, but the Gork/Morkanaut are actually pretty beefy. At least in a vacuum or a world without Grav. But being AV value 13/13/12 is technically great. And having 5 hull points is higher than almost any non Super-Heavy vehicle out there. It even means that it takes 3 grav shots to kill, and not 2.

KFF footprint

While pricey in points, a Morkanuat with a Kustom Force Field can actually cover a sizeable area with it’s aura. One Big Mek on his infantry base can’t cover that much space. With the Morkanuat base, you get a little more bang for the buck.


The Gorkanaut has rampage. That’s good.

…If it sounds like I’m stretching, it’s because I am. So now we move onto:

The Bad


Nothing Special

One of the biggest problems with these models is that, when you boil down to it, they are just big bloated Deff Dreds, and nothing else. With the single exception of Rampage on the Gorkanaut, these beer-kegs with legs have no Universal Special Rules. Nothing. That, worse then a lot on here, is just boring design.

The Transport capacity is useless

This nearly made the Ugly cut. The fat bellies of these beasts can transport an incredible 6 models across the field with no firing ports and not being an assault vehicle.


I carry a D8 specifically so i can fairly roll weapon destroyed results on the Gork/Morkanaut. And for all those weapons, if I fire them, I expect to inflict only a couple of wounds.

The Ugly



Imagine being good at your job, but you have to commute via a Razor Scooter. That kind of sums the Gork/Morkanaut movement.


There is just no getting around it. No one wants to invest so many points in something that can die in 1 hit from anything ap 2 or 1.

Points cost

Speaking of points.

From the best I can surmise [which is is in no way perfect] GW said that the base of the model is 150 points for the walker, then said the weapons systems are 80 points[30 points for the klaw, 30 for the “big” gun, and 20 for the rest] bringing it to 230. The Gorkanaut has Rampage so, it is 15 points more at 245. And if you ever do bring a Morkanuat, you take the KFF really bringing it 280.

Making them more expensive than nearly every other unit that is supposed to fill the focal point roll.

The Verdict


No matter which way you come at it, GW just missed the mark on these models. Yes, they have good armor, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that they are incredibly vanila in how they are played with no extra rules to make them cool. Their firepower is so lackluster it’s actually better to just run them. But you pay so many points for that firepower that it make the whole thing not worth it.

How To Fix It?

It’s been put out there that the easiest solution to ‘fix’ the Gork/Morkanaut is to make them Super-Heavy Walkers. This does solve almost every problem, but look at those legs:

He clearly skipped leg day, why should he be able to Stomp?

It’d also make it the cheapest SHW in the game.

Maybe there is a fluffier way to fix this.  Perhaps something that takes advantage of the transport capacity and Meks? Or maybe better movement in a certain formation? Maybe a ramshackle rule that allows it to ignore it’s first explode result?

There are so many things that could have been done to make this an interesting unit. Instead, he’ll be stuck at home wondering why his Mek friends don’t call him.

~So what do you think?  Have you had success using a Morkanaut? How about a Gorkanaut?


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  • Atharius

    The fact that it isn’t already a super heavy is embarrassing. It’s taller than an Imperial Knight and about twice as beefy. For those points it’s a novelty item and nothing more.

    • Djbz

      My brother and I have been playing the Sanctus reach campaign treating morkanoughts and gorkanaughts as super heavies that can only move 6″ (because of the stumpy legs)
      It fixes so much of their issues, the multiple different role weaponry, the being exploded in one shot (although I can never seem to do that anyway) and being stunned at the worst possible moment.

      • Master Avoghai

        I actually like this solution

        Just make it super heavy and justify the 6″ move by a special rule with a funny name.

        It’s simple and effective. Maybe add a transport capacity of 10 with an assaut vehicle special rule?

  • Inian

    I always found it odd that it wasn’t a super-heavy walker. Not sure what they were thinking with that choice. Maybe that and beef up the shooting a little bit and I think it would be a nice unit.

    • nurglitch

      I expect an errata to that effect.

  • dave long island

    Yah but they look cool.. So, y’know, there’s that.

    • LordRao

      Except for those legs. This thing could never walk.

      • dave long island

        Ya I think they’re pregnant or something. Maybe they could waddle. IDK I’m no gear head.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        They just swing their gut around… Like, uh… Something else that swings around. They don’t care, they own this scrap heap.

