Wyrd: Seven New Crew Previews

Wyrd Masters 1

The Seven new Masters each gets a matching crew from Wyrd Games!

via Wyrd Games

Malifaux Crew 1


Malifaux Crew 2 Malifaux Crew 3 Malifaux Crew 4 Malifaux Crew 5 Malifaux Crew 6 Malifaux Crew 7

This week’s Preview is a massive showing of all seven of the new Master’s crew boxes! Complete with Henchmen, Totems, and Minions, these new boxes will let new players start off strong and give veteran players a variety of new options!

Come on over to our forum to discuss your favorite box and share your excitement!


That is a TON of new models and crews to chew on. Those Goblins look insane! Who am I kidding, each crew as a few “insane” looking models. Well done Wyrd, well done!


Which crew or models are your favorite?

  • zeno666

    Gremlin sky pirates. Now how can I resist that!?
    Looking at the iron skeeters does help since I too clearly remember what a pain in the butt the normal skeeters was to assemble…

  • Certs

    The whole lot looks phenomenal, kinda makes me sad I’m resolved (for the moment) to only collect Guild because those Neverborn and Gremlin crews are super tempting.

  • Frank

    I want all of these.

    • euansmith

      First world problems are still problems. I feel your pain. These sets are amazing.

  • euansmith

    The Pen is Mightier or Beacon of Knowledge..? Why not both?