40K: Corvus Blackstar “In The Pipe 5 by 5”

corvus blackstar-horz

Today we look at the sexy ride of the Deathwatch codex – Just what can the Blackstar’s rules bring to the tabletop?

We’ve been seeing all kinds of leaks and teasers leading up to this weekend’s Deathwatch release.  Today let’s put to rest any remaining mysteries of the new black flyer zipping your way.

“Look up in the sky – it’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s the Corvus Blackstar!  CAW CAW”

images via Spikeybits Forum 8-10-2016

The Corvus Blackstar

blackstar-rules corvus wing Deathwatch Armory 4a

The Blackstar is a versatile fighter/transport. Not only is it a threat to other Aircraft but it can also carry 12 models INCLUDING Bikes and Jump Infantry. It’s also an Assault Vehicle to boot – so those bikes and pop-out and assault from the two access points up front or from the rear.

On top of it’s transportation options, the Blackstar also packs quite a punch. It has some impressive armaments to fulfill multiple combat roles. Depending on how you equip the ship it can be an infantry killer, monster hunter or Dogfighter. And let’s not forget the formation you can run with this aircraft because who doesn’t want a bonus re-roll to wound/penetrate!?


~Do you think it’s worth the cost?


Also this, I assure you it’s purely a coincidence…

  • blackbloodshaman

    My only questions are:
    Did the DeathWath/Ravenguard have a contest on who can make the ugliest flyer of all time?
    Does GW have an affirmative action program where they are giving blind designers a chance?

    • Spacefrisian

      Wait for it, wait for it, do you see it comming…..oh boy hold your horses its the flying Spacewolf brick of doom.

      Now every flyer looks better than that (but SW shouldnt care, the rules for it are awesome)

      • Matthew

        You mean the flying d**k? I think they’re compensating for something.

        But this… This looks bad. And the rules… It’s not an aa aircraft. (Strength 6 ftl) And against ground targets? It’s good vs hordes, that’s about it.

        With rear armor 11, I wouldn’t put troops in it. You’re just asking for another flyer to shoot it down.

        Bleh, it’s a miss imho.

        • yorknecromancer

          The point of the Deathwatch is that they’re humanity’s hard-counter against Xenos species… who are almost entirely hordes… and you are surprised by this?

          I put it to you that the Imperial armies are being designed in order to synergise with one another to

          a,) better reflect the fluff and
          b.) sell more models and keep a company that’s in financial difficulties in business. (Because that small faction of allies quickly grows into a full army in its own right).

          The Corvus is clearly designed as an aerial IFV – drop the troops in, provide air support against hordes. You need flyers taken care of, bring something else – potentially from another Imperial faction.

          It’s not like there aren’t other Imperial anti-air options…

          • pokemastercube .

            i agree with your statement, that is how my deathwatch are going to be for the time being.
            and if someone was a pure deathwatch army FW have allready provided the AA flyer in the xiphon from the post they put up listing 6 thing the DW can take from their stuff

          • Koen Cambré

            I’m looking at their website… Where did they put that?

          • Bryan Ruhe

            I had to dig around on the rumor sites and the FW Facebook: http://natfka.blogspot.com/2016/08/deathwatch-from-forgeworld.html

            They’re not official for the DW and don’t have official DW rules. Just FW suggestions on making an awesome looking DW team. *shrug*

          • pokemastercube .

            it was a facebook post, and as bryan says it isnt compleatly official, but at the same time, FW said on their media they are an option

          • euansmith

            “Death Watch have free access to all the most expensive kits advanced equipment.”

          • georgelabour

            Exactly. This is an insertion vehicle for a commando unit, not a bloody F-16 equivalent. Kind of like an A-10 and a Black Hawk had a weird transatmospheric baby which is going through a goth phase.

            Fluff wise it also makes sense as the other forces in the theater would likely have air to air units to provide support ala Storm Talons, Thunderbolts, Lightnings, etc, etc, etc.

            And if they didn’t then the DW would likely just shoot the squads down in drop pods and avoid all the mucking about with stealthy insertions.

          • Rush Darling

            You had me at “Kind of like an A-10 and a Black Hawk had a weird transatmospheric baby which is going through a goth phase.”

            That’s so damned accurate they should put it on the box.

          • nurglitch

            Now that’s good marketing copy.

          • euansmith

            Or land a few clicks from the target and yomp in.

