SHOWCASE: BFTBG Khorne Daemons Army


Hi guys! Dean from Blog for The Blood God here, with a MUST SEE Khorne Daemon army coming for all the skulls!

Hi guys! Dean from Blog for The Blood God here, recently on my Page a fan submitted some beautiful photos of his inspiring khorne army! Which inspired me to start a new segment called….

BFTBG Army Showcase

In this segment I will share the most beautiful and inspiring armies submitted on my page! All you have to do is send me a PM with some photos and a small write up about your army, this could be to highlight the conversion or Painting work or to share your list / tactics! If I like what I see you will get shared on my page which currently has 4,000 followers and also the possibility for a BoLS article dedicated to your force!

Just head over to Blog for The Blood God and show me what you have got! Without further adue here is the first installment of BFTBG army showcase!


Angron, Daemon Prince and Primarch, has summoned Skarbrand and his daemonic legions of Khorne, bringing hell and destruction to the imperium of mankind.

Years ago I was collecting Chaos Space Marines (preferring close combat specialists like Khorne Berzerkers) although I always was more interested in daemons (perhaps due to their ancient origins or close reflection of the powerful chaos gods). Today, a Khorne Daemon army can be used with many of Games Workshop’s gaming systems including Warhammer 40K (Khorne Daemonkin or Chaos Daemons), Age of Sigmar and the Horus Heresy, so this versatility was very appealing.

Black has always represented evil in its purest form, used by Abbadon the Despoiler and his chaos legion. I decided black would be the primary colour of the force, red as the secondary, highlighting the weapons with a firey intensity the Blood God would be proud of! We were especially challenged by having three bloodthirsters, each requiring its own unique colour and personality while retaining the theme of the army.

Chaos Space Marine units needed to look as twisted as their daemon counterparts so the Chaos Lord, Heldrake and Possessed were heavily converted using other Citadel Miniatures. The Heldrake was most ambitious combing a Zombie Dragon with a Maulerfiend (for it’s armour, neck guard and daemonic exhaust), mounted by a mighty Bloodletter of Khorne. Pulled into battle by a rearing Juggernaught, the Skull Cannon was made to look larger and more formidable. UltraForge Miniatures’ Greater War Demon was perfect for Daemon Prince Angron, converted to include an Iron Halo and the ever tormenting Butcher’s Nails!

– Dane Fabri 
– Adam Johnson – The Bottomless Pot (Army Painter)
– Dane Fabri – DF Design (Conversions & Photography)
– Michael Sellwood – Horned God Studios (Angron & Scenery)

Onto the Pretty Pictures

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  • Dane Fabri

    Huge thank-you to Dean for getting this out there (from Blog for the Blog God, wickedly cool blog for Khorne aficionados). Here’s one more pic of the army. The soldiers of Khorne, spilling out from the baleful realmgate!

  • Dongmaster

    Blood for the Sweet Army!

  • Bottom of Three

    Beautiful army, would love to see it photographed against a neutral background. Ironically it’s almost impossible to appreciate on the display board.

    The same colors repeated on the models and their surroundings creates (surprise!) camouflage.

  • Golden Yak

    I love the Putrid Blightking conversion, looks really cool.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Wait a minute – I think there’s a Nurgle Plaguebearer hiding amongst those Khorneboys!

    • Dane Fabri

      Yep, blightkings. Nurgle was my choice for possessed marines. Great large and dynamic models. Just added lightning claws and hellblades on a few with chaos backpacks to finish them off.