Wyrd: Miss Fire Preview

Miss Fire 1

Wyrd Games is here to show off the 2016 Miss model – Miss Fire!

via Wyrd Games

Miss Fire 3 card

This week’s Monday Preview is a look at 2016’s Miss model: Miss Fire. Miss Fire brings the explosive fun of Willie to a whole new group of players!

This is a special edition model and will first be making its appearance at GenCon, both in person and in the online store. More details will be forthcoming!

Miss Fire 2 card

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Miss Fire has some really mean abilities – then again, she’s tossing out dynamite like it’s candy so that would make sense! I like the sculpt of the model as well – anytime I see a “Penny-farthing” Bycycle I can’t help but giggle a bit. This one also happens to have a few bundles of explosive strapped to it just to up that cartoony feel.


Special Delivery coming through!

  • Frank

    Between Malifaux and Infinity, I’m gonna be ordering way too much during GenCon.

  • Sybarite

    It’s a lovely model/piece of art. Pity about the giraffe-long neck though.