      • Prisoner 42

        I’m expecting a Mechanicum flyer that’s really just a Triaros armoured conveyer with tiny wings.

        • georgelabour


          They’d just bolt cherubs and grav plates to the thing, add some mechadendrites, and call it blessed by the omnissiah’s disdain for lesser laws.

          And we’d all buy it because it’d be both awesome, and mechanicum.

    • Admiral Raptor

      Yes, and yes.

  • A.P.

    ceramite plating in 40k standard for DW?

    • georgelabour

      Storm raven has had it for quite some time now.

    • An_Enemy

      Yep. The faction with the most access to cheap melta should also be immune to it.

      Makes perfect sense.

  • Xodis

    I really want to play a Deathwatch army, Im not too fond of this aircraft though.

    • Spacefrisian

      It looks better than a certain flying brick.

      • Xodis

        Yeah….that doesnt say too much though.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      drop pods are looking to be a viable and much cheaper option to me

  • Douglas Lang

    It will manage anti infantry fine, anti tank for a turn and will be a lacklustre dogfighter. It’s pretty expensive in points for what it does offensively and with drop pods available it’s tough to justify as a transport.

    • Thomson

      Vendetta costs 170 points, can carry less, has less firepower and can’t skyfire and less rear armor.

      For 10 pts more I would always take this thing.

      • Douglas Lang

        It’s not a great comparison. Vendetta does anti tank pretty well. Also bear in mind the vendetta got the nerf bat a little hard thanks to being stupidly cheap in the previous Dex.

        • OldHat

          They were not “stupidly cheap” – they were competitively costed. I played Guard competitively and they died aplenty, often they could even be a liability in points. Now, at 170 with less space inside (which makes no sense), they are abysmal by comparison to this, which is 180pt for just better everything at the cost of what? A singe TL Lascannon? Because this one sports two if you want and can carry more stuff and deliver them better.

          Sigh. I just wish my IG didn’t suck so bad. I miss it when they blew… as in Leafblower.

    • SacTownBrian

      I agree for tournament play, but I also expect many to be sold. I will have a few just to truck around bikes, because I can!

  • Thomson

    Oh the power creep…

    • euansmith

      Which one; Cruddace?

  • Desmond Burke

    Funny this is my favorite looking flyer to date, with the exception of Orks of course 🙂

    • Douglas Lang


    • daniel watson

      I think the eldar/dark eldar fliers are the best looking followed by the one that shares a box with the storm talon now then followed close by the Ork fliers.

    • SacTownBrian

      The Crimson Hunter is a pretty sexy flyer too.

    • Rufus Der Eisenhans

      Mine too
      I do not see the similarity at all between it and the Aliens Drop Ship.
      In fact Id say that with the rear ramp, front heavy design the Valkyrie shares more of a Dropship aesthetic.
      I dont understand the Authors at BoLs sometimes.
      No scratch that, I never understand them

  • AWarhammerPlayer

    Finally an actually good looking dropship. I’m buying this and converting the weapons with the ones on the stormfang. Now my space wolves won’t have to deal with that ugly flyer.

  • georgelabour

    I honestly think it looks more like the MI dropships from the starship troopers movie than the Aliens one.

  • WellSpokenMan

    Sexy? I know beauty is in the eye, but that looks like the final boss of an 8-bit video game. I can get that the look might be appealing to some, but sexy seems a stretch.

  • I like it, lots of Valkyrie elements kept but customized and beefed up

  • Admiral Raptor

    Is there some rule at GW that all imperial flyers have to look like total garbage? I’m sure someday they’ll design something that looks like it can fly, but today is not that day.

    • Valourousheart

      It amuses me when I hear comments like that “looks like it can fly.”

      You do understand that most planes can’t actually fly… They just move fast enough that that the earth curves away from them as they fall, giving the illusion of flight. But it is really just falling with style.

      We still don’t really understand how a bee is able to fly. And I am willing to accept that by the 41M we might just have figured out how bees fly.

      • nurglitch

        Bees are well understood. Essentially they scull their wings through the air to take advantage of their scale and the Bernouli effect.

      • Dan Lewis

        Most planes can’t fly and are reliant on the curvature of the earth…

        I really hope you’re joking here. If so, great work. If not, wow.

  • JP

    What the Storm Talon wishes it was.

  • Jared McWilliams

    Has no special rules to disembark while zooming, or flying so has to go into hover to disembark or embark models….not that hot for a transport.