40K: Death Masque Eldar Datasheets Spotted


The Datasheets have been making the rounds – come see what new tricks the Eldar are getting with Death Masque!

via Draco (The Dark City Forum)

Forces of the Eldar DM 1 Eldrad DM 1 Death's Companions DM 2 Death's Companions DM 1 Company of the 3 stranger DM 1 Company of the 3 stranger DM 2 Inraim's Spectre DM 1 Inraim's Spectre DM 2 Blades of Fate DM 1

Formation: Coherian Host

The Host DM1

Eldar Profiles via Scanner

Eldar Profiles 1

Eldrad is coming back strong with access to Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Runes of Fate and Telepathy. Plus he’s got some other dirty tricks to get back warp charges, grant scout and he’s not too shabby in a close-combat pinch – just don’t expect him to kill everything, but he might get lucky!

The Named Death Jester Imriam’s Specter seems like a solid choice to take as well. Forcing Morale checks  at -2 just because you suffered a casualty from him could cause problems for folks. And he’s got a list of special rules as long as the model is tall!

The two Harlequin units swap out the Eldar Battlefocus for being able to run and assault or shoot depending on which one you take. That’s pretty good for a unit that thrives in close combat like the Harlequins.

And let’s not discount the formation. A 6+ FNP that’s actually better than FNP plus Eldrad get’s Eternal Warrior isn’t a bad way to roll!


What’s you’re take on the Eldar & Harlequins of the Death Masque set?

  • Djbz

    I don’t get it
    Why the white box over the stats?
    These are leaks they’ve already (probably) broken the rules why hide part of what you’re leaking?

    • Horus84cmd

      Damn! Beat me to it.

      Its like “Whaaaaaaat?”

    • Mike Salamandrin

      Maybe because it’s a narrative based game and Lambent Prince’s stats would be a spoiler

      • ZeeLobby

        True. Who needs stats when you can slam them together and make pew pew noises. Good point!

      • Jake Mccabe

        Except all the stat lines are clear as day in the last picture

        • Mike Salamandrin

          Then maybe because they got the scans from different sources and one felt like editing the stars. I remember Warseer having a policy about not showing statlines

  • grendal1989

    So someone correct me if I am wrong, but those special Troupe units appear undercosted vs the codex cost (I’m using battlescribe). Also, the Lambent Prince stat line is notably buffed.

    • Charon

      Yep they are cheaper.

      • Perversor

        They are pretty much the same cost as the codex, check the units wargear and number of players and you can see most of them cost the very same with a few exceptions.

        the trick is they come often for 5-10 points with extra abilities (shrouded, run and charge or shoot and run) and the rules says you can add those units in normal codex formations, thus getting extra benefits on some units.

    • Der T

      I don’t see how the Lambent Prince’s statline is different to any other Troupe Master from the Harlequins book :-/

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        In fact, Dusk has a worse statline than a normal Troupe Master.

    • SYSTem050

      The lambent prince looks to me to be a standard troupe master. Dusk is a just a player with an extra wound.

      Cost wise from a quick mental check they seem bang on a similarly equipped codex unit.

  • Sonic tooth

    I hope eldrad beats artemis and his merry band of space nazis in the fluff or will they be forced to fight together against a mutual foe

    • euansmith

      Is Necrons? It’s Necrons, right? 😉

      • ZeeLobby

        Tyranids! Nobody likes Tyranids. BA, Necrons… Nobody.

        • euansmith

          Buts its always ‘Nids!

      • Me

        Considering the goal of the Eldar, I was thinking booby demons.

        • euansmith

          Why not both?

          • Me

            Now that was funny

    • ChubToad

      I hear the distant laugh of Ward somewhere in GW HQ…

      • Sonic tooth

        a hideous sound, known to turn milk to cheese. if Ward is involved the ultrasmurfs will arrive to save the day, while the deathwatch bow to their superiority. a random ultramarine novice kills eldrad with a shard of gullymans sacred earring of most holy power while draigo cheesbag kills all eldar gods, at the same time neutralizing slaanesh

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Oh you read the spoiler as well. I do have to say I like how they cut back on the power level of the Smurfs. Usually the mere rumor of them showing up makes their opponent surrender.

