40K BREAKING: Deathwatch Codex Pics & More


It was only a matter of time. The first images of the Codex Deathwatch and the new 40K boxed Set are here!

images via L’Astropate (facebook) 8-4-2016



We have a cover and that does look like a Space Marine wielding a Necron sword doesn’t it?


Here’s the pricy deluxe version of the codex.: Watch Fortress Edition $205 


Here’s a little teensy image of the Death Masque  box contents.  That matches up pretty well with the box contents from earlier this week:

Boxed Game Contents:
1 Watch Captain Artemis
5 Deathwatch Veterans
5 Vanguard Veterans
1 Deathwatch Upgrade Sprue
1 Venerable Dreadnought

1 Eldrad Ultran
12 Harlequin Players
1 Death Jester
1 Voidweaver
2 Skyweavers
1 Harlequin transfer sheet.

208 pg 40k Rulebook with special Death Watch Cover (think softback mini rulebook)

Note how the new 28mm Artemis is in the same pose as the giant older 54m Inquisitor model:


~The fancy pictures in glorious detail should be out by end of day tomorrow.  Deathwatch – It’s really happening!

  • Bryan Ruhe

    So it’s basically a campaign supplement box. Nice to have that confirmation.

    • Ad Hoc Games

      Yes. It’s essentially another in the series of boxes like Stormclaw, albeit a bit more expensive but with stupendous value.

  • Friskedingo

    Does this potentially give harliquins access to an HQ??

    • Darth Bumbles

      Eldrad as HQ?

      • Friskedingo

        Weird right. But it’d be great to get some access to OS

  • Sam Nolton

    Do we have a price yet? Harlequins are super expensive to buy box-by-box but i’m hoping this set will make them more affordable.

    • Alex Emmer
      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        I’m pretty sure I can scrounge up $150 for this…

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          The Harlies alone (not counting Eldrad) are $187 retail. $150 is a steal.

          • Alex Emmer

            Right? Since we don’t have a price point for the Death Watch specific stuff, everything in that box from what I figured is about $300 retail.. That’s including Eldrad but not including Artemis or the Deathwatch Veterans.

          • Maresith

            I think someone on one foam or another did the math and it come out to be in the ball park of 400.00. It still a steal at 150.00. Add it to my ever growing list of thing to get. I still can not believe it, even seeing it with my own two eye.

          • Ad Hoc Games

            My trade rep gave me the figure of £230 worth of stuff in the box.

    • Ad Hoc Games

      RRP is £95 in real money.

  • Jonathan B.

    Once again, the picture of the minis is so small you can’t see any real detail.

    • Ad Hoc Games

      No White Dwarf at the moment, so decent pictures won’t really appear until it arrives on the GW website.

  • This Dave

    This just gets more and more expensive for me. But in a good way!

  • Liam Wolf

    The sword on the cover has something of the Necron about it…

    • Darth Bumbles

      Now that you say that yes, not just because of the Green Lightning (Imperial is usually blue) but the engravings etc are all oddly non-Imperial. they are the Alien Hunters and are sanctioned to use Xenos-tech, so it could very well be Necron!

      • Thyran Gumm

        It does look really similar to the Dawn Blade

    • georgelabour

      I was remined of Farsight’s life extending Dawn Blade myself.

      But considering the story behind its acquisition I think that’s Neconrtyt in origin as well.

  • Ben Martin

    So now we know what the Eldrad model looks like
    (The one in yellow robes at the bottom of the group shot)

  • Green sword =/= Necron sword
    The design is still quite imperial. If GW meant this to be a Necron-sword, they failed big time. Imo this is just a power-sword with green lightning instead of the typical blue one.

    • Liam Wolf

      im thinking the circular designs too, and the hilt looks to be a bit ‘Egyptian’ esque…

      I may be completely wrong of course. But Deathwatch fluff does say how they will use the tools of the enemy against them, and we have seen them make imperial weapons from alien tech before… c’tan phase sword maybe?

      • ZeeLobby

        Def looks Necron to me. The circles on the blade are a dead giveaway.

        • Oh. I missed the circles. Well, that changes things indeed.

    • Randy Randalman

      So it’s absolutely impossible for them to take alien tech, and rework it to fit with what they know how to use?

    • Horus84cmd

      Imperial C’Tan phase swords have always been modelled, ever since the Eversor first came with one, as cannibalised version rather than pick up play arms straight from a Necrons hand.

      note: deleted from below after posting to wrong person. whoops

    • Divergent_Reality

      It certainly looks like a Hyperphase Sword blade affixed to a standard Imperial handle. But the attached picture is from the Necron Codex, it might be incorrect.

    • Joshua Cameron-Mackintosh

      The curvature of the blade make it look a lot like the necron phase swords on the lych guard models, plus what’s to say that the tech marines or whatnot couldn’t fasion a new hilt and crossguard for the weapon?

  • rtheom

    I must admit that seeing that tiny Artemis looks very close to giant Artemis makes me very happy. I will likely buy this based on that fact alone. 😀

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I’m Glad I have me hte biggun! However I kinda want hte lilun` too!

    • Horus84cmd

      I’m not too sure about the cape. It will be interesting to see some higher-res images on Saturday (or possible sooner if more images come to the surface).