      • Dongmaster

        BS! They hump their way across the battlefield…

      • petrow84

        “The driver BELIEVES that it can walk, so it CAN bloody walk!” – Ork know-how of anything

  • ILikeToColourRed

    I’m in agreement, maybe with a slight points increase

  • Nathaniel Wright

    I’ve had a little success with one, but I had to dump a group of lootas kitted out as meks in it, then put a big mek in as well with the fixa uppas.

    Yes, you still have the issue of it being able to be blown up easily, but the look on a tau player who got it down to 1 hull point, only to have it regenerate back to full? There are just some things that are worth every point.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      Why waste Lootas in that role when you could use Burnaboyz? 3 Burnas + 3 Meks can at least do something if they have to get out of their Mr. Potato Head.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Lootas were what I had.

  • Dongmaster

    Making it superheavy would be weird.

    I rather see a point decrease, make the rokkits twin linked, the big gun on the Gork like the Loota gun, 10 transport with assault.

    That would make me happy (I still have a Morkanaut for my Evil Sunz).

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Bull, the big gun is a blast and turning it into a panty-waste version would be awful.

      • Dongmaster

        3d6 str 7…

        • No, he’s talking about the KMK on the Morkanaut.

          • Dongmaster

            I wasn’t in my post so why reply with something else?

          • lol. Clearly that neither of you are talking about the same thing.

          • Dongmaster

            Of course not.

            I never mentioned the Morkanaut gun.

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    What if i told you everyone i know just proxy’s it now as a renegade knight 😀

  • euansmith

    Given that Orkz are highly resistant to the detrimental effects of teleportation (just tell them they are, and they will believe it). Maybe the gut could function like the portals on a Necron Monolith?

    • As ridicules as that is…I’d use it. Now, tell me that lets it count as an assault vehicle too… I have a green tide that want’s to charge!

      • euansmith

        Roll 10D6 to determine how many Slugger Chopper Boyz pour out when the doors are opened.

        • awwww… only up to 10…. I set my hopes too high!
          Wait.. so they’re free…..

          • euansmith

            Free like transports in Gladius; unless you can arrange five fingered discount, you are still going to have to buy the minis 😀

          • Ha. I definitely have the mini’s. I’ve collected over 23000 points in Orks. And still have Lots of Boys to build. ..maybe only a little over 100 more. I get most of my Ork stuff used from Ebay land. But I’m an addict.

        • Mr_Pickles

          for every 6 you get an extra boy, for every 1 a boy dies, (you don’t want those gits anyways)

          • euansmith

            How about exploding “6s”. For every 6 rolled, add 5 Slugga Choppa Boyz and then roll again. These additional Boyz rolled can be of any sort 😀

      • Moonsaves

        They could call it… wait for it..

        A Bellyporta.

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          This is a legit good name.

  • Ghaniman

    The model, the idea, and all the rules should have been trashed upon inception. Every single bit of it is ugly as ****

    Want a decent Ork walker, take a Mega Dread.

    • Mr_Pickles

      Yea, it’s like someone at GW said give ’em another dreadnought and they’ll be fine. I really wonder if any, or all, of the designers don’t like the Ork as a faction or is it some executive blocking that causes certain factions to get their spot in development?

  • And…’s 2016. The Gork/Morkanuts have been out for two years now. We know what’s wrong with them.
    Da Krusha Krew has several special rules but suffers from the same trend of being a unit made of high points models. So far I’ve used them once in a friendly game for a laugh. Truthfully the only thing I can see as a necessity, aside from a burna boy mob is a huge grot screen to protect these things from droppoding units full of Melta and grav. That should at least help get them out of my own deployment zone. Sadly I don’t get enough games to be able to build any tactics with these them. But like everything else Ork related, the more of them you have the better. Just like trukks.

  • Thomson

    Make it assault, transport capacity of 12 and 150 pts. Done

    • Ghaniman

      It does make you wonder what they were thinking when they didn’t make it an Assault vehicle. If a LR can have Assault with it’s tiny front doors, so should these ugly-ass ‘Nauts.

      As for the capacity, might be difficult justifying being able to cram 12 models in there.

