Savages Await! – Bonesplittaz Battletome REVIEW


The newest battletome for Age of Sigmar is here! Come see the new Bonesplitterz that takes the Savages to the next level!

Just like the Sylvaneth tome, the Bonesplitterz just got new exciting allegiance abilities, Magic Lore, and new items and battalion warscolls for their army.



Mortal Wound Saves???


Get those doubles!


6 Warscroll Battalions and 3 Warclan Battalions for combining the Bonesplittaz

Overall they look like a fun action packed army, that seems to have a roll for everything, plus they got the new Age of Sigmar pitched battle love as well when it comes to gear for war!

 I give the new book 4.5 out of 5 pots of warpaint

Battletome: Bonesplitterz $35



Embrace the power of the Waaagh!


Driven quite mad by the thrumming power of Gorkamorka, the Bonesplitterz hunt the great beasts of the mortal realms in order to slay them and absorb the spiritual might of their god, which they believe is bound within the creatures’ bones. Led into battle by crazed Wurrgog Prophets, these savage orruks are wildly unpredictable and difficult to best in combat – what they lack in organisation and tactics they make up for in toughness and sheer single-mindedness. The boys of the Bonesplitterz swarm over the enemies’ ranks, tearing into them and chewing out their hearts with anarchic abandon.
This 112-page hardback Battletome features:

Exclusive gaming content:

  • three Battleplans detailing epic battles, showing you how this wild band of orruks fights;
  • Artefacts of Power: artefacts crafted from the corpses of the Bonesplitterz’ prey, usable by their heroes;
  • Lore of the Savage Waaagh!: powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for Bonesplitterz wizards;
  • nine Warscroll Battalions, collections of miniatures who gain special abilities when combined.

All you need to start collecting Bonesplitterz:

  • tips for collecting their miniatures – what sort of army do you want to play? How do you want to paint them? We’ll show you some great ideas;

  • an overview of the Bonesplitterz and their savage Waaagh! across the mortal realms –Who are they? Why do they fight? Who is their boss?


Bonesplitterz Battletome First Look Review – Age of Sigmar 

  • Malisteen

    Hrm. Their archers have a lot of shots, and the big stabbas are basically iron guts, but apart from that they’re rather lacking in heavy hitters. Got some chewiness to ’em, with comparatively inexpensive two wound statlines, but I kind of wonder how they’re actually going to hurt much – again, outside of big stabbas and archers – given that most of the rest of their units are bringing relatively few, relatively weak attacks.

    The lack of monsters, while apparently fitting their new theme, doesn’t help much, especially when it comes to heroes. With no look out sir, no penalties for shooting into combat, and true line of sight making screening heroes difficult to impossible, 5-6 wound heroes, especially ones with relatively poor armor saves, simply are not reliable options, especially when it comes to selecting your general.

    The defensive aspect of their battle trait being a much worse version of the Death alliance trait, and the offensive aspect, along with most of their command traits and items, being an unreliable boost against monsters only, which will still have little to fear from any unit that isn’t big stabbas or arrer boyz… that doesn’t really help much either.

    I think there’s a handful of really decent options here to use in a generalized Destruction faction list, but I personally don’t see the Bonesplittaz doing too well as a stand alone force. The characters aren’t tough enough, the units aren’t hitty enough, their overall gimmick of monster hunting isn’t useful in a wide enough set of situations, and their unit selection just isn’t versatile enough.

    • SupPupPup

      They have quite a few abilities that allow them to pile in twice.

      This can be used to create very advantageous combats, where you position your models to minimise the enemy units pile in move and allow an essentially 6” pile in for yourself.

  • Gridloc

    I got to play some games this weekend for campaign and see these guys in action. They did crush my undead, so they aren’t push overs.

    That said, i really am upset that GW is pulling same crap as before. The new battletomes now have artifacts and traits for matched play. Why don’t other battletomes have these? If match play was planned by GW then they knew about it a while ago and made the decision to not include them in other battletomes. That or they scrambled to make match play for other reasons. In either case its poor management again.

    The game isn’t bad in terms of play, models are great, not fan of fluff but look past that. What i’m worried about is GW using AoS as a ‘throw rules at the wall and see what sticks’. They are a multi-million dollar company and we seem to be doing their jobs. Worse is the people who now will have to buy a new battletome for their army that was released prior to General handbook.

    • jcdent

      Grand Alliances got their own stuff in the general’s book. So, what got f-ed over, the ghouls, khorantes and extremis? I have no clue who else have their own battletomes, and I do not care much. Default death artifacts are cool enough.

      Also, I play Infinity, lol.

      • Gridloc

        Cared enough to comment 🙂

        • jcdent

          Didn’t say that I didn’t! I love thinking about lists and stuff (but not mathhammering) more than buying, customizing and playing miniatures.

          I hate paining.

          • Gridloc

            Same, its not mathhammering as much as the artifacts and command traits create a more in depth feel for armies. Ideas for modeling and conversions.

            Having a flesh eater court artifact like ‘Royal Skull chalise’ and fluff about it being used to help awaken many of the courtier (or something along those lines) can create a fun conversion to create on ghoul king. But their battletome came out before AoS 1.5 (what i’m calling General handbook) so they missed out. Just upsetting that a company switched formats mid releases. Thats all. I’ll still be using those fun death artifacts.

    • Why do you have to buy a new battletome for an army released prior to the GHB?

      • Gridloc

        New battletomes have artifacts, have command traits and abilities. Older ones do not and just use the grand alliances.

        It doesn’t prevent anyone from playing but its another halfway through the release format change from GW. I was hoping GW with AoS was really getting better but guess its same miscommunication or lack of uniform standards still.

        Its why i question on if General Handbook was planned or is a reaction based off some external condition (low sales, immense negative feed back, etc).

        • I misunderstood the question I suppose, I read it where he was saying if you played an army like Khorne that already has a book that suddenly you need to buy the khorne book (which you don’t)

          I wouldn’t say you need the army books coming out now either. If you don’t get it you lose out on the traits and artifact.s But we have not had those to date anyway.

          • Gridloc

            You don’t need the book, unless… you want battalions warscrolls and now artifacts for your allegience, command traits and battle trait. Which are not provided free to players. The whole, ‘its a free gam’e that everyone totes around as AoS’s shiny beacon on why its flaws can be ignored, seems less and less shiny. But each player’s mileage may vary, some still don’t want match play since it takes away the ‘narrative aspect’. And i agree play how you enjoy the game. Its still fun to play. But to not acknowledge the continued lack of effort on its manufacturer’s part is dangerous as a consumer. I played fantasy for years, and AoS is a way to hang with those old friends. However I can’t tell interested parties to invest in it due to continued failures of GW. To leave those company flaws out would be encouraging GW to continue to ignore what is now becoming table top standards as they make another quick buck of a new player unaware of what is in store.

  • jcdent

    They really fukken want to kill some monsters, don’t they?

  • Moonsaves

    Bought this book today and had a flick through. Wow, the fluff is actually very detailed and fleshed-out. I was pleasantly surprised.

    When I got the translation page for the Feral Ork runes, the symbol for Stormcast Eternals was translated to “Lightnin’ Ladz”. I was instantly sold.

  • Really dig the new format of these battletomes. Picking and choosing artefacts and spells is absolutely fantastic.