X-Wing: New FAQ Winners & Losers



The new X-Wing: The Miniatures Game FAQ has gone live, whats changed, whats good, what got hit so hard with the nerf bat that people are quitting the game?  All these questions and more will be answered and you wont believe number 7!!!

Hi all,

Kris here, now I know it has been a while ( I think over a year in fact)  but I finally thought I should return home and get back to giving you guys some click ba… meaningful articles.

Whilst my DiceHate Blog has been equally quiet I have been keeping busy on other media but I miss the keyboard so here I am!

Back on topic.  It’s X-Wing FAQ time!!!


X-Wing FAQ July 2016 (PDF)

Normally when I read an X-Wing FAQ my response varies between “really did that need to be addressed” to “why the heck have they not sorted this out yet?”  Not this time however, this time there are 19 fun filled pages of change to wrap our heads around.

Now I now not everyone will want to watch the Video so I do have a brief overview of the big changes.

The Big Changes

Dropping the big ones first, Page 6 of the FAQ has a Timing Flow Chart for how attacks work, this flow chart actually clarifies quite a few things and flat out changes how we have been playing the game in some instances.


Winners: The Winners from these changes are:

  1. Dengar, his ability now triggers regardless of if he died or not, he will have his revenge.
  2. R5-P8, in the same way as Dengar the Pain Bot gets to deal out the hurt regardless.
  3. The Ghost with TLT and a docked Phantom, 4 attacks a round, yes please.


Losers: Unfortunately, as with many things in life, for there to be a winner there must be a loser, and there are more than one:

  1. Vader Crew only triggers once per turn now.[From Assault Missiles – Gunner still works as before]
  2. FCS only triggers after both TLT attacks, so best switch out for Accuracy Corrector on your VCXs.
  3. Gunner only triggers if both attacks from a TLT miss so Maranda cant just drop the last attack to a 2 dice attack to try to miss.
  4. Valon Rudor has to eat both TLT shots before getting his free action.
  5. TLT/Tactician is 1 stress now so Danger Zone K-Wings are not really a thing anymore.
  6. R4 Agromech… More on this one below.


OK so I obviously left the R4 change to the end, R4’s interaction with Deadeye or Blaster Turret has been fixed so that you can’t get the free target lock for paying the price of a secondary weapon.  This is a direct Nerf to U-Boats but honestly, I don’t think the Wolfpack will go away, as Terrance says in the Video.  The Floor has been lowered a little but the ceiling is still in the same place.  A good Jumpmaster player will still be able to get value out of the list but it is not quite as autopilot as it once was.  Another ship that is inadvertently affected by this same timing window change is Dark Curse who is Now susceptible to Deadeye and Blaster Turret.

Those are the Big Ones from the timing chart but there are also changes or clarifications to Spending multiple Tokens, which affects R4 Agromechs again, Tank Ezra and Lando/3PO Ghosts; Illicit Cloaking Device with Stginium Particle Accelerator; Reinforced Deflectors interaction with Plasma Torps; What abilities trump what, Dengar.Biggs, Extra Munitions>Boba Fett, Juke>C-3PO.  There is lots of back and forth in the video on these if you are interested.


Thanks for reading/watching all, what do you think are the new lists that will come to the fore or have the subtle nerfs to their competition left the field wide open for Palp Aces to roar ahead of the pack?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • psuedonym McFakename

    Once again, BOLS articles are totally wrong.
    “Vader Crew only triggers once per turn now.”
    From the FAQ-
    “If a ship equipped with Darth Vader can attack twice in one round (such as a ship equipped with Gunner), it can use Darth Vader after the first attack and after the second attack.”

    • Yip that was my mistake, nothing to do with BoLS, all me 😀

      He only triggers once with Assault Missiles now which is a nerf but Gunner still works.

      Thanks for your constructive input Pseudonym McFacename. No point watching any of the other 40+ minutes of content as it is obviously garbage :p

      • wibbling

        A response like that doesn’t really help either. The chap was rude. Be the better person, thank him for his correction and move on.

  • Josh Hollows

    I’m confused how the ghost ends up with four attacks?

    • crimzzen

      Me too.

    • Ghost with a TLT that has the Phantom Docked gets to attack with the TLT again in the end phase so 2 attacks followed by 2 attacks.

      • Josh Hollows

        The ghost only gets one attack even with the shuttle docked. It just has the option of attacking out of its rear arc. Then at the end of the turn it could use the TLT. So it would get three I believe.

        • So it can do the TLT attack twice, then in the end phase do the TLT attack twice.

          So roll 3 attack dice 4 times.

          • Kes

            The first attack is a primary weapon only.

          • Why?

            The Ghost has a TLT and can use it during its activation and then is it has a Phantom docked it can fire the TLT again in the end phase.

  • wibbling

    Kris, this is a very helpful article detailing the changes. I would ask though that, just as with some wiki pages it is very ‘in universe’ with a great many acronyms. Would it be possible to explain in more detail the interactions and combinations with the full name for the upgrades detailed?