      • It’s a victem of ork fluff. The Teef economy mixed with “Mek tek” is exactly the reason this thing costs so much. Sadly “Mek tek” is why it’s a disappointment.

      • bobrunnicles

        No more difficult than looking at ten Space Marines standing next to a Rhino and thinking WTF….lol. And the Gorka/Morkanought should ABSOLUTELY be an assault vehicle – I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided it wasn’t. Can’t believe that hasn’t been errata’d.

        • Ghaniman

          Whilst mostly true, if the Rhino were to scale the marines would fit. The ‘Naut is to the scale of an Ork, and most of the room in the ‘Naut is vertical rather than horizontal.

  • Rainthezangoose

    also its F**King £5 off a stompa, I would have one even in the current state if only just to paint it up and play casually, but at that price for the cost of a coffee extra id rather buy a stompa. GW literally just make up prices as they go along.

  • ZeeLobby

    NO. BAD. BAD WRITER! No more super heavies. Just fix it by removing the other broken stuff in the game.

    • Yes! like droppods, melta guns Grav guns. and everything else not on this list!

      • ZeeLobby

        Exactly! Spammable special weapons are a huge issue with the game. It’s the main reason assault outside of deathstars is impossible. And why factions that don’t easily have access to spammable pinpoint grav/meltagun equivalents are bottom of the barrel tier armies right now (Orks, CSM, DE, Tyranids, etc.) . Drop pods would be way less of an issue if you couldn’t fit 10 meltaguns/gravguns in it.

        • While don’t play competitively any more I do manage to wins some assaults. Just two weeks ago My ork boys trounced Corax in a fight. Stupid Bird man. Had his wings pulled off. We delivered over 100 attacks which resulted in 28 wounds.
          Really I find I deal best with Drop pods when my Army, 99% of the time being Orks, leaves no good spots to land.

          • ZeeLobby

            haha. Yeah. I mean they aren’t unwinable, but the days of taking a trukk-based assault army with Orks are long gone (one of my favorites). The problem is the lethality level has sky-rocketed, but only for certain factions.

          • Yes it’s fairly true. Between our Moral issues and transported units taking ST4 hits.
            (For some reason I remember ST4 hits ti units in closed topped vehicles and ST3 to those in open topped vehicles.. )
            And we all know how that plays out. Poorly.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Used to be S3, and we used to be fearless, and not hit ourselves to death from our trukks, pinning and morale check, lol. Green tide is fun, but variety would be better. If you can get your opponents to tone down there lists, I imagine good games are still possible (outside of maybe Eldar), but if my friend wants to take an OP unit because he likes the models, I have a hard time trying to convince him to say no, because I love the Ork models I take.

          • Last month or so I had 6 or 7 trukks destroyed on turn one. It was a horror show. The Nobs killing nearly each and every survivor from the trukks to “Restore Order” in da ranks. Ya, that last lone surviving Ork boys sure knew his place in line after that.
            Lucky him.

          • ZeeLobby

            Hahaha. “Now charge dem gunz!”

    • Eric Shade

      I’ve never seen a broken Ork superheavy, and with a slight points increase it could easily be a stompa jr like the knight is a smaller version to the warhound titan.

      • ZeeLobby

        I just don’t see why we need Super Heavies in regular 40K period. What was wrong with the dreadknight level of influence. Why do they all need to become super heavies now? I was fine with the stompa, but the answer isn’t to just give super heavies to everyone. 40K was always supposed to be a skirmish fantasy game, and now it’s fastly approaching resized Epic 40K.

        • SIA

          I actually prefer the big army battles. Skirmish games just never have enough stuff on the table to interest me. And in real war you wouldn’t hold back on your air support or your big combat vehicles. I understand this kinda stiff isn’t for everyone but I like the inclusion of flyiers and Lords of War in main 40k

          • ZeeLobby

            Even the biggest 40K game is a skirmish… You have hundreds of troops, not thousands or hundreds of thousands. I just don’t think SHs and GMCs belong in a game with only hundreds of troops. They’re OP for a reason, they should be played in Epic or Appocalypse. No need for them in 40K. I’d much rather play a massive game with waves of troops smashing into each other than a bunch of stompy robots.

