40K: Deathwatch Boxed Sets Confirmed


The Deathwatch new release boxes have been spotted – Come see what GW is packing in the new kits!

Earlier this week, we got confirmation about the pricing and new releases:

Industry insiders tell BoLS the following:

Deathwatch Terminator Captain: $25

Deathwatch Watch Captain: $25

Deathwatch Killteam Cassius: $65

Deathwatch Land Raider $80

Deathwatch Transport: $42

Deathwatch Bikers: $60

How to Paint Deathwatch (book): $10

Beast Arrises: Watchers in Death: $17.50

and now we have some visual confirmation as to just what exactly is in the boxes and why the price bumps:

via El Ploplo (Warhammer Forum)

Deathwatch Boxes


Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius is getting their own box for $65! The Deathwatch Overkill box was already a steal-of-a-deal and now you can purchase JUST the Kill Team Cassius at an even lower price point.

The Deathwatch Land Raider is coming with all the sprues to make all three types of Land Raiders & it’s going to come with some type of Deathwatch Icon Sprue also. Considering the price of the Land Raider is already $74.25, the extra sprue is probably worth the extra $5.75.

The Deathwatch Transport is also a combo kit – the looks of it you can make either a Rhino or Razorback. The Razorback is already priced at $41.25 – paying $0.75 more for an upgrade sprue to Deathwatch seems good to me!

As far as the Deathwatch Captain – it’s hard to tell but it looks VERY similar to the Space Marine Commander kit. If it is the same kit I’m curious to see if it has an additional sprue or anything fancy for Deathwatch. We’re just going to have to wait an see if the contents justify the price bump or not.

Personally, I’m really glad to see Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius get their own box. They are some fantastic models and now you can save even more money picking them up. Plus it gives me hope that the Tyranid’s Genestealer Cult Miniatures might get their own release, too! I could always use more Genestealer Cult miniatures…


What’s your take: Are the price bumps justified or not?

  • Kritarion

    Huzzah for the Cassius Box

  • Thatroubleshootah

    not justified for me. the cassius box i might get. but if i want a deathwatch land raider ill just buy a regular landraider used and get the dw upgrade sprue off ebay.

  • MightyOrang

    Is it me or is the captain box a rehash of the old Captain box?

  • Jonathan B.

    IIRC, the Space Marine Commander box was $25 before being taken off the website and shelves. It also had again IIRC, a Deathwatch shoulder pad; however, it was for the right arm as a “I was once in the Deathwatch, but now I am back with my original chapter, thank you very much” use like what you find in the SM Command Squad box.

  • Spacefrisian

    O look a rebox of the Spacemarine Captain, the one with options i bought way back for €12.50 when it was released.

  • JP

    The Raider is absurdly priced already, no matter how cheap the upgrade sprue is. The rest of the kits however seem reasonable with the exception of the bikers. But I guess it depends on how many bikes are in the box.

  • NovaeVox

    Speak of Cypher… I was just complaining about that captain being OOP yesterday.

  • euansmith

    “The Deathwatch Transport is also a combo kit – the looks of it you can make either a Rhino or Razorback.”

    Isn’t this still the case with the standard Razorback? A Rhino kit with a Razorback upgrade sprue?

    • Talys

      Yes. But this one looks like it has some DW iconography too, so $0.75 is just fine by me. Getting FW doors is like, $20….

    • Stealthbadger

      GW may just have learned why nobody buys vanilla rhino kits…

      • euansmith

        I did, but that was before I learned the Razorbacks’ dark secret. 🙁

    • benn grimm

      Yeah, but this one has a picture of it painted black… 😉

  • Talys

    Both LR and Razorback kits are no-brainers to me. For the LR kit, I’ve long held that they should just make a box that builds all 3 variants, and ditch the two separate boxes. It’s just less for a store to stock, and more options for someone to build. For the Razorback, it’s essentially the same price, and you get DW iconography. It would have made more sense to me, though, to sell a Rhino chassis DW iconography upgrade kit (and similar ones for all the other factions too!).

    • Alienerd the unbannable

      From an ork player’s PoV, I don’t mind if they combine a few variants into a single box with a wee (and appropriate) price bump – More dakka is always needed, after all.