  • Anti-Gravity

    Nice box set, and the value seems excellent as well. Unfortunately I’m not an Eldar player and the Deathwatch has always been sort of boring to me, so it’ll be a pass like Overkill was, but I’m glad for the DW folks out there getting all this love!

  • Baldrick

    Death Masque. Release date? Price?

    • Horus84cmd

      Pre-orders this weekend, so released the following Saturday 13th.

      Rumour indicates a $150 US price tag. So in proper money I believe for GW, country equivalent terms, that’s about £95 UK

  • ChubToad

    This just came in: “WARD: It is a Necron sword! And it was my idea. Burn Interwebz!!!!”

    • ZeeLobby

      As long as he got it from killing a Necron, and not because he took a Necron as his lover…

      • Kritarion

        An Ultramarine said: “We are awesome. Give it to me.” And the Necron went: “Yes, Brother Mattwardicus, you are. Please take it. And would you like a Decurion Formation for your next Codex supplement?”

      • Bryan Ruhe

        This comes to mind.

  • ZeeLobby

    Might have to pickup the box. Man that limited edition codex is expensive. I mean it looks to have a bunch of stuff, but money towards minis is a must!

    • Shawn

      And that’ special collector’s codex is only good until 8th edition rolls around. Then it becomes a neat coffee table ornament.

  • chris snorek

    Is that an exclusive DW transfer sheet with the codex?

    • Horus84cmd

      I’d hazard it is, as that would make sense.

  • Horus84cmd

    Pass for me. If I ever want some DW I’ll wait until general release.

  • Fluffy the destroyer

    what chapter’s artemis from? i see wings, but that’s it

    • Horus84cmd

      Mortifactors. If my memory serves me correctly.

  • Peyton Allen

    Sword and combi-flamer isn’t a very ideal load out for what I’m guessing will have captain level stats.

  • Sonic tooth

    So the space marines actually want to stop the eldar potentialy killing one of the main chaos gods. Why does evrryone like these guys lol

    • Mike Siegmund

      SM are space nazis in 40k there are no good guys just shades of black and red

      • Sonic tooth

        I never understood the “kill the xeno” puritan crap. How many innocent alien races have been purged by the imperium. Deathwatch are the space gestapo/s.s crossed with the spanish inquisition

        • Bayne MacGregor

          To understand 40k you need to know it’s origins. Political Satire of Thatcherite Britain. They’d just worked on the 2000AD game with Judge Dredd et al and made a very 2000AD influence game of their own. The Imperium is meant to be the WORST tyranny in human history. The ultra-bad-guys of mankind. Cruellest nastiest most merciless, and yet be in a galaxy so nasty as to warrant a lot of it.

          It’s a mockery of how sending entire towns out of work, destroying entire industries, privatising critical infrastructure, wrecking the future of much of a generation and messing with education were all meant to be good things. Basically it’s a British-leftist representation of what a British-right of the time would make as a paradise to show how bad it would be, with some Dune and some Douglass Adams thrown in for fun.

          Just say the rest of Ghazkull’s name 3 times fast Mag Urak Thraka and see if it isn’t sounding like Margaret Thatcher (actually they had her face painted on some old orc banners lol).

          Read some Halo Jones and Nemesis the Warlock if you still aren’t convinced. Or the Rogue Trader 1st ed 40k Rulebook with it’s Tyranids controlling Zoats with drugs in their breakfast ceral (Zoatibix!), the economics of Rogue Traders and especially the scenario with the planetary governer planning to assasinate a local religious leader promising a giant space pudding was coming to make life better and was going to blame the death on the rival religion the church of the lucid shirt button!

          • Andy Wise

            Great commentary – thanks dude. I remember the original rule book describing marine chapters recruiting barely human psychopaths and thinking hmmm, that’s not your average hero is it?

          • Sonic tooth

            Waste of a verly long message considering i grew up in the 80s reading 200ad. Never liked dredd but loved nenesis/rogue trooper/slaine/strontium dog. The imperium reminds me too much of torquemada

          • Sonic tooth

            I was a big fan of nemesis the warlock as a kid in the 80s and i despised torquemada. Sadly alot of the british (and irish) humour is absent from 40k these days, replaced by grimdark overkill. Ill always support a liberal faction fighting for its survival over a fascist fanatical bunch of imperial psychopaths! But hey, space marines are the big seller for gw so they WANT people to look in thrm as the heroes.

  • darkconsecrator

    New flyer

  • darkconsecrator

    Some of the models as well

    • bginer

      Dude with the guardian spear looks great!

      Just not interested in the rest personally.

  • darkconsecrator

    Shoulder pads

  • darkconsecrator

    And A LOT of options

  • JP

    Guess the falling value of the Pound is only going to result in even higher prices so they can make up the difference.

  • Bulvi Nightbane

    Anybody in Austin who would be interested in splitting one? I am only interested in the Deathwatch minis.

    • Ricky Muenzer

      I’m not in Austin and if you cant find anybody I would be more then willing to do a swap eldar for DW

  • Andy Wise

    Looks pretty cool, loving the idea of a small high points army and given my painting speed (glacial) might end up being an actual army I could paint worth the name.

    Is the Death Jester a new model? Can’t quite tell from the tiny picture (bottom left…)

  • Baldrick

    Is Death Masque a GW product or a FFG product? I cannot ffind it on either website? Or do i need to look elsewhere?