        • Eric Shade

          Big thing is superheavies tend to counter deathstar units and when properly managed aren’t that terrible. Plus when I play with superheavies I use the escalation rules of extra victory point for every 3 hp/wounds lost. So a knight is worth 2 vp plus any other kill points etc.

    • Shiwan8

      That would be better. But honestly, if you need to make a change in the model then making it SH would be the thing to make it worth it.

      • ZeeLobby

        It would help. I just don’t see continually buffing of random things throughout the game with no consideration of consequences as being a viable solution to making things better/worse. I guess with 8th supposedly incoming at some point, I’d rather just see them focusing on that, rather than messing around with trying to fix the hilariously befuddled 7th, haha.

        • Shiwan8

          I agree. Honestly they could just make the rules clear and release a blanket update for the armies that would make them roughly equal both internally and externally while keeping them asymmetric.

          The main problem with GW is that they want to make the game epic but do not realize that balance is not a thing that prevents that. You can have an epic match with 2 lists that are exactly the same just as well as you can have that with 2 armies of which one is pretty poor and the other is broken as hell.
          Epic is good, but balance makes or breaks games.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well, for a long time they were just releasing big things cause they could charge a lot, and make more money, as sales numbers dropped. I’m hoping they refocus on gaming now rather than profits solely.

          • Shiwan8

            AoS rules were done with the right idea. Well, not the rules themselves but rather the end user monetary cost they released them with.

          • ZeeLobby

            yeah, I’m definitely seeing the creep as they go though. Models seem to keep getting bigger and bigger, and more and more expensive. Games and scrolls are getting larger and larger, etc. Just think it’s funny that a lot of the AoS hate stemmed from having to buy 40 dudes to rank up in units, and now you’re buying 20 dudes that cost as much as the 40 dudes, and for some reason it’s a savings.

          • Shiwan8

            Let’s face it, people who play AoS are generally not that smart. Some are, but most are not.

  • The G/Morkanaut is pretty underwhelming… just like everything else in the Ork Codex.

    • Ghaniman

      *le sigh*

      Wonder what it would take to fix Codex Orks. Personally I’d like to see 6+ FNP for all Orks, Choppas having Shred or +1S, and Dreads in units.

      • Mr_Pickles

        I’d like to see IA:8 units make a comeback like the old Lifta-droppa (that auto-hit), cheaper Squiggoths, And an upgrade in the amount of choices units have for Wargear. Why is it so hard to have more than 2 choices for melee upgrades? Orks loot lots of stuff, so why not showcase that with a variety of weapons… Nah, we get two choices for melee and the 3 different Kombi-weapons we’ve had for a while now…

        • Ghaniman

          Chainsaw Choppa with Shred, Axe-Choppa with +1S?

          I miss my Big Mek with Burna

          I miss the 3rd Ed Tankbustas and Burna Boyz. Ablative wounds without the ridiculous point cost were lovely.

          And why in hell can’t my Lootas actually facking LOOT anymore!

          • I’ve got a laundry list of ideas to fix the Orks. They need some serious out of the box thinking to make the Codex work in the current edition without seriously altering the basic design philosophy of the army.

  • Shiwan8

    Houserule it to be a SHW. Instant success.

  • Malky

    S4 base for Boyz.

  • Karru

    My thoughts on the Gorka/Morkanaut are very simple. It’s a nice model, not stompa level of nice, but the rules are lacking hard. It costs way too much for what it does.

    To improve it they have few options:

    1. Make it cost less than 200pts base
    2. Make it Super Heavy
    3. Increase transport capacity
    4. Make it an Assault Vehicle
    5. Give it Effigy Special Rule

    The most important ones I believe are the point cost and assault vehicle.

    On a side note, they should make Stompa a lot cheaper, not Big Mek Stompa cheap, maybe around 500pts would be nice.

  • catweasel
  • JP

    All they have to do is drop it’s base cost 60 or 70 points and then it’d be worth taking. It’s the prohibitive point cost that really makes it crappy compared to everything else in the codex.

    As a side note, I’d put 5 Burna Boyz with 3 of them being Meks and an HQ Mek in the belly so they can keep repairing Hull Points and/or weapons. I’d give some or all of the meks kombi-skorchas so if they end up outside, they and the two burna boys can barbecue something good.