When You Can’t Airbrush – Gemstones & Brush Stuff


People ask me if I do brush stuff. Today, we’re going experimental with brushwork  and Gemstones using the new technical paints.

We’re experimenting with the new GW gem effects; I’m going to put them through the ancient next level techniques.

Gemstone Red, on top of the gold. I’m doing my best to push, or mound up, more of the red on one end. This is a very thick and sticky technical paint. It’s really thin and translucent and really relies on that metallic undercoat.

070916-Gemstonesl-152 070916-Gemstonesl-153 070916-Gemstonesl-154




Red over silver works solid and I like it and I think it’s easier than red.



Next I’m trying Green on Silver; they say the brighter the metal the better. As you can see in the video gravity is kind of working against me but I’m still able to work with it pretty well.

070916-Gemstonesl-155 070916-Gemstonesl-156 070916-Gemstonesl-157



Next up, blue on the silver. I like the blue the most, the green is solid, and while I also like the red it seems harder to work with right out of the pot.




In general I really like these because I think this is going to encourage more people to hit the details in their armies and that’s better for the hobby. This is a solid technical, as I have been with all the other GW technical; I’m a big fan.

I also went ahead and tried to remove a bit of that excess blue to give it a bit silver pop underneath.

Experiment 1: Red and Blue. I went really heavy on the blue, and it makes a really deep violet.


When I added a bit more red it made it more magenta. I like it.



Experiment 2: I added Blue OVER the dried red. I like it. Normally I’d add a little black so this blue works kind of the same.



Experiment 3: I added acrylic gloss coat as a medium, and I paint a bit of white dot. It kind of goes against the spirit of it, but I like the way the effect looks nonetheless. I also added onto the lens of the space marine and I think it works really well there too.

070916-Gemstonesl-163 070916-Gemstonesl-164 (1)



Pro-Tip: You have a few second window to adjust the paint before it stays the way it is.

Experiment 4: I went in and painted up the lights and the buttons on this imperial bunker. Normally this would have been dead to me but now I have a reason to go back and paint these because it’s quick and easy.

070916-Gemstonesl-165 070916-Gemstonesl-167



To see the effects applied in real time and hear my full commentary on the paints you’ll have to watch the video.

How to Paint Gemstone Effects – Hobby Tutorial 

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Live Airbrushing Tutoirals – Tuesday 9PM EST

  • Emprah

    Yeah these are pretty awesome, I redid my whole SM army with this. Works like a charm.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    The green guy looks insane

  • Aaron Hawthorn

    If gravity is going to work against a model being held one way, turn it over and let it work for you instead.

    • euansmith

      Top tip.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        clever girl

        • John Grammaticus

          *Imagines hobbyist learning this trick and siiting there all smuggly until the velociraptor/ kroxigor shows up…..*

  • Severius_Tolluck

    hmm, liquid talent builds confidence like no other! Will be good to see mroe painted armies! Mind you I do it all the old fashioned way, but for a lower price point i can see using these to speed up my time for clients.

  • BonesoftheDesert

    This is _exactly_ what we need to see rather than a rehash of the GW vids. Great info! I’m sold..

  • piglette

    Does it work on large surfaces? Perhaps a scyth blade or something?

  • Doesn’t look like gemstones to me, but like colored metallic spheres.

  • Arthfael

    One day, one day, I’ll redo all the gemstones on my eldar collection, for now they are a bit lazy: one flat colour + dark wash. But the prospect of redoing it all is just… the horror, the horror…

  • Mike Salamandrin

    I just want to know how you painted the jade armor on the CSM

  • Deez

    It is a unique look, however I still like the old fashioned way of painting gems/lenses etc. It is crisper looking in my opinion.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    “This is a very thick and sticky technical paint. It’s really thin ”

    so is it thick or thin

    • Emprah

      It is slightly gel like, but very see through.

      Also, why does it not come in yellow to paint lamps and such?

      • Morgrim

        It’s harder to get warmer pigments to work with this sort of product. It’s why the red is less vivid than the blue and green, and why it takes so many layers to get a bright yellow compared to other primary colours.