    • Huntard

      Spoiler alert, he doesn’t. The marines slaughter the harlequins, robbing the ritual to awaken Ynead of Cegorach’s blessing and Eldrad is greivously wounded by a plasma blast and staggers into the Webway as the ritual spins out of control.

  • Davis Centis

    Move, run, shoot, charge…
    My dream has come true! Thankfully, the unit’s not great shooters, so this is just a nice little bonus rather than “broken ohemgee”.

  • Zingbaby

    I’m happy to see that Eldar will be getting that much needed buff.

    • ZeeLobby

      If there’s one thing Imperials or Eldar needed it was more options!

  • Lee Williams

    So where are these datasheets? The new Deathwatch codex? The Death Masque box? Some dataslate you are privy too that the rest of us aren’t?

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      They’re in Death Masque, although you’d be hard pressed to learn that from this article.

      • Lee Williams

        Thanks Drew. I thought my reading & comprehension skills were to fault. Thankfully poor journalism saved my psyche.

  • Necky

    as a person who plays harlequins a lot, all i see if a unique DJ who has shrouded. and the Three Fold Stranger(when included in a masque detachment) can move, run, shoot, and then charge(starting on turn 2). but you are confined to only 5 dudes with specific equipment. idk. kinda lame for harlies. Not a good buff. i guess ill go cry with the CSM players.

    • Necky

      and i guess the heavy support voidweaver is named and is BS5

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Yeah, they didn’t include his sheet, so I dunno if there are any extra rules there, but BS5 is kinda neat.

        • Necky

          as long as its not a unit cost increase, I’m OK with it, since its a compulsory in every formation.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yea. Well. People will argue that there’s always Eldar allies. Just like when I complain about my poor DE…

  • Arthfael

    The article seems to imply Eldrad’s stats changed. AFAICT they haven’t.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      The article also doesn’t know what a standard Death Jester does, so clearly they put their top man on this one.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    The Named Death Jester Imriam’s Specter seems like a solid choice to take as well. Forcing Morale checks at -2 just because you suffered a casualty from him could cause problems for folks. And he’s got a list of special rules as long as the model is tall!

    Uhh, that’s the normal Death Jester rule. His only change is that he’s got Shrouded and costs 5 points more for it.

    • Necky

      But 5 pts for +2 cover is a steal, so i’ll take it.

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Agreed there. Just pointing out that the article writer has no clue what a Death Jester actually does normally, since he quotes the “Death is not Enough” rule on why the named guy is a solid choice.

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Ooh, I forgot that Shrouded spreads. That is pretty nice.

  • Beefcake the mighty

    Those sauntering harlequins are quite.. Flamboyant.

  • Rajak

    The only thing these add are the special rules that you can get in other formations only on a smaller scale. Only the Named Jester has an extra rule and that is shroud. As for the other two troupe’s you get run and charge (at turn one) and the bikes get re-roll jinks.

    The ability to swap them out into other formations is the real strength here. Allows for a few units with set gear to join a formation that might not give the run and charge rule on the second turn. Plus if you scout within the formation of the box you can not assault so scouting is for the Bikes and the Voidstar positioning.

  • SYSTem050

    Adam if you aren’t familiar with a subject material pass it on to someone who is or do a bit of research. “The two Harlequin units swap out the Eldar Battlefocus” harlequins don’t have battle focus haven’t since they got their own codex.

  • Me

    So… Are all of the Harlies (aside from the Jester) required to hop around on one foot for all eternity? That one leg must be STRONG…

    • Admiral Raptor

      There is but one commandment for any young Eldar looking to join the ranks of the Harlequins: Never skip leg day.